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MANstore M712 Bungee Leggings
£58.00 -
If you're not ready to go Full Monty cover your cockles with men's mesh meggings - sexy sheer striped underwear clings seduct... more.

Modus Vivendi Dusk 2 Dawn Meggings
£51.00 -
Futuristic full length men's underwear â€" these metallic meggings are made from pure cotton with shiny highlights.... more.

MANstore M713 Dance Leggings
£56.00 -
The ultra-light fabric of these chic monochrome men's underwear or loungewear meggings makes them ideal for dancers or the gy... more.

Modus Vivendi Tone 2 Tone Meggings
£47.00 -
Full length men's underwear leggings with a futuristic twist â€" space age meggings made from cotton dressed with a... more.

MANstore M711 Bungee Legging
£86.00 -
Our modern men's long john leggings are totally WILD - with a subtle leopard print these ankle length meggings stretch for a ... more.

Manstore M706 Bungee Legging
£60.00 -
These unique men's leggings from Manstore are decorated with a wonderful leopard skin print. A wide selection of male tights ... more.

Manstore M664 Bungee Legging
£52.00 -
These feather light meggings are made from a seductive sheer mesh with an enhancing pouch. Worldwide shipping for men's under... more.

Manstore M661 Zipped Legging
£96.00 -
Who will you let unzip these men's leggings? If you love this brand's unique underwear you'll adore these sensual long pants.... more.

SAXX Kinetic Long John
£46.00 -
Whether you're a professional athlete or a part-time jogger our long men's underwear leggings are designed to up your game. B... more.

Manstore M655 Bungee Legging
£67.00 -
These kaleidoscopic men's leggings from the underwear pros are made from very fine mesh - you're package will feel like a fre... more.

Modus Vivendo Camo Long Pants
£69.00 -
Keep the corps happy with our printed men's trousers - loose fitting lounge pants so comfy they deserve a medal! Shop male le... more.

HOM Cocooning Inners Long John
£32.50 -
Incredibly warm and comfortable luxury men's long john underwear - FREE UK SHIPPING... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1675 Legging
£36.60 -
Not your typical long johns these dazzling disco pants from male underwear brand Olaf Benz are made from a sparkling silky fa... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1673 Leggings
£39.60 -
A luxurious and dapper alternative to pyjamas, dress your legs in tartan this winter with fabulous underwear leggings for men... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1667 Legging
£39.60 -
Get the best men's loungewear only at Deadgoodundies. These stylish skins are part of the Olaf Benz leggings range. Fast disp... more.

Modus Vivendi Active Long Meggings
£55.00 -
DGU love men's underwear but they also love expertly choosing premium active wear like these UV protected three quarter leggi... more.

Manstore M615 Bungee Legging
£50.00 -
These full length tights for men are available in a choice of three groovy and colourful prints. Shop now in privacy at Deadg... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1618 Legging
£27.50 -
These ankle length men's leggings are the ultimate in contemporary leisurewear for guys. Shop our long pants range online at ... more.

HOM Simon HO1 Long John
£42.00 -
Browse for stylish men’s loungewear and long johns at the best underwear website Deadgoodundies. Express UK ... more.

Manstore M608 Bungee Leggings
£44.00 -
These tulle men’s leggings are the forefront of contemporary loungewear for men. View more great pants and s... more.

Manstore M610 Tight Legging
£65.00 -
These men's leggings from Manstore are decorated with a gorgeous zebra print. Shop online in the privacy of your home. Discre... more.

HOM HO1 Long John
£34.00 -
These super versatile men’s HOM HO1 long johns are a wardrobe staple. Buy your cosy winter menswear from onl... more.

Bruno Banani Long Line Long John
£24.50 -
These cotton rich long johns are not only practical but an absolute joy to wear. Deadgoodundies ship to over 80 countries wor... more.

Doreanse 1950 Cotton Modal Long John
£22.00 -
Soft cotton modal men's long john underwear from Doreanse with folded leg cuffs... more.

Doreanse 1960 Thermal Long John
£23.00 -
Never feel the chill again in these thermal long johns from Doreanse in a style with a fleecy interior and neat cuffs around ... more.

Gregg Homme Modal Lounge Pants
£43.98 -
Full length men’s lounge pants made from a luxurious micro modal material. Discover more loungewear at Deadg... more.

Jockey International Collection Merino Thermal Long John
£85.00 -
If you’re after a practical long john style to keep you toasty this coming winter then look no further than ... more.

Jockey Modern Classic 100% Cotton Long John
£17.00 -
A supremely soft and cosy pure cotton long john from Jockey with a two ply pouch and a soft towelling effect inside the waist... more.

Jockey Modern Thermal Long John
£28.00 -
Good long johns must be soft and comfy as well as supportive and great for layering when it’s so so cold out... more.

Jockey Modern Thermal Y-Front Long John
£23.00 -
When it’s cold outside the answer has to be long johns and these are as soft and stretchy and cuddly and com... more.

Jockey Spurt 100% Cotton Y-Front Long John
£17.50 -
Whether you work or play outdoors this Y-front long john will keep your completely comfortable and warm with its soft cotton ... more.

Jockey Spurt 100% Cotton Y-Front Over Knee
£17.00 -
If you love snug men’s underwear yet don’t want to go the whole hog with a restrictive long... more.

Manstore M101 Leggings
£38.00 -
This super sheer bodywear for men is part of the bestselling men's underwear range from a German brand. Shop privately and se... more.

Manstore M103 Bungee Leggings
£37.00 -
Shop DGU’s collection of sports and recreation wear online now. We stock a great collection of under layers ... more.

Manstore M566 Tight Leggings
£50.00 -
View the rest of Manstore’s sultry lingerie for men online now. Get these fab lounge pants in your collectio... more.