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'; Manstore M705 V-neck Body
£135.00 -
Our lingerie inspired men's all in one won't cover much but you'll definitely look AMAZING. Shop male lace bodies and underwe... more.

'; Modus Vivendi Desert Singlet
£47.00 -
Boxer shorts combine with an ultra low tank top to make one seriously seductive men’s all in one in camo. Sh... more.

'; Manstore M200 Sport Body
£48.00 -
Some men were born to take risks and this athletic all-in-one men's underwear body suit is fabulous fun. Shop and ship in pri... more.

'; Olaf Benz RED 1711 Coolbody
£90.00 -
This men's onesie is made from a perforated material making it a truly light and airy undergarment. Buy all your underwear at... more.

'; Manstore M665 Cheeky Body
£62.00 -
This sexy men's body underwear is a feline feast for the eyes - made from a single layer silky fabric with contrast leopard t... more.

'; Manstore M664 Nude Body
£39.00 -
Think you've seen all this daring underwear brand has to offer? Check out this translucent mesh men's leotard that leaves lit... more.

'; Manstore M661 Lasso Body
£67.00 -
Explore the exciting designs of this unique underwear brand and wear something different - this men's string body is sure to ... more.

'; Manstore M652 Tanga Body
£63.00 -
This is the only all-in-one you'll need! Check out the sexy mesh all in one from this unique men's underwear brand. Find your... more.

'; Manstore M656 Pullover Body
£67.00 -
This cuddly men's leotard from Manstore is made from a luxurious furry velvet material. We ship worldwide. Buy online today. ... more.

'; Manstore M616 Hooded String Body
£88.00 -
This sparkly men's thong leotard comes with a drawstring hood atop it in a brand new underwear design. Buy online now at Dead... more.

'; Joe Snyder Black Pearl Body 27
£25.00 -
Chic black string body from Joe Snyder with adjustable straps... more.

'; Manstore M605 Zipped Body
£84.00 -
This Latex look onesie for men is part of Manstore’s brilliant seasonal collection. View it immediately at D... more.

'; Manstore M611 Naked Suit
£29.00 -
This t-string and harness combo from Manstore has a unique style and sex appeal. Fast UK delivery available. DGU ships privat... more.

'; Manstore M608 String Body
£59.00 -
Buy your string body and all in one men’s underwear online discreetly at Deadgoodundies. We ship worldwide. ... more.

'; Body Art Evia String Body
£42.00 -
When it comes to sexy all-in-one men's underwear designs this collection is the best choice around. Browse privately. Shippin... more.

'; Doreanse 3005 Leopard String Body
£20.00 -
This male leotard from Doreanse has a narrow thong back and is decorated with a modern leopard spot print. Privacy guarantee... more.

'; Doreanse 3010 Bulge Body
£27.00 -
This trendy tank shaped all in one comes complete with popper gusset for convenient removal and a double layered pouch panel ... more.

'; Doreanse 5001 Full Body
£29.00 -
For men who like to keep their lower back nicely warm this one piece underwear from Doreanse has poppers down the front and e... more.

'; Doreanse 5002 boxer body suit
£33.00 -
all in one men's body suit onesie with popper front for easy access and available in black or white... more.

'; Doreanse 5003 String Body
£24.00 -
Soft modal fibre men's full body with string back from Doreanse and available in black or white.... more.

'; Joe Snyder Rainbow Body 27
£26.00 -
Sexy men's string body which can be worn in multiple of ways from Joe Snyder... more.

'; Joe Snyder Shining Body 27
£25.00 -
This men's body from Joe Snyder is definitely an attention stealing piece of men's underwear... more.

'; Joe Snyder Shining Body 27 (Sheer Mesh)
£25.00 -
Joe Snyder have surpassed themselves with this all in one mesh men's underwear design... more.

'; Joe Snyder Wet Look Body 27
£25.00 -
Joe Snyder prove they know a thing or two about eye catching men's underwear with this bold body... more.

'; Manstore M101 String Body
£38.00 -
This super sheer bodywear for men is part of the bestselling men's underwear range from a German brand. Shop privately and se... more.

'; Manstore M200 Zipped Body
£56.00 -
When it comes to designing bodies for men this men's underwear collection is second to none. Shop in privacy 24/7. Fast UK de... more.

'; Manstore M510 Allover Suit
£103.00 -
The very best in men's fetishwear. This leatherette onesie has a zipper running all the way down the front. Worldwide shippin... more.

'; Manstore M510 Athletic Suit
£80.00 -
Unique one piece men's fetish gear from Manstore with a vest style top and leggings bottom. guarantees pri... more.

'; Modus Vivendi Converter Tanktop Body
£24.00 -
This vest-come-jockstrap is the ultimate is sensual men’s underwear. More wild styles can be seen online at ... more.

'; Modus Vivendi Eighties Bodywear
£25.00 -
Your inner Hulk Hogan will be thrilled with this retro all in one design. Finished with two poppers at the crotch. Buy now. S... more.

'; Modus Vivendi Glory Hole Body Wear
£28.00 -
This cotton rich all in one has a double layer pouch and sexy racer back top. More onesie styles always online at DGU. Buy to... more.

'; Modus Vivendi Hole Singlet
£50.00 -
All in one underwear for men is proving to be a trend with staying power. This exciting new cotton design is going to be a po... more.