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Modus Vivendi Hand Crafted Archaic Boxer
Men's underwear made for sophisticated gents - our luxurious new mini boxer pants are made from stretch cotton with a golden ... more.

Modus Vivendi Hand Crafted Archaic Brief
Every man deserves some luxury in his life - our gold trimmed cotton rich designer brief is fit for a king. Shop luxurious me... more.

Modus Vivendi Camo Low Cut Brief
Revealing low rise men's underwear briefs that ensure everything's standing to attention - the camouflage slip is subtly cont... more.

Modus Vivendi Camo Low Cut Swim Brief
ATTEEENTION - there'll be no blending into the background with our skimpy men's swimwear with its contoured pouch. Beach camo... more.

Modus Vivendi Elegant Swim Short
Stay classy in chic men's swimwear - our silky smart beach trunks have a certain James Bond vibe about them. And an inner bri... more.

Modus Vivendi Mohair Boxer
We bet you don't have any knitwear in your underwear drawers - our lightweight men's hipster shorts are not only sexy but sup... more.

Modus Vivendi Mohair Brief
Our unique men's hipster is made from a cosy fabric that mimics mohair - lightweight and luxurious. Click to find out more an... more.

Modus Vivendi Mohair Low Cut Brief
Our unique knitted men's underwear brief has to be worn to be believed - treat your tackle to a luxurious lightweight ultra l... more.

Modus Vivendi Mohair Tanktop
Not only does DGU have wonderfully lightweight knitted men's underwear to coddle you cockles, they also have a matching low c... more.

Modus Vivendi Polka Dot Low Cut Brief
Chic and timeless our black and white spotted men's bikini brief sits seductively low on the hips - contoured cotton underwea... more.

Modus Vivendi Sporty Swim Brief
Dive into retro men's swimwear - made from a subtly see through mesh material this bold holiday brief will look fab with a go... more.

Modus Vivendo Camo Long Pants
Keep the corps happy with our printed men's trousers - loose fitting lounge pants so comfy they deserve a medal! Shop male le... more.

Modus Vivendi Broaded Boxer
Once you go cotton rich there's no coming back - your danglies deserve the best and this wonderfully soft men's underwear is ... more.

Modus Vivendi Broaded Brief
This suave ribbed men's underwear is made from the purest natural fibres - a brief with a deep elastic waistband and leg hems... more.

Modus Vivendi Broaded Jockstrap
Sportswear meets luxury in this cotton rich men's underwear - this traditional bum baring jock strap is made from sumptuously... more.

Modus Vivendi Broaded T-Shirt
For a luxurious winter warmer try this men's ribbed tee for size - made from ultra soft breathable cotton you can also get ma... more.

Modus Vivendi Broaded Tanktop
This sleeveless men's vest is made from naturally breathable and sumptuously soft natural fibres - wear with matching underwe... more.

Modus Vivendi Contrast Boxer
This bright men's underwear has blocks and stripes of colour that highlight the athletic short's flattering shape - perfect f... more.

Modus Vivendi Contrast Brief
Get a colour injection in your life with bold and bright men's underwear - these light sporty minis are made from natural fib... more.

Modus Vivendi Contrast Jockstrap
If you like to turn heads in the changing room this bum baring men's cotton jock strap underwear has bold colour blocks. Buy ... more.

Modus Vivendi Contrast Tanktop
For guys who love flashy gym wear this cotton rich men's vest is highlighted with coloured panels and stripes - matching unde... more.

Modus Vivendi Meander Bottomless Brief
Timeless Greek design meets fetish flair in this unique men's underwear - supersoft cotton rich fabric and a surprise on the ... more.

Modus Vivendi Meander Boxer
Add luxury to your men's underwear with these beautiful shorts - with golden detailing and soft fabric that clings to your ma... more.

Modus Vivendi Meander Brief
Inspired by Grecian design this beautiful men's underwear is made from all but pure cotton with glimmering golden detailing. ... more.

Modus Vivendi Meander Jockstrap
Win gold in this beautiful sports inspired underwear - with a soft contoured cotton pouch and sparkling golden detail. Buy me... more.

Modus Vivendi Meander Lounge Pant
This luxury leisure wear shows the essence of this Greek men's underwear brand - beautifully silky and light with golden deta... more.

Modus Vivendi Meander Robe
Forget Netflix and chill all you need is this luxurious satin finish men's dressing gown from Modus Vivendi. Worldwide shippi... more.

Modus Vivendi Active Long Meggings
DGU love men's underwear but they also love expertly choosing premium active wear like these UV protected three quarter leggi... more.

Modus Vivendi Active Short Meggings
Want men's underwear to help you go the extra mile - check out the aerated mesh UV protected cycle length sports short from M... more.

Modus Vivendi Active Short Sweat Shorts
This fine mesh Modus Vivendi athletic short from men's underwear experts DGU is smart and sexy - active wear with a UPF 50+. ... more.

Modus Vivendi Active Tanktop
This airy athletic mesh male tank top from men's underwear experts Modus Vivendi at DGU is great for upping your game. Shop ... more.

Modus Vivendi Satin Bottomless Brief
Fancy trying something new? This cotton velvet porthole men's underwear from Modus Vivendi is only for the daring! Anonymous ... more.

Modus Vivendi Satin Boxer
These velvety men's boxers from Modus Vivendi are ultra soft and an absolute joy to wear. We ship to over 80 countries worldw... more.

Modus Vivendi Satin Brief
These super soft undies from Modus Vivendi have a gorgeous velvety feel. A stunning gift for men. To see and buy now visit De... more.

Modus Vivendi Satin Lounge Pants
These luxurious Modus Vivendi PJs are a great gift for men in a true satin finish that feels like real silk - maybe buy an ex... more.

Modus Vivendi Satin Short Robe
Looking for the perfect gift for him? This stunning satin robe for men by Modus Vivendi will definitely get their hearts raci... more.

Modus Vivendi Transparent Bottomless Brief
This see through men's slip from Modus Vivendi has a cut away rear for maximum exposure. Shop and ship privately today.... more.

Modus Vivendi Transparent Boxer
On the lookout for some alluring boxers? Then Modus Vivendi can help you with this sexy see through short. DGU ship to over 8... more.

Modus Vivendi Transparent Brief
A fine tulle fabric gives this men's brief from Modus Vivendi a seductively see through finish. Matching tops too at Deadgood... more.

Modus Vivendi Transparent Jockstrap
This mesh jockstrap from Modus Vivendi is a great way to combine a traditional sporty style with an abundance of sex appeal. ... more.

Modus Vivendi Transparent T-Shirt
Again Modus Vivendi has managed designed to top class item of clubwear with this see through men's tee. Buy this and much mor... more.

Modus Vivendi Transparent Tanktop
Are you looking for some sexy new clubwear? Then we have the perfect choice in this seductive see through tank top. Matching ... more.

Modus Vivendi Velvet / Satin Long Robe
Add some luxury to your loungewear with this cotton rich masculine robe from Modus Vivendi - perfect as a gift for him. Shop... more.

Modus Vivendi Velvet / Satin Lounge Pants
If you love to relax these marvellous cotton rich lounge pants from male underwear brand Modus Vivendi add a hint of class to... more.

Modus Vivendi Velvet / Satin Short Robe
You only need one luxurious robe this autumn and Modus Vivendi deliver with this cotton rich moleskin short dressing gown fo... more.

Modus Vivendi Anti-Bacterial Brief
For lovers of classically chic male underwear this Modus Vivendi cotton rich brief is super light as well as soft and perfect... more.

Modus Vivendi Anti-Bacterial Low Cut Brazil Cut Boxer
This pure cotton antibacterial Modus Vivendi men's underwear has a totally au natural look and feel. Get yours from DGU today... more.

Modus Vivendi Anti-Bacterial Low Cut Brief
If you love skimpy men's underwear you've got to check out the new cotton rich brief from Modus Vivendi. Find out more at DGU... more.

Modus Vivendi Anti-Bacterial T-Shirt
Looking for a classic short sleeved men's t-shirt to beat all others? DGU has got you covered with this antibacterial cotton ... more.

Modus Vivendi Anti-Bacterial Tanktop
DGU isn't just about men's underwear - check out this cotton rich slim fit Modus Vivendi vest… perfect for s... more.

Modus Vivendi Amalgam Carbon Boxer Robe
One of the best ranges of men's loungewear around just got even better with the release of this metallic edged bathrobe. Inte... more.

Modus Vivendi Amalgam Silver Pants
Add some shine to your men's loungewear collection with these silver metallic full length trousers. Huge choice to browse pri... more.

Modus Vivendi Archaic Brief
This stretch cotton slip looks and feels great. Double layer pouch. Much more like online at DGU ready to be purchased today.... more.

Modus Vivendi Blend Boxer
Get a modern fetish look with this masculine trunk style underwear from Greece. Next working day delivery options for UK shop... more.

Modus Vivendi Blend Brief
These sporty luxe underpants for men are a great combination of PVC effect and cotton material in wearable shades. Internatio... more.

Modus Vivendi Bon Bon Velvet Mini Brief
Indulge your sweet tooth with this fluffy men’s brief with a ruched behind. See more unique designs online n... more.

Modus Vivendi Candy Bottomless Brief
These tactile men's briefs have a naughty cut out rear for full exposure. Enjoy a private shopping experience online at Deadg... more.

Modus Vivendi Candy Jockstrap
If you like jockstraps then you'll find this plush men's underwear hard to resist. DGU offer next working day delivery for UK... more.

Modus Vivendi Candy Lounge Pants
These men's lounging trousers are so comfy you'll be looking for excuses to wear them all the time. Shop privately online tod... more.

Modus Vivendi Candy Tank Top
This masculine sleeveless top uses a velvet style fabric in a bright range of colours. Next weekday delivery option for UK cu... more.