Nasty Pig Scrimmage Jock and Brief
Check out the latest from Nasty Pig - the Scrimmage Jockstrap and Brief.

Nasty Pig have gone back to their roots with a classic Nasty Pig look. The Scrimmage gear is the perfect marriage of sportswear, street wear and fetish wear made with expert craftsmanship to give us the confident, masculine look we've all come to love and expect from NP.

A three-toned 1.5 inch wide waistband on both jock and brief is both soft and comfortable yet sturdy enough to keep everything in place. Large front and center NASTY PIG announce your true nature with horizontal sports striping.
Nasty Pig Knockout Jockstraps are back at Jockstrap Central, and this time with a new sidekick.
jsc nasty pig knockout jockstrap
After years of being out of production Nasty Pig has brought back one of their their top selling jocks. The Knockout Jock is back and now there's a matching Knockout Brief.
jsc nasty pig knockout brief

Inspired by superheroes, the Knockout collection from Nasty Pig include bold colors yet maintain their trademark masculine edge. Nasty Pig underwear blows other brands out of this world in terms of quality with their solid construction, durable fabrics, double stitching and colors that stay brilliant even after washing.

jsc nasty pig knockout jockstrap crotch

Modeled by Jockstrap Central's hot fireman model Kevin and their solid as a rock hairy model Zack Acland.
nasty pig swim 2015

Jockstrap Central decided to add swimwear to their lineup, and it was an obvious choice to go with their best selling brand Nasty Pig.

There are two form fitting bikini styles (Knockout or Wave Bikini) or the fitted Layback Swim Trunk (more of a form fitting nylon short) so there's something for everyone.

  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 1
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 2
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 3
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 4
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 5
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 6
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 7
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 8
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 9
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 10
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 11
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 12
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 13
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 14
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 15
  • Nasty Pig Swim 2015 16

Nasty Pig has now released a second range of Jockstraps and Underwear for Autumn/Winter 2014.
jockstrap central nasty pig champ

The great news with the champ collection is that besides Jockstraps and Briefs, there are Long Johns and Socks too. Jockstrap Central model Trent is back putting Nasty Pig's Champ gear through it's paces check out the slideshow below. The guys at Jockstrap Central tell us that Trent's physique is pretty spectacular at the moment as he's been working with an instructor to bulk up and get his body ready for competitions. 

Check out the full set of pics.
  • Champ 1
  • Champ 2
  • Champ 3
  • Champ 4
  • Champ 5
  • Champ 6
  • Champ 7
  • Champ 8
  • Champ 9
  • Champ 10
  • Champ 11
  • Champ 12
  • Champ 13
  • Champ 14
  • Champ 15
  • Champ 16
  • Champ 17
  • Champ 18
  • Champ 19
  • Champ 20
  • Champ 21

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You know it's going to be a good year when the first new product for 2014 at Jockstrap Central is the latest collection from Nasty Pig.

nasty pig baller collection

With the Baller collection, Nasty Pig have upped their game. It's a collection of jockstraps, briefs and matching socks in big bold modern colors with a few stylish and sporty elements.

Baller Jockstrap:

Taking the elastic mesh pouch from the traditional athletic jockstrap and punching it up with bold colors and adding some contrasting racing stripes. Combined with a super soft waistband, leg straps and bold Nasty Pig front and center, it's perfection.

jsc nasty pig baller jockstrap red

jsc nasty pig baller jockstrap blue

jsc nasty pig baller jockstrap socks blue

Baller Brief:

Made with Nasty Pig's signature ribbed cotton and double walled up front for extra durability. Bold color solid choices pop harder next to the crisp white they're finished it off with - both in the piping around the leg openings and the strips that define and give structure to the contoured pouch.

jsc nasty pig baller brief rear

jsc nasty pig baller brief red

jsc nasty pig baller brief green

Baller Socks:

The Baller Socks rise perfectly to mid-calf each with a woven "L" and "R" so you can tell the difference and ensure the NP faces outward on each side for all to see. The toe and heel are reinforced and finished with a set of racing stripes in crisp white. Say hello to your new favorite socks.

All this style combined with Nasty Pig's expert craftsmanship, the Baller Collection hits it out of the park.

New in at Jockstrap Central is the 2013 Winter range of Long Johns from Nasty Pig. With a choice of blue, ebony, green or red, all made with Nasty Pig's cotton/spandex rib.

jsc nasty pig long johns green

jsc nasty pig long johns ebony

jsc nasty pig long johns red

jsc nasty pig long johns blue

Most Nasty Pig gear is totally in your face, but the Covert Brief is subtle.

This ultra-soft Modal and spandex infused fabric is printed with small Nasty Pig logos and related phrases like XXX, "First Come First Serve", "Pig 4 Life" and "Immediate Gratification".

The Covert brief is expertly crafted so it's nice and snug - fitting like a glove and styled with awesome detailing like contrasting piping and a stunning comfort waistband complete with woven racing stripes, subtle NP logo and repeated embossed "NASTY PIG".

Whether it's edgy street wear or luxurious undies to wear to the office, the Covert fits.

Some of you may recognise him, but in case you don't and you're wondering who the new model is, it's Jason Vault. When Jockstrap Central found out he was in Toronto they jumped at the chance to get him modeling.

Socks from Nasty Pig

Jockstrap Central are now stocking Nasty Pig Socks. Show your Nasty side. Click here to visit Jockstrap Central.

Nasty Pig Knockout Jockstrap at Jockstrap Central

Inspired by superheros, the all new Knockout jock from Nasty Pig includes some bold colors while maintaining their trademark masculine edge. Saving the world can be strenuous - even superheroes need a little support. Nasty Pig jockstraps have a solid construction, and are made using durable fabrics, double stitching and colors that stay brilliant even after washing. The knockout jocks all have a 1.5 inch waistband with a centred "Nasty Pig" logo and white repeated bars running around to the back. The leg straps are 3/4 inch wide plushed red elastic. Click here to visit Nasty Pig at Jockstrap Central. In case you wondering who that hot guy is in the new Nasty Pig jocks, his name is Kevin. He's trained in Emergency Services and is working his way to becoming a full-fledged Firefighter. And yes, the photographer faked fainting a few times during the shoot but he didn't fall for it and just kept on modeling. Don't forget, there's lots more shots of Kevin on Jockstrap Central.
Nasty Pig v2.0 is now at Jockstrap Central.

Nasty Pig Rubber Jockstrap v2.0
Nasty Pig have made improvements to their rubber jockstrap, keeping the slick racing stripe running down the center of the pouch. They're still machine washable, but now has a soft quilted inner lining giving the rubber more structure and providing a fuller looking pouch (the original pouch had a tendency to buckle, I'm told.) The elastic waistband has also been improved for a more sturdy feel.