Nasty Pig Knockout Jockstrap at Jockstrap Central

Inspired by superheros, the all new Knockout jock from Nasty Pig includes some bold colors while maintaining their trademark masculine edge. Saving the world can be strenuous - even superheroes need a little support. Nasty Pig jockstraps have a solid construction, and are made using durable fabrics, double stitching and colors that stay brilliant even after washing. The knockout jocks all have a 1.5 inch waistband with a centred "Nasty Pig" logo and white repeated bars running around to the back. The leg straps are 3/4 inch wide plushed red elastic. Click here to visit Nasty Pig at Jockstrap Central. In case you wondering who that hot guy is in the new Nasty Pig jocks, his name is Kevin. He's trained in Emergency Services and is working his way to becoming a full-fledged Firefighter. And yes, the photographer faked fainting a few times during the shoot but he didn't fall for it and just kept on modeling. Don't forget, there's lots more shots of Kevin on Jockstrap Central.