Fancy Going Commando? Will this calendar get you standing to attention?

The Royal Marines of 40 COmmando have released their 2013 calendar, to promote the health benefits of being a Royal Marine.

The men from Norton Manor, near Taunton, are currently on active duty in Afghanistan. But before heading to Helmand the lads were ‘volunteered’ to go (mostly) naked for the third Go Commando calendar, raising money for projects supporting the Royal Marines community. Marines generally don’t need a lot of persuading to get their kit off, but with the 40 lads heavily involved in pre-deployment training it looked like they had “much more important things to focus on” and the Go Commando team began to look elsewhere… At that point 40’s Commanding Officer Lt Col Matt Jackson determined if there was going to be a 2013 calendar, his men were going to be in it; it would serve as a “fitting tribute” to all the effort his unit had put in ready for the rigours of Helmand. So over one summer’s day, 40’s photographer LA(Phot) Rhys O’Leary – who’s also sharing the hardships of Afghanistan with the green berets right now – took a series of artistic black and white images.

Royal Marines 40 COmmando Calendar
Royal Merines 40 COmmando 2013 Calendar

There’s not a shirt or jacket in sight – just buff torsos, lots of tattoos and a bit of baby oil. So just like every day at Norton Manor, then… But it’s the cover image which has everyone talking. More than 1,500,000 Facebook users have seen the photograph of the privates (almost) on parade as the marines, wearing only their green berets, posed in the lake at their Somerset base.

Royal Marines from 40 Commando
Royal Merines from 40 Commando

Proceeds from the sale of the calendar will help Go Commando provide a new play area for marines’ children at Norton Manor and revamp the existing families’ centre. The charity hopes the calendar, which is by far its biggest individual fund-raising initiative, will bring in upwards of £30,000.

Ewell Castle Upper Sixth raising money for Help for Heroes and The Prostate Cancer Charity

For the lads at Ewell Castle Upper Sixth, their last day at school before their A-Level exams was certainly one to remember. Thirteen of the more extrovert students, aged 17-18, they stripped off as a prank on their last day of school before going on study leave for their upcoming exams. Now the boys have produced a 2013 charity calendar, to raise funds for Help for Heroes and The Prostate Cancer Charity.

Ewell Castle Upper Sixth
Ewell Castle Upper Sixth Charity Calendar

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It’s the English Naked Farmers – no jokes about May Poles please!

Next out of the bag is the English Naked Farmers Calendar for 2013. It all started back in 1999 in the wake of the Foot & Mouth disease crisis which hit the farming industry hard. 13 years later, the calendars are still as popular. The range has expanded to include some saucy cards, and there’s also a Female Farmer calendar!

Farmers Calendar 2013 - September
Farmers Calendar 2013 – September
Farmers Calendar - January
Farmers Calendar – January

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Rugby supports our Heroes with the 2013 Calendar

Rugby For HeroesMany of our service personnel struggle to adapt to civilian life after military service. They find it difficult to cope without structure and support. They are used to a structured, routine, disciplined life and a sense of purpose; they experience extreme highs and lows and often face adversity on a daily basis. Adjusting to a normal life after this can be daunting, often this can be just the simple transition and change, or it could be more severe symptoms of depression, or the extreme psychological effects of operational service that have left a lasting impact. The rugby community offers a home and purpose to our returning heroes. Through rugby teams, coaching and the wider community we are a dependable crutch in a time of transition and a helping hand back into daily life.?The distinctive character, spirit and core values of the military and rugby fit together to create a sense of belonging and make the world an easier place. The military and the sport of rugby have similar traditions and core values. Leadership, teamwork, commitment, discipline, courage, respect, loyalty and camaraderie are all values in which the sport of rugby and the military unite and aspire, it is these values which RUGBY FOR HEROES champions. This year stars including Ryan Lamb and Dominc Waldouck stripped for their Heroes.  

Ryan Lamb - Rugby For Heroes
Ryan Lamb – Rugby For Heroes 2013 Calendar

Dominic Walkdouck Rugby For HeroesDominic Waldouck – Rugby For Heroes 2013 Calendar

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How do you like your Irish Farmers? Yup, we’re talking the Irish Farmers Charity Calendar

Not one to miss out on the act are the Irish Farmers with their calendar for 2013. Though the images may not suggest much nudity, I guess when you’re out in the fields of Ireland mid-December nudity would be the last thing on your mind. The Irish Farmers calendar benefits Bóthar, a charity based in Limerick which promotes sustainable development in the developing world, including by sending livestock. Currently they are working in 35 countries.
Irish Farmer Calendar 2013 - August
Irish Farmer Calendar 2013 – August
Irish Farmer Calendar 2013 - July
Irish Farmer Calendar 2013 – July
Irish Farmer Calendar 2013 - June
Irish Farmer Calendar 2013 – June

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without West End Bares All

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition. So much nudity at such a cold time of year. I hope none of the participants caught a cold in these calendars. Next up it’s the guys and gals from London’s West End theatre district. West End Bares All features the cast from 12 West End Productions in the buff. Proceeds go to The Make A Difference Trust, which brings together the British Entertainment community and its audiences to raise funds to support people living with HIV and AIDS, and those in the entertainment industry facing hardship as a result of a long-term medical condition..

Singing in the Rain, West End Bares All 2013 Calendar
Singing (Naked) In The Rain?

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia! Does your mother know?

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