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Tanga Brief Brands

Ergowear MAX XV Bikini
£24.00 -
Tanga style men's enhancing underwear brief with a deep branded elastic waistband. Silky and sexy. International shipping. Bu... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1763 Rio Tanga
£31.00 -
Sporty male tanga brief in premium fabric - slim cut men's underwear that's real luxury. Contoured silky pouch shimmers and e... more.

Olaf Benz RED 0965 Rio Tanga
£31.00 -
Brilliant transparent tanga men's underwear brief slip in divinely silky microfibre. International shipping in plain parcels.... more.

Modus Vivendi Cotton Tanga Multipack (3 Pack)
£36.00 -
Three contrasting tanga briefs in one multipack of men's underwear â€" each male bikini is pure cotton with a colou... more.

Modus Vivendi Meander Tanga Brief
£18.50 -
A gorgeous old gold Greek key design dresses the waistband on this men's underwear tanga brief in stretch cotton. World shipp... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1761 Rio Tanga
£31.00 -
Minimal men's underwear perfect for business and sport. High cut male tanga brief slip with sheer stripes. Single layered for... more.

Manstore M753 Catena Tanga
£39.00 -
Slinky men's tanga underwear with interlocking chain links â€" a high cut male bikini brief with matt and sheer str... more.

MANstore M712 Micro Tanga
£30.00 -
Your love affair with men's tanga underwear just got a whole lot deeper! This mesh striped male slip has a bold alternative w... more.

Modus Vivendi Dusk 2 Dawn Tanga Brief
£25.00 -
The season's hottest men's underwear is here â€" high cut tanga briefs with a metallic shimmer. This male bikini is... more.

Modus Vivendi Hip-Hop 90's Tanga Brief
£16.00 -
A retro male bikini brief with a sporty twist â€" made from premium cotton this striking men's underwear is cut hig... more.

Modus Vivendi Floss Tanga Brief
£40.00 -
Premium tanga men’s underwear made from a unique Italian fibre â€" this brief slip for men breathe... more.

MANstore M711 Micro Tanga
£30.00 -
Every man needs underwear that makes them feel WILD - our leopard print men's slip tanga brief is perfect for fearless guys. ... more.

MANstore M714 Micro Tanga Brief
£30.00 -
Spice things up with a sporty see through tanga slip - this skimpy Micropo brief cut is made almost entirely from mesh! Shop ... more.

Modus Vivendi Desert Tanga Brief
£21.50 -
Men’s tanga underwear cut in a sultry shape â€" super high cut leg is great for active gents. All ... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1711 Rio Tanga
£28.00 -
These light and airy briefs from Olaf Benz are made from a perforated material with a line-like hole pattern. DGU ships world... more.

Manstore M667 Micro Tanga
£30.00 -
Lovers of lace won't be able to resist this sexy men's underwear - cut in a skimpy style to expose and enhance your masculine... more.

Manstore M665 Micro Tanga
£30.00 -
Luxurious silky fabric and leopard print combine to make this enigmatic men's underwear tanga perfect for going on the prowl.... more.

Manstore M661 Catena Tanga
£48.00 -
Feel wicked in this seductively silky men's brief with interlocking metallic links - and high cut legs. Shop saucy underwear ... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1668 Rio Tanga
£17.40 -
This patterned men's underwear is just the ticket for adding excitement to your undies collection. Order online at Deadgoodun... more.

Joe Snyder Candy Kini 12 (28"-36")
£24.00 -
Get your sugar fix with this delectably cheeky men's bikini brief - fluorescent pinstripes decorate the soft fast drying pouc... more.

Joe Snyder Jail Kini 12 (28"-36")
£24.00 -
This skimpy men's underwear will definitely get you out of trouble. The soft material is fast drying so perfect if you need t... more.

Joe Snyder Snake Kini 12 (28"-36")
£24.00 -
Dare to bare with a revealing bikini cut - this slinky serpentine men's underwear fits closely around your cobra for a ssseri... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1672 Micro Tanga
£17.40 -
Lovers of aesthetically sporty men's underwear will adore this sporty slip. Shop more athletic undies at DGU today. Secure on... more.

Manstore M614 Micro Tanga
£26.00 -
These men's underwear designers are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to their erotic designs. Of course this male ... more.

HOM Classic Tanga Brief
£18.00 -
The elastic sides of these briefs will attract purist fans of this style of men's underwear. Buy online today. Next weekday d... more.

HOM Sport Active Tanga Briefs
£18.00 -
If you like a men's tanga for athletic purposes then sporty slips are a great choice. Enjoy private secure browsing online 24... more.

Doreanse 1233 Bikini Brief
£11.00 -
This sporty look tanga cut brief uses contrast stitching at the dual layer pouch to coordinate with the waistband and the mat... more.

Doreanse 1331 Bikini Brief
£11.00 -
Simply styled bikini brief with signature waistband and super soft cotton modal fabric which is used twice at the pouch for a... more.

Doreanse 1389 Lace Brazil Slip
£13.00 -
Men's underwear doesn't get much sexier than this red and black lacy bikini brief. Shop privately with Deadgoodundies and buy... more.

Ergowear MAX Gold Suave Bikini Brief
£20.00 -
Buy your enhancing men’s underwear online privately from Deadgoodundies. Shop thousands of the best designer... more.

Ergowear Max Light Bikini Brief
£8.00 -
Ultra smooth mens tanga brief underwear from Ergowear... more.

Ergowear Max Mesh Bikini Brief
£20.00 -
This Ergowear men’s bikini is great for sport as it uses a soft waffle mesh fabric in one light layer and ha... more.

Ergowear MAX Premium Bikini Brief
£17.00 -
Premium cotton mens tanga brief from Ergowear with anatomical pouch for extra comfort... more.

Ergowear MAX Suave Bikini Brief
£20.00 -
These new bikinis for men have potential to become your new favourite underpants. Shop privately online. We ship to more than... more.

Ergowear Trio Bikini Brief
£20.00 -
This men's tanga from Ergowear uses the softest cotton rich fabric making it one of the most luxurious briefs you'll ever own... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Kini 12
£17.00 -
Joe Snyder's skimpy men's brief has narrow straps at the waist and minimal seat coverage.... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Kini 12 (Sheer Mesh)
£17.00 -
Semi transparent mesh bikini brief from Joe Snyder available in white or black fine net mesh... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Kinny 26 Brief
£23.00 -
A double strap waistband adds an interesting twist to this slinky Joe Snyder brief... more.

Joe Snyder Shining String 10 Bikini
£17.00 -
From Joe Snyder's men's underwear collection comes this stylish tanga style bikini brief... more.

Sloggi Basic Tanga (Twinpack)
£19.50 -
A tanga brief that is fashionable and durable - with room for movement and maximum comfort... more.