Today we're featuring Boxair - patented sports underwear designed to keep your balls cool.

boxair new sports underwear

It's made with nanocrystal treated fabric, which gives a thermal regulation system and high UV protection. Great for owrking out in your back-yard then! The design features a distinctive pouch which can lower the temperature around your testicles by around 2oC.

The fabric is antibacterial, and wicks moisture away from the skin, making them perfect for a sweaty workout. Boxair - great underwear for athletes, is available from Dead Good Undies.

Boxair Graphite Breathable Boxer Brief
Unique technology at the pouch helps to regulate the temperature of this boxer from Boxair... read more.

Boxair White Breathable Boxer Brief
This functional men's short underwear uses high-tech design and fabrics for supreme comfort... read more.

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