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'; Joe Snyder SK 02 G-String
£24.00 -
Minimalist men's thong underwear with a sexy bulge effect pouch and ribbon thin side straps. Shop and ship online in privacy ... more.

'; Manstore M611 Tarzan Strap (S/28")
£23.00 -
This t-string provides you with a boost up front without the need for conventional underwear. Shop in privacy online. Discret... more.

'; Manstore M667 Catena String
£30.00 -
This skimpy and seductive thong for guys has a unique metal chain on the back - from an innovative men's underwear brand. Buy... more.

'; Manstore M667 Silver String
£30.00 -
This skimpy men's lace underwear is made all the more seductive by the chain of silver hoops on the thong back. Worldwide shi... more.

'; Manstore M665 String Tanga
£26.00 -
For guys who can't get enough animal prints in their life this men's leopard print string underwear is luxuriously soft and s... more.

'; Manstore M661 Catena String
£32.00 -
Be a little bit devilish in a naughty men's g-string with a silver coloured chain thong from this unique underwear brand. Buy... more.

'; Manstore M661 Tower String
£29.00 -
Check out the men's underwear brand that guarantees sex appeal - this skimpy string is sure to thrill with an enhancing pouch... more.

'; Manstore M663 Tower String
£29.00 -
For guys who adore a print on their package check out this beautiful and bright show off string underwear for men. Buy now.... more.

'; Manstore M655 Tower String
£29.00 -
For guys who love paisley make sure you check out the super skimpy translucent men's thong from Manstore - very Sixties man. ... more.

'; Manstore M652 Tower String
£25.00 -
If you love the playful designs of this German men's underwear brand then you'll love this skimpy semi-transparent string. Sh... more.

'; Joe Snyder Candy Body 27 (28"-36")
£30.00 -
This daring men's underwear can be worn in two different ways so your style is always sweet - buy in private. Plain parcels. ... more.

'; Joe Snyder Candy Hilo 02 G-string (28"-36")
£18.00 -
You won't find skimpier underwear than this - brightly striped fast dry men's underwear with a tiny T-string for a close fit ... more.

'; Joe Snyder Jail Body 27 (28"-36")
£30.00 -
The only sentence you'll get in this unique and adjustable men's underwear body is a lifetime of looking BADASS! Get this str... more.

'; Joe Snyder Jail Hilo 02 G-string (28"-36")
£18.00 -
It's certainly no punishment to wear our prison themed underwear - this tiny men's T-string has black and white bars on fast ... more.

'; Joe Snyder Snake Body 27 (28"-36")
£30.00 -
Become king of the jungle with this awe-inspiring men's underwear - combining snake skin print with a totally unique all in o... more.

'; Joe Snyder Snake Hilo 02 G-string (28"-36")
£18.00 -
This is one daring string that may struggle to contain your python! Ultra skimpy snakeskin men's underwear with a revealing T... more.

'; Manstore M650 Stripper String
£29.00 -
A quick release clip at each hip of this men's string makes it a stripper's dream. Visit for all your unde... more.

'; Manstore M650 Tower String
£29.00 -
This shiny men's thong underwear from Manstore has the dazzling look of a glittering disco ball. We ship to over 80 countries... more.

'; Manstore M658 String Tanga
£29.00 -
Indulge your fiendish side and slither into this skimpy reptilian men's thong underwear complete with glistening scales. Shop... more.

'; HOM Freddy String
£12.95 -
This Fredy string is a legend in his own lunchtime working on simple style principles with a 0.5cm string back and cotton ble... more.

'; Joe Snyder Hilo 02 Lacy Ltd. Edition
£15.00 -
A seriously skimpy and luxuriously lacy piece of men's underwear from Joe Snyder... more.

'; Manstore M611 Bikini String
£23.00 -
This light and airy men's thong from Manstore is silky soft and extremely comfortable. Next working day delivery available fo... more.

'; Manstore M611 Tarzan Strap
£23.00 -
This t-string provides you with a boost up front without the need for conventional underwear. Shop in privacy online. Discret... more.

'; Body Art Delios Mini String
£20.00 -
This fab string is bound to turn heads with its iridescent pouch and delectably skimpy 1cm g-string. Optional next day UK del... more.

'; Body Art Hades Mini String
£19.00 -
This skimpy thong from Body Art sports a tiger print pouch and minimalist sides and rear. Next working day delivery available... more.

'; Body Art Lindos Mini String
£19.00 -
Satisfy your inner animal with this naughty and very skimpy men's g-string. Next working day delivery offer on UK orders plus... more.

'; Body Art Simi Mini String
£18.00 -
The light mesh fabric and skimpy style will be irresistible to guys who love scanty g-strings. Shop our thong collection onli... more.

'; Doreanse 1330 Micro Modal ECO Thong
£7.00 -
Anyone who loves men's thongs and strings will adore the ribbed fabric of this skimpy design. Try DGU's private shopping expe... more.

'; HOM New Plume G-string
£16.95 -
For some men this is the best string underwear in the world. See the latest range of Plume male lingerie online at Deadgoodun... more.

'; Hom Plumes String Twin Pack
£29.00 -
You'll get two fantastic thongs in this HOM Plume twin pack each with a slim elastic waistband and subtly translucent body fa... more.

'; Joe Snyder Black Pearl Hilo 02 String
£17.00 -
Minimal men's pouch T-string from Joe Snyder in a faux PVC black fabric... more.

'; Joe Snyder Dazzling Hilo 02 G-string
£15.30 -
With a 4mm back this g-string is one of the skimpiest styles we offer. Lots more designs from the Dazzling range new online. ... more.

'; Joe Snyder Rainbow Hilo G-String (Rainbow/One Size (28"-36"))
£17.00 -
This fast dry string can be worn as swimwear or underwear â€" will you dare to bare? More rainbow designs up for gr... more.

'; Joe Snyder Shining Hilo G-String 02
£15.00 -
Men's underwear doesn't get much skimpier than this Joe Snyder g-string... more.

'; Joe Snyder Shining Hilo G-String 02 (Sheer Mesh)
£15.00 -
The skimpy cut of this g-string from Joe Snyder is made all the more erotic with the use of see through fabric... more.

'; Joe Snyder Wet Look Hilo 02 String
£17.00 -
This g-string underwear from Joe Snyder has an incredibly narrow waistband... more.

'; Manstore M200 Micro Pouch String
£25.00 -
Thought you'd seen all our risqué men's string underwear? THINK AGAIN! This silky T-string thong for gents has an ... more.