Rudy Bundini shows us the best parts of Garcon Model briefs

Check out the latest pics of fashion model and fitness trainer Rudy Bundini for Garcon Model Watson briefs.

Rudy Bundini by Ted Sun (
Rudy Bundini by Ted Sun (
Rudy Bundini by Ted Sun (

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Garcon Model – Canadian Men’s Underwear

One of Canada’s top underwear brands, Garçon Model® started from a simple statement: Your clothes say a lot about your personality.

They wanted to get guys away from Batman undies or boring three-pack briefs that go shapeless within a month. To remedy that, they created world-class underwear. We think you’ll love Garçon Model!

All fabric is sustainably produced, and the dye house is Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring that no harmful substances are used in the dying process. Garcen Model also ensure that garment factories are committed to avoiding child labour and pay fair wages.