Dirty Fukker Jockstraps – New styles and pricedrop at Jockstrap Central

Dirty Fukker at Jockstrap Central

Two new styles of Dirty Fukker jockstraps have arrived at Jockstrap Central. Plus due to a better exchange rate, the price has dropped!

In case you don’t know, once you get past the make-a-statement logo that’s proudly displayed on the waistband (great for peaking just above your jeans,) the Dirty Fukker jockstraps are some pretty comfortable fashion jocks you’ll want to wear day and night. Dirty Fukker jockstraps include a roomy mostly cotton pouch with a hint of lycra for better fit, a comfort 1.5 inch waistband and 1 inch leg straps.

Jockstrap Central have also added two new lines to the Dirty Fukker line-up. The most conservative jockstrap (and I use that term loosely) is one with a white pouch and black waistband, but the real fun is in the Sex Sells Jockstrap – it has money and triple X motifs scattered through the white pouch with a complimentary black waistband. Click here to shop for Dirty Fukker at Jockstrap Central