Pictures of the new Baskit Energy Jockstraps – out now at Jockstrap Central

Baskit is famous for their comfort fit underwear, their use of hi-tech fabrics and their sense of style. Baskit Energy Jocks and JockBriefs include all that and more.

Baskit Energy Jockstrap

Starting with the fabric, Baskit has used a stunningly soft 4 way stretch fabric (for fit and expansion where needed) designed to wick moisture while under the hottest of circumstances. Energy JockBrief: A perfect melding of a brief and jockstrap. While the front is like a typical brief, Contrasting high density overlock stitching not only creating a nice design element but also defining the actual contoured pouch of the garment. The back is essentially a brief fabric back with the ass cut out of it giving it the same great view you’d expect from a jockstrap.

Baskit at Jockstrap Central

Baskit at Jockstrap Central

Energy Jock: A traditional jock, both front and back with a contoured pouch with contrasting high-density overlock stitching mostly as a design element. The one inch wide leg straps are made of Baskit’s signature plushed elastic for support and comfort.

Baskit at Jockstrap Central

Baskit at Jockstrap Central

Baskit at Jockstrap Central

Baskit at Jockstrap Central

Finally, the waistband of both the jock and jockbrief features a heavy duty soft and plushed 1 3/4 inch elastic with large repeating Baskit logo throughout. Jockstrap Central stock jock in black, riviera blue, super white and gold and the jockbrief in black, super white and gold, as modelled above by Santos as he puts the styles through their paces. As a final note, after Jockstrap Central ordered these, Baskit informed them that they were discontinuing this particular line, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

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Introducing the new Baskit Light Jock and Marcus, the newest model at Jockstrap Central

Baskit Light Jockstrap

Baskit create a perfect blend of fashion, form and function. Their Light jocks are no exception with their unique brief front and jockstrap-with-a-twist back in four stunning colors. Combine that with their low low price of $15 at Jockstrap Central, and you simply can’t go wrong! The front consists of 3 panels of light summer weight jersey cotton with a centre naturally contoured pouch to show off your package to perfection. The back is where you’ll find the stylish twist, like most jocks, the straps start from the waistband, but each side of the brief front attaches to the leg straps creating a sexy design feature. Both the 1 3/4 inch waistband and the two one inch leg straps have just the right amount of stretch for comfort and support. They both have a woven stripe and repeated Baskit logo design in the highest quality thread count. Style, comfort and oh so inexpensive – now’s the time to get your basket in a Baskit.

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Baskit arrives at Jockstrap Central with the Pure Jock Brief

Jockstrap Central were getting a lot of requests for them to stock the Baskit range. Now it has arrived, and the first line on sale is the Pure Jock Brief.

Baskit Pure Jock Brief

Baskit created the mash-up styling of the Jock Brief back in 2009. Many others are making their own version of this wonderful design, Baskit is still the tops in terms of style and quality. Baskit uses double walled 100% Organic Cotton with a naturally contoured pouch for ultimate comfort. The contrasting piping and high density over lock stitching completes the style. Then, there is the back – the easiest way to describe it is a brief with the bum cut out of it. This style has been so successful it’s officially no longer a mash-up but an underwear style of it’s own. The Pure JockBrief features a beefy 1.5 inch comfort waistband with a masculine, charcoal grey and palm green design. It’s only $21. and comes in three color variations – palm green, super white and charcoal grey. Click here to shop for the Baskit Jock Brief at Jockstrap Central.