Activeman launch at Jockstrap Central – with Draven Torres

Activeman has broken into the mens’ underwear market with a brief and a fitted trunk that puts a guy’s unique anatomy and his comfort up front.

Activeman at Jockstrap Central

While both the new Activeman Sports Brief and Modal Liberty Trunk have contoured pouches and stylish comfort waistbands, the two underwear styles are totally unique:

The Liberty Trunk is constructed from a processed bio-based textile made from the beech tree called Modal. In many ways, a modal acts like cotton but with the advantages of rayon. It’s soft, smooth and breathes well. It is cool to the touch and very absorbent with a resistance to shrinkage. Modal is also less likely to fade or to form pills as a result of friction and stays soft through repeated washings. Of course, our favorite feature of modal is simply it’s stretchability and it’s nature to expand adapting to anything that may pop up!

The Activeman Sports Brief is constructed of a sturdy but stretchy cotton with a touch of Elastane for the ultimate fit. The fully formed and roomy ergonomic 3d pouch ensures the utmost in comfort for a guy.

This is also the first shoot from new Jockstrap Central model Draven Torres. Draven has been working with people like Falcon Studios so he’s quite comfortable in front of the camera. Jockstrap Central promise us he’ll be back!

Draven Torres in Activeman for Jockstrap Central

Draven Torres in Activeman for Jockstrap Central

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