Mr S Leather Jockstraps at Jock Strap Central

Mr. S Leather, the ultimate brand in fetish gear has branched out into fetish underwear choosing Timoteo, one of the world’s top underwear designers to make it happen.

mr s leather

As you probably know, using Timoteo not only means this is one hell of a quality collection but it’s also made in the USA.

jsc mr s leather jockstraps rear

As to be expected, most of this edgy collection of jockstraps and jock briefs all have a base color of black with detailing designed to either highlight your package, your ass or both. The exception is their take on the classic athletic supporter complete with mesh pouch and full 3 inch wide waistband available in black or white.

As for the waistbands, all designs include woven horizontal racing stripes and a rubber patch with the Mr. S. Leather logo front and center reinforcing the whole sport and fetish connection.

A picture paints a thousand words: Instead of us attempting to describe all the new jocks in a lengthy email, just visit Jockstrap Central to see our extensive high resolution photos of our model Derek giving all the Mr. S Leather jocks a thorough workout.

jsc mr s leather jockstraps red

jsc mr s leather jockstraps white
jsc mr s leather jockstraps blue

Show us your jockstrap and win big, with Jockstrap Central

It’s time for the fifth annual ‘Show Us Your Jockstrap” competition at Jockstrap Central. Jockstrap Central "show us your jockstrap" competition The fifth annual Show Us Your Jockstrap Contest has begun and this year Jockstrap Central giving away even more prizes than ever. Like last year, after the final day for submissions there’ll be a public vote and the top four entries will be receiving gift certificates to use at Jockstrap Central. However, this year they’ll also be randomly selecting three contestants who will also be receiving gift certificates. Prize details below.

It’s free to enter so send one (and only one) photo of yourself in a jockstrap between now and November 20th and you could win one of six shopping sprees on On November 21st, all submission will be placed on a webpage for a public vote to determine the top four prizes. The remaining three prizes will be randomly selected. Here’s the prize details:

  • FIRST PRIZE: $150 gift certificate
  • SECOND PRIZE: $100 gift certificate
  • THIRD PRIZE: $50 gift certificate
  • FOURTH PRIZE: $25 gift certificate
  • FIFTH PRIZE (randomly selected): $75 gift certificate
  • SIXTH PRIZE (randomly selected): $50 gift certificate
  • SEVENTH PRIZE (randomly selected): $25 gift certificate

For more details, how to enter, contest rules, and jockstrap photo submission guidelines plus to check out the entries as they come in (after the first week) please check out the Jockstrap Central contest page.

Show us your Jockstrap 4

Jockstrap Central’s fourth “Show Us Your Jockstrap” competition has ended, with 228 entries. Head over there now to vote before 13th December 2010. Click the image to view the entries:

Jockstrap Central Show Us Your Jockstrap Competition - Time To Vote