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Mini Brief Brands

Ergowear FEEL XV Brief
£25.00 -
Divinely silky enhancing men's underwear brief. A sleek single layered slip with a deep branded waistband. International ship... more.

Gregg Homme Commando Brief (XS/27-28")
£19.48 -
This mini brief from Gregg Homme has a super wide waistband with stylish gold branding. The fabric is sheer, stretchy and irr... more.

Gregg Homme Fuel Brief (S/27-28")
£15.78 -
The Fuel Brief from Gregg Homme uses a slick black fabric and silver look buckle detail to create a sexy look.... more.

Gregg Homme Pump Up Supportive Brief
£19.98 -
This enhancing Gregg Homme Pump Up Supportive Brief uses an innovative enhancing pouch in super soft microfibre fabric.... more.

HOM Gentleman Brief (XS/30”)
£9.00 -
Smart checked men's brief underwear from HOM - FREE DELIVERY AVAILABLE... more.

Olaf Benz PEARL 1757 Sport Brief
£36.00 -
Silk and cotton combine to make this luxury male bikini sport brief â€" premium men's underwear. International ship... more.

British Boxers Denim Brief
£12.00 -
Pure cotton men's underwear designed in Britain â€" the gorgeous colour of this male bikini slip for gents won't fa... more.

British Boxers Fire Engine Red Brief
£12.00 -
New men's underwear brand at DGU â€" a classic male bikini brief made from pure cotton in fire engine red. Shop now... more.

British Boxers Space Cadet Brief
£12.00 -
This intense blue won't fade over time â€" classic men's underwear briefs stay looking their best. Pure cotton male... more.

British Boxers Thistle Brief
£12.00 -
A gorgeous men's underwear plum brief you'll want to sink your teeth into â€" pure cotton. New undies and nightwear... more.

Modus Vivendi Cotton Brief Multipack (pack of 3)
£36.00 -
Pure cotton male bikini brief with a fun retro design â€" this triple pack of aerated men's underwear includes thre... more.

Modus Vivendi Meander Brief
£21.00 -
Designer men's underwear cotton brief with a Greek key waistband. A gold embroidery and brand tag finish this male slip. Shop... more.

Manstore M753 Cheeky Brief
£29.00 -
Men's underwear that shows plenty of skin â€" alternating mesh and matt stripes cover this mini brief. A cheeky hig... more.

Gregg Homme Rockstar Brief (XS/27-28")
£16.87 -
Erotic men’s brief complete with single layer latex look fabric teamed with triangular metal studs around th... more.

Manstore M712 Cheeky Brief
£35.00 -
If you like men's underwear with a devilish side check out our brief slip with translucent stripes and leatherette trim. Shop... more.

Modus Vivendi Dusk 2 Dawn Brief
£26.00 -
Pure cotton men's underwear with a disco twist â€" this luxuriously soft male bikini brief has glitter highlights a... more.

Bruno Banani Jail Sport Slip
£22.00 -
For guys who like bikini underwear try our luxurious men's briefs - these snug fitting undies feel silky soft against the ski... more.

Clever Moda Climbing To The Top Latin Brief (L/34")
£10.05 -
Your quest to find your next favourite sporty underwear for men is over. Check out these blue briefs online at DGU now. Inter... more.

Clever Moda Indigo Jean Latin Brief (XL/36-38")
£13.50 -
Denim lovers will really appreciate this men's midi underwear. Its super smooth microfibre is covered with a designer jeans i... more.

Clever Moda Vitral Piping Brief (L/34")
£12.50 -
Full of South American style this brilliant brief is a must buy for vintage addicts. Worldwide shipping. Secure online orderi... more.

Doreanse 1259 Mens Brief Underwear (XXL/38-40")
£4.09 -
The Doreanse 1259 Brief in stormy grey trimmed and accented with red has a scarlet waistband with a soft towelled lining.... more.

Modus Vivendi Tone 2 Tone Brief
£24.00 -
Premium men’s underwear brief in luxurious cotton and shimmering metallic fabrics â€" a space age ... more.

MANstore M711 Cheeky Brief
£35.00 -
Feel wicked in our leopard print men's underwear brief - this contoured slip shows off what nature gave you. Buy now. Interna... more.

MANstore M714 Cheeky Brief
£33.00 -
Be adventurous with our revealing men's brief - made from a silky mesh this see through underwear comes in bold sporty colour... more.

Bruno Banani Instinct Sport Slip
£22.00 -
Your first instinct is usually right especially when looking at super suave striped briefs - silky men's underwear perfect fo... more.

Manstore M706 Cheeky Brief
£30.00 -
This bum flattering Manstore slip underwear for men cuts high across the cheeks for a truly sexy look. Lots more animal print... more.

Olaf Benz PEARL 1701 Sport Brief
£40.00 -
Embrace grey in style with our distressed effect men's underwear - body hugging slip for gents fits like a total dream. Shop ... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1377 Neo Brief (S/32")
£14.54 -
This fresh design has a 5cm wide side and pastel striped body fabric. Brief lovers will adore DGU's undies selection.... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1704 Sport Brief
£28.00 -
These sporty men's briefs from Olaf Benz are made from the shiniest of material that's silky to the touch. DGU ships to over ... more.

Jockey Great Lakes Brief 151426H
£16.00 -
Keep it cool with our chequered men's underwear - this ultra-cosy cotton rich male brief is label free. Shop now. Internation... more.

Skiny Live Reloaded Brazil Slip
£6.00 -
Bright coral pink stunning cotton brief from Skiny with metallic effect waistband... more.

Skiny Option Modal Mini Brief
£7.00 -
Soft cotton modal basic mini brief underwear from Skiny with supportive two layer pouch and covered waistband... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1706 Sport Brief
£28.00 -
This men's slip underwear from Olaf Benz is decorated with a pixelated camo print. These and plenty more male briefs are avai... more.

Manstore M705 Cheeky Brief
£37.00 -
Looking for a romantic gift? Guys who adore revealing underwear are bound to fall in love with our lace effect sheer men's br... more.

Modus Vivendi Desert Brief
£22.00 -
This ultra flattering slip sits low on the hips and has a lined and contoured pouch to give natural support.... more.

Obviously EveryMan AnatoMAX Brief
£16.50 -
Men’s brief underwear made from softest bamboo - large downward pouch is ideal for well-endowed gents. Buy o... more.

Obviously PrimeMan AnatoMAX Brief
£23.00 -
Ergonomic men’s underwear with a large capacity pouch â€" this supportive male brief uses a single... more.

Boglietti Jersey 100% FiloSscozia Cotton Brief
£13.00 -
Keep it classy with our premium Italian men's underwear - made for modern gentlemen this luxurious mini slip is an absolute d... more.

Boglietti Jersey 100% Mercerised Cotton Brief
£10.00 -
Add some luxury to your day with premium Italian men's underwear - this traditional cotton brief is a dream for modern gentle... more.

Boglietti Single Jersey Stretch Short Brief
£16.50 -
Start your morning right with our modern clean cut men's underwear - discover total luxury with our chic Italian mini slip. W... more.

Manstore M709 Cheeky Brief
£30.00 -
This shiny men's slip from Manstore cuts high across the rear in a seductively sexy style. Next working day delivery availabl... more.

Manstore M710 Cheeky Brief
£36.00 -
Sultry men's slip underwear made from a shiny material with a disco glitter ball effect. Perfect party pants! Buy online toda... more.

Bruno Banani Custody Sport Slip
£22.00 -
Be on your best bad behaviour with our black and white jailbird underwear. This printed brief is perfect for guys who like hi... more.

Jockey Classic 2100 Y-Front Brief (Big)
£10.00 -
Pure cotton men's underwear with a classic right hand Y-front opening - now in white or grey or navy in waist sizes 32 to 44 ... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1711 Sport Brief
£30.00 -
This men's slip underwear from Olaf Benz is made from a microfibre fabric that's covered in naturally aerating holes. Discret... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1702 Sport Brief
£28.00 -
Our chequered men's bikini slip is a little bit country - wear this super slinky underwear with a co-ordinating t-shirt and l... more.

Sukrew Alabas Daylight White Full Brief
£19.99 -
This sensual brand has the brightest whitest men's brief in translucent microfibre. Shop and ship in total privacy with DGU. ... more.

£19.99 -
Ergonomic men's underwear in a shock of bright colours - our masculine men's slip has a sporty retro vibe. Plain packaging. W... more.

Doreanse 1205 Brief
£11.00 -
You can never have too much chic men's underwear - this brilliantly white cotton modal bikini brief has a different and suppo... more.

Doreanse 1207 Adonis Anatomical Brief
£11.00 -
With a patented pouch design our enhancing men's underwear brief has to be experienced - discover the cotton modal bikini sli... more.

Doreanse 1211 Brief
£10.00 -
Fancy yourself in some new bright tight whites? Our chic cotton modal men's underwear is unbelievably comfy and looks great! ... more.

Modus Vivendi Hand Crafted Archaic Brief
£19.50 -
Every man deserves some luxury in his life - our gold trimmed cotton rich designer brief is fit for a king. Shop luxurious me... more.

Modus Vivendi Mohair Brief
£18.00 -
Our unique men's hipster is made from a cosy fabric that mimics mohair - lightweight and luxurious. Click to find out more an... more.

Bruno Banani Cuba Libre Sport Slip
£24.00 -
We adore the sporty cut and subtle mesh fabric this men's underwear brief has to offer. View more like this online at Deadgoo... more.

Jockey Cape Cod Coast Brief 153385
£16.00 -
Go all dark and stormy with this cosy men's underwear - made from cotton enriched material it's perfect for those cold winter... more.

Manstore M660 Cheeky Brief
£29.00 -
This Manstore men's underwear is cut high across the rear for even more exposure and an extremely sexy look. Buy discreetly o... more.

Bruno Banani Blood Sport Slip
£20.00 -
This designer men's underwear range just gets better and better. See this stylish brief and more at Deadgoodundies. Order onl... more.

Eppure Luca Stefano Extreme Low Rise Brief
£22.00 -
For guys who love colour this contemporary mesh underwear brief has a contoured cotton pouch and a loud branded waistband. Sh... more.

HOM Premium Cotton Comfort Mini Brief
£19.00 -
A chic men's micro brief made for guys who love minimal underwear - made entirely from mercerised cotton for totally luxuriou... more.

Gregg Homme Beyond Doubt All Mesh Brief
£18.98 -
This all mesh brief by Gregg Homme uses a single layer of stretchy netting across the whole of its design which is finished w... more.

Joe Snyder Candy Capri 07 Brief
£20.00 -
Sweeten your morning ritual by putting on cheeky men's underwear - printed with colourful stripes this fun bikini is sensatio... more.

Joe Snyder Candy Mini Cheek 22
£28.00 -
Try something different with this devilishly skimpy men's underwear - colourful stripes and sexy design make this low rise hi... more.

Joe Snyder Jail Capri 07 Brief
£20.00 -
Call the police because your package will be looking wicked in this monochrome striped skimpy men's underwear. Worldwide ship... more.

Joe Snyder Jail Mini Cheek 22
£28.00 -
What better way to show off your swag than with these monochrome striped low rise cheeky briefs - men's underwear just got se... more.

Joe Snyder Snake Capri 07 Brief
£20.00 -
Embrace the wild side with our animalistic printed men's underwear - cut in a skimpy and revealing style to showcase your ser... more.

Joe Snyder Snake Mini Cheek 22
£28.00 -
Super skimpy men's underwear briefs made for showing off your physique - in an animalistic print that'll make the world go wi... more.

HOM Luis Mini Brief
£19.00 -
A slinky black brief is a must have for your men's underwear collection. Buy this stunning slip online now at Deadgoodundies.... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1672 Sprint Brief
£17.40 -
Men's sports underwear just got a whole lot more stylish thanks to this designer brand. View more online today at DGU. Buy no... more.

Bruno Banani Brief Underwear Value (pack of 3)
£31.00 -
With 95% cotton and supple fabric doubled at the pouch this brief is brilliant - better still it’s in a trip... more.

Manstore M107 Cheeky Brief
£30.00 -
For understated sexiness look no further than this high cut leather look men's underwear. Deadgoodundies ships plain parcels ... more.

Body Art Bonos Hip Slip
£22.50 -
Covered with lots of shiny little squares this single layer midi brief is great for all you aspiring disco divas... more.

HOM Nature 100% Cotton Mini Brief
£9.00 -
Classic HOM men's brief underwear in pure 100% Cotton A firm favourite - Buy now... more.

HOM Nature 100% Cotton Mini Brief (Pack of 2)
£17.00 -
Great value men's twinpack Briefs from HOM in 100% Pure Cotton - Buy Now... more.

Modus Vivendi Broaded Brief
£18.00 -
This suave ribbed men's underwear is made from the purest natural fibres - a brief with a deep elastic waistband and leg hems... more.

Modus Vivendi Contrast Brief
£26.00 -
Get a colour injection in your life with bold and bright men's underwear - these light sporty minis are made from natural fib... more.

Modus Vivendi Meander Brief
£21.00 -
Inspired by Grecian design this beautiful men's underwear is made from all but pure cotton with glimmering golden detailing. ... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1673 Sprint Brief
£17.40 -
Cool and chic this stylish mini brief underwear for men is sure to sell out quick. Get yours at DGU before they're all gone. ... more.

Clever Moda Arawak Piping Brief
£26.00 -
Embrace complexity with the magnetizing geometric print on this men's underwear - a multicoloured mini brief with a vintage t... more.

Clever Moda Scandinavian Piping Brief
£26.00 -
Cover your crown jewels in cool shades of blue and Nordic inspired patterns with this sumptuously soft men's underwear. Deadg... more.

Clever Moda Zulu Piping Brief
£26.00 -
Pop this fun graphic men's underwear on to add a splash of colour to your day - with Aztec and geometric inspired prints in p... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1667 Sport Brief
£15.00 -
In need of some stylish new briefs? Then head to men's underwear website and discover a world of high fash... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1665 Sport Brief
£31.00 -
Men's underwear doesn't get much more comfy than this. Discover more about this stunning brief at Deadgoodundies. Purchase on... more.

Modus Vivendi Satin Brief
£17.00 -
These super soft undies from Modus Vivendi have a gorgeous velvety feel. A stunning gift for men. To see and buy now visit De... more.

Modus Vivendi Transparent Brief
£24.00 -
A fine tulle fabric gives this men's brief from Modus Vivendi a seductively see through finish. Matching tops too at Deadgood... more.

Modus Vivendi Anti-Bacterial Brief
£18.00 -
For lovers of classically chic male underwear this Modus Vivendi cotton rich brief is super light as well as soft and perfect... more.

Obviously EveryMan AnatoFREE Brief
£11.25 -
Start your designer male undies collection with the anatomically designed super comfy and ultra-durable Obviously AnatoFREE b... more.

Obviously EveryMan Classic Brief
£11.25 -
For guys who want the best out of their everyday undies, check out the unique new designs from this brief for men. Shop now.... more.

Obviously EveryMan Comfort Brief
£11.25 -
Ultra durable and eco-friendly Obviously designer briefs for men for the conscious fashionista. Shop now at DGU. Worldwide sh... more.

Obviously Originals AnatoMAX Brief
£16.75 -
For men who need the largest pouch for their crown jewels - check out the largest AnatoMAX design from Obviously. Buy yours a... more.

HOM HO1 Indigo Mini Brief
£19.00 -
A great looking men's underwear slip to wear peeking above your favourite denims. We deliver to more than 80 countries. Quick... more.

Manstore M600 Cheeky Brief
£34.00 -
This men's underwear offers a twist on rainbow printed briefs with shimmering pastel shades. Shop privately online at DGU tod... more.

Bruno Banani Ticket Sport Slip
£19.00 -
We know our customers love mesh men's underwear so this see through sensation is sure to delight. Private shopping online. In... more.

Joe Snyder Mini Cheek 22 Lace Boxer
£25.00 -
Love male lingerie? Then this scanty and very revealing men's lace slip will be right up your avenue. Shop privately online. ... more.

HOM Best Modal Comfort Mini Brief
£19.00 -
These classic shaped briefs are made from the softest modal fabric you can find. Fast UK delivery offered. Privacy guaranteed... more.

HOM Prince Mini Brief
£19.00 -
The Prince of Wales inspired these grey tweed look men's underpants. One of the largest selections of underwear and swimwear ... more.

HOM Classic Mini Brief
£19.00 -
The best quality materials make all the difference when it comes to men's briefs. Find your perfect underwear style and buy o... more.

HOM Aristo Mini Brief HO1
£19.00 -
Classic slip underwear for men always looks great when superbly striped. Buy online in total privacy. International shipping ... more.

Big Boys Brief
£13.00 -
Big Boys know that your 'boys' deserve the best. That's why they use the world's softest fibre to make this range of men's un... more.

Body Art Rhea Hipslip
£22.00 -
Cheeky low rise men's mini brief from Body Art available in white or black... more.

Bruno Banani Base Line Sports Slip
£16.00 -
Soft cotton modal everyday wear brief from Bruno Banani available in black or white... more.

Bruno Banani Biology Sport Slip
£18.00 -
This is the best choice of men's underwear for stripy brief fans looking for something a bit special. Secure and private shop... more.

Bruno Banani Check In Sport Slip
£17.00 -
This classic men’s brief is perfect for fellas who prefer a more traditional style. We ship worldwide. Enjoy... more.

Bruno Banani Enter Sport Slip
£16.00 -
There’s so much to love about this pinstripe brief. View the full details now at and buy ... more.

Bruno Banani Molecule Sport Slip
£18.00 -
This silky striped brief for men has a viscose mix fabric for a tactile effect. UK shoppers can choose next weekday delivery.... more.

Bruno Banani Online Sport Slip
£19.00 -
Striped men’s undies never go out of fashion. Get yours from Deadgoodundies’ huge online co... more.

Bruno Banani Rod Sport Slip
£18.00 -
This chic brief proves that striped underwear for men can be grown up too. If you're shopping from the UK why not opt for exp... more.

Bruno Banani Rope Sport Slip
£19.00 -
Penchant for stylish men’s underwear? Head to Deadgoodundies to view this brand’s range of ... more.

Bruno Banani Screening Sport Slip
£16.00 -
For men who wear the timeless brief shape this designer slip is perfection. Shop securely and privately online at Deadgoodund... more.

Bruno Banani Simply Cotton Sport Slip 2 Pack
£15.00 -
Another classic brief twinpack in versatile cotton from Bruno Banani. Customers within the UK can opt for expedited delivery.... more.

Bruno Banani Straight Line Sports Slip
£16.00 -
Soft and supple men's brief underwear from Bruno Banani in a pinstripe pattern of black, red or white... more.

Bruno Banani Wire Sport Slip
£19.00 -
A snazzy twist on businesslike stripes from this desirable brand. See more on the Deadgoodundies website. UK expedited shippi... more.

Bruno Banani Your Future Brief
£14.00 -
Smart classic men's mini brief underwear in a cotton rich black, grey or white fabric... more.

Clever Moda Akida Latin Brief
£21.50 -
These sporty briefs by Clever Moda have a swathe of netting around the back. Worldwide deliveries to over 80 countries. Buy o... more.

Clever Moda Clever Leopard Piping Brief
£27.50 -
Lovers of vintage underwear will fall head over heels for Clever's retro briefs. Buy yours immediately from DGU. Order online... more.

Clever Moda Eros Latin Brief
£24.00 -
You'll show off a little more than you bargained for in this sexily sheer mesh brief. Lots more like this to buy online from ... more.

Clever Moda Exotic Parrot Piping Brief
£27.50 -
Parrots and fauna and flowers decorate this lovely brief from Clever Moda in a wonderfully unique print. Next day delivery av... more.

Clever Moda Foxtros Brief
£12.75 -
This sporty look brief will appeal to gym bunnies and couch potatoes alike. See more from this collection online now. Purchas... more.

Clever Moda Gaeta Brief
£22.00 -
These stylish but casual briefs are the perfect underwear choice for fashion minded men. International shipping to more than ... more.

Clever Moda Jasper Classic Brief
£23.00 -
Get your see through men's brief now online from DGU. UK expedited delivery available â€" and we ship to more than ... more.

Clever Moda Morelo Latin Brief
£22.50 -
Fall in love with Clever's new range of men's underwear over at DGU. Shop the look today. We ship plain parcels worldwide.... more.

Clever Moda Neon Tree Brief
£21.00 -
This colourful brief for men is the perfect choice for sporty gents. Shop our athletic selection of men's underwear online. P... more.

Clever Moda River Brief
£23.50 -
View Clever's terrific men's underwear range today at and purchase privately online. Don't forget - we shi... more.

Clever Moda Sexquares Latin Brief
£23.50 -
The sexiness of these briefs for men comes from two layers of stripy see through mesh. Shipping to more than 80 countries wor... more.

Doreanse 1221 Brief
£5.50 -
Sporty men's brief from Doreanse available in grey, white or black... more.

Doreanse 1323 Brief
£11.00 -
This men's brief is beautifully soft and comfortable and created from the brand's supple cotton modal blend which is layered ... more.

Doreanse 1325 Slip
£12.00 -
Show off your assets with this skimpy men's brief underwear now online at DGU. Free shipping options available for UK and int... more.

Doreanse 1327 Slip Eco 3 Pack
£13.00 -
This men's underwear triple pack contains three cotton rich briefs. Buy your multipack undies online now from Deadgoodundies.... more.

Doreanse 1353 Lace Brief
£12.00 -
Get your fix of lingerie for men with this gorgeous brief. Discover more like this online at Deadgoodundies. Purchase today. ... more.

Doreanse 1822 Africa Trunk
£10.00 -
These tiny trunks have a bright design using colours from African national flags. Find a great choice of men's underwear onli... more.

Doreanse Hearts Brief 1309
£7.25 -
From the front this is a classic white brief, but the back is dressed with a delightful red heart covered with tiny white hea... more.

Doreanse Men's Brief 1351
£10.00 -
Sporty yet smart this Doreanse brief is unrestrictive and uber comfortable in a cotton modal mix material with bags of stretc... more.

Doreanse Pure Cotton Brief 1009
£9.00 -
Light as air in transparent net fabric this hipster brief has a second layer of fabric lining the contoured pouch... more.

Doreanse Tiger Brief 1287
£9.00 -
Wonderful soft cuddly 90% cotton fabric has a fierce appearance thanks to this brief's popular tiger print finish... more.

Doreanse Zip Slip Brief 1269
£15.00 -
Zip front briefs from Doreanse that will boost your profile and keep you comfortable in a super soft cotton and modal fabric... more.

Ergowear FEEL Classic Brief
£16.00 -
These male briefs are ergonomically designed for improved shaping. Get you enhancing underwear online from Deadgoodundies. Bu... more.

Gregg Homme Afterhour Brief
£18.98 -
A rather revealing men's brief from Gregg Homme with a honeycomb patterned sheer fabric and naughty net pouch.... more.

Gregg Homme Bronco Brief
£16.98 -
This brushed suede effect mini uses a single layer suedette partnered with a signature elastic waistband. Next day delivery a... more.

Gregg Homme Chopper Brief
£17.98 -
Eye catching men's brief in black or silver from Gregg Homme with open side panel with buckle... more.

Gregg Homme Cowboy Brief
£28.98 -
Yee hah! Love playing cowboys? This suede feel brief complete with fringing at the hip will be right up your street. Buy onli... more.

Gregg Homme Frisky Brief
£17.98 -
These briefs by Gregg Homme sport a wild and playful tiger print on extremely soft material. DGU ships worldwide to over 80 c... more.

Gregg Homme Gentlemen Brief
£18.48 -
This brief for men offers unparalleled comfort in a tactile micro modal material. View the rest of this understated range at ... more.

Gregg Homme Master Brief, Armbands and Chain
£45.48 -
A fetish inspired range from Gregg Homme with leather look brief and armbands which fasten together with a silver coloured ch... more.

Gregg Homme Mood Brief
£20.98 -
Classic men's brief in a slinky smooth fabric from Gregg Homme... more.

Gregg Homme Pimp Brief (XS/27-28")
£15.49 -
This naughty Gregg Homme mini brief has a mesh pouch and three alloy Xs above a sexy cut out panel... more.

Gregg Homme Tryst Brief
£21.98 -
Sexy and arousing men's briefs from Canada. Shop for desirable underwear in total privacy online at DGU. International shippi... more.

HOM For Him Mini Brief
£21.00 -
Fans of smart men’s pants will love this black striped mini complete with elasticated waist. Buy now. More l... more.

HOM HO1 Mini Brief
£20.00 -
These top selling briefs for men have had a redesign and the underwear is better than ever. Next weekday UK delivery offered.... more.

HOM HO1 Simon Mini Brief
£20.00 -
These briefs for men have a horizontal opening and stylish narrow stripes in blue and white. Shipping to more than 80 countri... more.

HOM Jean Mini Brief
£20.00 -
Get the look of blue jeans with this great men's underwear. Enjoy private and secure browsing online at Deadgoodundies. Inter... more.

HOM Pure Cotton Comfort Mini Brief
£16.00 -
Simple yet utterly chic men’s mini brief from HOM which is created entirely from cotton and uses two layers ... more.

HOM Smart Cotton Comfort Mini Brief
£19.00 -
Looking for the perfect cotton rich everyday underwear? Your search stops here courtesy of this HOM mini brief. Get it today ... more.

HOM Soft Silk Comfort Mini Brief
£26.00 -
With a silk and modal blended fabric this mini brief from HOM with a dual layered pouch is the ultimate in luxury menâ&#... more.

HOM Sports N Colours Mini Brief
£20.00 -
Classically styled and super comfy men’s sporty mini brief with soft elasticated waistband and two supportiv... more.

Jockey Cotton + Brief 3 pack
£18.00 -
At DGU we believe even multipack men's underwear needs to be superior in style and quality. Treat yourself to this cotton ric... more.

Jockey Microfibre Retro Brief
£14.00 -
Classic microfibre retro brief with beautifully smooth black fabric and flat elasticated waistband... more.

Jockey Premium Cotton Stretch Brief
£15.00 -
A high quality stretch cotton blend is used for this simple brief which is perfect for comfy everyday wear. Buy online. Next ... more.

Jockey Sports Microfibre Active Brief (Twinpack)
£18.00 -
Turn up the heat with our bold and sporty fast dry men's underwear briefs duo - ideal for active guys with cooling mesh side ... more.

Joe Snyder Black Pearl Mini Cheek 22 Boxer
£25.00 -
The high cut rear of this Joe Snyder boxer brief has made it a firm favourite here at DGU... more.

Joe Snyder Dazzling Mini Cheek 22
£13.00 -
DGU found this glitzy range impossible to resist and no doubt you will too. Online shoppers in the UK can select expedited sh... more.

Joe Snyder Mini Cheek 22 (Sheer Mesh)
£25.00 -
A sheer mesh boxer brief from Joe Snyder with a rather cheeky cut on the rear... more.

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Journo Cheek Boxer 05
£12.00 -
Guaranteed to whip up a media frenzy this scanty Boxer 05 uses a really skimpy cut at the rear with an enhancing pouch and co... more.

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Neon Mini Cheek Boxer 05
£24.00 -
Contrast trim creates the narrowest waistband and pouch loop on this enhancing micro boxer brief... more.

Joe Snyder Rainbow Mini Cheek 22
£26.00 -
You’ll be the centre of attention in this rainbow brief which exposes the rear with a cheeky finish. Get you... more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Kini Bulge 07
£19.00 -
This enhancing mesh mini brief is available to purchase now from Deadgoodundies. Order online in privacy. Plain parcels guara... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Bikini 01
£17.00 -
This classic Joe Snyder men's brief uses fast dry material so it can be used as underwear or swimwear... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Bikini 01 (Sheer Mesh)
£17.00 -
We love the simply sexy styling of this Joe Snyder micro brief... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Clip 05 Bikini Brief
£17.00 -
Clips at the waist of this Joe Snyder brief enable to wearer to perform a strip tease for their lucky loved one... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Kini Bulge 07
£19.00 -
The sexiest swimwear for men you’ll ever own comes courtesy of Joe Snyder. View and buy the rest of the stun... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Mini Cheek 22 Boxer
£25.00 -
This high cut boxer brief cut from Joe Snyder certainly makes the most of your toned cheeks... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Kini Bulge 07
£19.00 -
This racy slip for men is part of the outrageous Joe Snyder range. Discover the best men’s underwear at DGU ... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Mini Cheek 22
£25.00 -
A cheek exposing boxer brief style from Joe Snyder with a glossy finish... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Pride Frame Mini Cheek 05
£24.00 -
Sexy men's brief from Joe Snyder with elasticated loop on pouch to provide lift and support... more.

Manstore M101 Cheeky Brief
£31.00 -
This derriere baring slip is great for lovers of skimpy briefs using a semi sheer fabric for a sexier look. Buy online. Next ... more.

Manstore M103 Micro Pant
£22.00 -
Ultra sleek men’s mini pant from the MANstore collection with super smooth single layer fabric and subtly sh... more.

Manstore M104 Cheeky Brief
£32.00 -
Another great micropo brief with a high cut and a contoured pouch in the most wonderful buttery soft faux leather fabric... more.

Manstore M106 Cheeky Brief
£26.00 -
This black mesh men's underwear combines with red trim to create one hot looking brief for men. DGU ships to more than 80 cou... more.

Manstore M200 Cheeky Brief
£31.00 -
Reveal a little bit of your cheeky side with this men's slip which uses a slick fabric and minimal cut to the rear for more e... more.

Manstore M566 Slinky Brief
£31.00 -
This lace men’s underwear is given a sporty finish with trimmed pouch and leg hems. View more sexy lingerie ... more.

Manstore M602 Slinky Brief
£29.00 -
This vintage mesh brief is part of Manstore’s new men’s underwear range. Discover this styl... more.

Modus Vivendi Bon Bon Velvet Mini Brief
£14.00 -
Indulge your sweet tooth with this fluffy men’s brief with a ruched behind. See more unique designs online n... more.

Modus Vivendi Flamme Brief
£14.00 -
These briefs for men might be the best undies for summer we've ever seen. Shop more minis and other men's underwear online to... more.

Modus Vivendi Flash Tartan Mini Brief
£16.00 -
A fashionable plaid mini slip from Modus Vivendi that provides all day comfort. Buy the collection online at DGU today. Inter... more.

Modus Vivendi Groom Brasil Brief
£8.00 -
You'll fall head over heels for this soft cotton brief with an elastic waist and leg trim. More natural cotton men's undies n... more.

Modus Vivendi Groom Classic Brief
£9.00 -
Lovers of classic undies will really appreciate this brief complete with a faux fly. View the rest of the range online today ... more.

Modus Vivendi Hole Pocket Brief
£16.00 -
A gorgeous men's underwear design that really flatters the masculine physique. Shop at your own pace in total privacy online ... more.

Modus Vivendi Military Brief
£11.50 -
These Military men's briefs use cotton and PVC for a really interesting effect. We ship worldwide to over 80 countries. Buy o... more.

Modus Vivendi Narrow Mini Brief
£19.00 -
Lovers of gorgeously striped men's underwear will adore this Modus Vivendi micro brief. Shop the new collection online now at... more.

Modus Vivendi Neon Brief
£22.00 -
This sporty cotton brief uses a neon waistband and trim to add a modern twist to a classic shape. DGU sells a huge range of b... more.

Modus Vivendi Perforated Mini Brief
£17.00 -
These briefs for men prove that you can get all the benefits of cotton men's underwear with maximum style points too. Fast UK... more.

Modus Vivendi Pure Brief
£13.50 -
This simple slip uses a soft viscose fabric fashioned with an extra deep waistband and leg hems. Buy online now. View the col... more.

Modus Vivendi Virtus Brief
£9.75 -
These velvet soft underpants for men are great for a relaxing Sunday at home. View the entire range at Deadgoodundies online ... more.

Modus Vivendi Weekly Brief
£8.00 -
These sumptuous cotton undies from Modus Vivendi would be a great addition to your underwear collection. DGU ships worldwide.... more.

Modus Vivendi Wide Brief
£26.00 -
Another knockout men's underwear collection from this fantastic brand. Buy these chic briefs online now. UK express delivery ... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1600 Casual Brief
£21.00 -
Men's underwear doesn't get much more luxurious than this stunning gent's brief. Shop the fine collection at Deadgoodundies t... more.

Sloggi Basic Mini (Twinpack)
£20.50 -
A mini brief twin pack offering double the delight and durability - these are washable at 60 degrees and can be tumble dried.... more.

Sloggi Basic Mini Brief (Single Pack)
£13.00 -
With a neat short legline this Sloggi short uses a breathable cotton rich fabric with a narrow waistband and subtle branding... more.

Sukrew Alabas Full Brief
£19.99 -
Experience the support and enhancement of these popular men's briefs. Shop all your favourite underwear online in private at ... more.

Sukrew Alabas U Brief
£19.99 -
If you're proud of your package then these sexy briefs for men are here to help you show off, enhance and enjoy your finest a... more.

Sukrew Alabas UV Brief
£19.99 -
These sexual undies for men show off your body with incredibly naughty cut out panels. Shop in total privacy online now. Anon... more.

Sukrew Jake Full Brief
£19.99 -
Love the look of sporty pants? Then this red and black brief will be right up your alley. Purchase yours today from Deadgoodu... more.

Sukrew Jake U Brief
£19.99 -
These crotchless briefs for men are ultra sexy and super comfy. Get yours in private online from Plain pa... more.