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'; Body Art Calki String (L/36")
£17.00 -
Get your dose of sexy men’s string underwear online now from Deadgoodundies. Order securely online 24/7. Wor... more.

'; Bruno Banani Instinct String
£22.00 -
Go with your gut instinct and get chic men's underwear that's smart AND sexy - our suave striped thong will take you from boa... more.

'; Olaf Benz RED 1706 Mini String (XL/38")
£28.00 -
The pixelated camo print that decorates this men's thong underwear from Olaf Benz adds a modern twist to a traditional design... more.

'; Manstore M706 Tower String
£28.00 -
This men's thong underwear from Manstore is made from silken microfibre patterned with a gorgeous leopard print. Buy in priva... more.

'; Olaf Benz RED 1377 Mini String
£27.00 -
This fresh design has a 3cm rear and pastel striped body fabric. Thong lovers will adore DGU's undies selection. Head there n... more.

'; Olaf Benz RED 1704 Mini String
£28.00 -
Sleek and shiny this men's thong from Olaf Benz makes an ideal posing pouch or luxury string underwear. Shop thongs at Deadgo... more.

'; Manstore M703 String Tanga
£28.00 -
Our honeycomb textured slip is ideal for lovers of skimpy underwear - this minimal men's thong has a beautiful sheen. Buy now... more.

'; Pikante Blaze Jumbo Thong
£10.00 -
Super enhancing and in a great foil finish fabric - the Pikante Blaze Jumbo Thong... more.

'; Ergowear PLUS Thong (S/30-31")
£5.00 -
Rounded anatomical pouch thong cotton underwear from Ergowear... more.

'; Joe Snyder SK 03 Thong
£25.00 -
Men's string underwear with a skimpy rear and sock like pouch that lifts for an impressive bulge effect. Plain packaging from... more.

'; Manstore M709 Tower String
£28.00 -
This shimmery men's g-string underwear from Manstore is made from slightly opaque material for a really sexy look. DGU sell w... more.

'; Manstore M710 Stripper String
£28.00 -
Quick release clips on this men's string underwear from Manstore make these perfect pants for a strip tease. Check out more M... more.

'; Manstore M710 Tower String
£28.00 -
Covered in tiny squares that glimmer in the light this thong underwear for men is truly eye catching. Worldwide shipping. Pla... more.

'; Manstore M705 Tower String
£28.00 -
Men's underwear can be delightfully delicate too - our lingerie inspired lace thong looks even better with the matching tee. ... more.

'; Manstore M704 Tower String
£28.00 -
Our skimpy new underwear is ideal for arty chaps - this beautifully light men's thong is painted all the colours of the rainb... more.

'; Olaf Benz RED 1703 Mini String
£24.00 -
The striped sheer fabric of this chic men's thong underwear feels great against your skin and enhances your boys. Plain packa... more.

'; Manstore M667 String Tanga
£26.00 -
For a really seductive look try this sheer lacy men's underwear for your next romantic escapade - the sexy string subtly boos... more.

'; Olaf Benz RED 1702 Mini String
£28.00 -
Guys who love the feel of a slinky thong will adore our new men's underwear - this chequered slip fits like a dream thanks to... more.

'; Bruno Banani Rumba String
£17.00 -
Dance your way into the most fashionable men's underwear around! Find more sexy thongs for men online today at DGU. Buy right... more.

'; Sukrew Alabas Daylight White Full Mesh Thong
£15.99 -
Gents who love the daring masculine designs of this athletic men's underwear brand will adore their angelic white mesh string... more.

'; Sukrew Alabas Daylight White Full Thong
£15.99 -
Saintly underwear with a wonderfully wicked side - this shimmering white men's slip has an impressive sculpted pouch. Buy and... more.

'; Sukrew POP Full Thong
£15.99 -
Our ergonomic men's underwear is made for showing off - bright neon colours combine with a skimpy string back. Shop and ship ... more.

'; Manstore M664 Tower String
£26.00 -
Let your boys do the boasting with this super sexy men's translucent slip -from the underwear brand everyone loves. Shop now ... more.

'; Bruno Banani Battery String
£17.00 -
It's turquoise and it's sexy! Who wouldn't love this bold men's thong underwear? Buy yours in complete privacy online today. ... more.

'; Olaf Benz RED 1676 Mini String
£25.00 -
Show your stripes in a contoured pouch with this skimpy men's underwear - sweet multi coloured lines decorate this flattering... more.

'; Bruno Banani Cuba Libre String
£20.00 -
This intoxicating men's underwear thong can be seen now at Buy string underwear discreetly online.... more.

'; Olaf Benz RED 1674 Mini String
£29.00 -
Thong undies from this stylish men's underwear brand always go down a storm at DGU. View more like this online now. Internati... more.

'; Ergowear MAX Cotton Thong (XXL/38-39")
£10.00 -
Ergowears original Men's Anatomical Thong in Black or White - LAST ONES LEFT... more.

'; Olaf Benz RED 1666 Mini String
£23.00 -
This men's string underwear from Olaf Benz boasts beautifully silky fabric and a totally personal fit. Get yours today online... more.

'; Manstore M660 Stripper String
£25.00 -
This outrageously sexy men’s string underwear from Manstore will make a brilliant pressy for any budding str... more.

'; Manstore M660 Tower String
£25.00 -
This sexy see through men’s thong tapers to a narrow 2cm at the rear for a truly minimalist feel. Find more ... more.

'; Bruno Banani Blood String
£20.00 -
String lover? Then head to Deadgoodundies to discover a bounty of brilliantly skimpy men's underwear. Next working day UK del... more.

'; Manstore M656 Micro Pouch String
£25.00 -
These velvet soft minimal string for men would make a great gift for him or a wonderful treat for yourself. View and buy onli... more.

'; Olaf Benz RED 1668 Mini String
£23.20 -
Yes! This premium men's underwear designer has a new string and it's just landed at Deadgoodundies. Order online today. Plain... more.

'; Joe Snyder Candy Bulge 02 Tanga Thong
£25.00 -
Super slinky striped men's underwear with an amazing enhancing pouch - the perfect treat for your sugar daddy! Worldwide ship... more.

'; Joe Snyder Candy Rio Thong 11
£19.00 -
If you like minimal men's underwear try this skimpy enhancing thong - with multi coloured stripes to brighten up your morning... more.

'; Joe Snyder Candy Tanga Thong 03
£19.00 -
Colour your crotch in underwear that looks fabulous - AND FLUORESCENT! This super skimpy men's string is decorated with multi... more.

'; Joe Snyder Jail Bulge 02 Tanga Thong
£25.00 -
Now that's what we call a sinful slip - super skimpy striped men's thong underwear gives your ball and chain an impressive bo... more.

'; Joe Snyder Jail Tanga Thong 03
£19.00 -
Naughty men's monochrome thong underwear made for trouble makers - super slim striped design accentuates a supportive pouch. ... more.

'; Joe Snyder Snake Bulge 02 Tanga Thong
£25.00 -
Our slinky serpentine slip underwear for men is perfect for caging your cobra - stretchy microfibre with an impressive pouch ... more.

'; Joe Snyder Snake Rio Thong 11
£19.00 -
Bring out the animal within in this magnetising men's underwear - the hypnotic snake print with blue highlights is seriously ... more.

'; Joe Snyder Snake Tanga Thong 03
£19.00 -
Slinky men's underwear made only for the cold blooded… Well, maybe not but we've run out of reptile puns! Ma... more.

'; Joe Snyder Jail Rio Thong 11
£19.00 -
This jailbird striped men's underwear certainly steals the show - our ultra revealing string design also enhances your ball a... more.

'; Olaf Benz RED 1675 Mini String
£23.20 -
Men who appreciate a smart string should check out this stunner from Olaf Benz. Shop designer underwear at DGU today.... more.

'; Bruno Banani Gold & Silver String
£26.00 -
For guys who love a sparkling skimpy string this men's underwear brand brings us two fabulous prints on the same stand out sh... more.

'; Manstore M107 Stripper String
£35.00 -
For the ultimate strip tease make sure you're wearing this sensual faux leather men's underwear - this thong can be unclipped... more.

'; Manstore M107 Tower String
£30.00 -
For fans of fetish make sure you get this glistening high gloss faux leather men's thong underwear with a very impressive pou... more.

'; Nils Bohner Greca String (XXL/38")
£10.00 -
Super soft men's thong underwear from Nils Bohner with Greek stencil waistband... more.

'; Clever Moda Ancestral Thong
£18.00 -
Show off your heritage with this saucy string - the Ancestral men's slip has a deep metallic waistband and enhancing pouch. S... more.

'; Bruno Banani Spectacle String
£19.00 -
Various sized drill bits decorate this fun and modern thong underwear for men. Private shopping online and anonymous packagin... more.

'; Bruno Banani Lamplight String
£19.00 -
If you love men’s thongs you need to visit now. We have hundreds of styles to suit every ... more.

'; Olaf Benz RED 1667 Mini String
£20.00 -
This printed men's thong is from Olaf Benz's new underwear collection. See the full range online now. Purchase discreetly and... more.

'; Doreanse 1398 Old City String
£8.00 -
The trend for printed men's underwear is huge right now. Don’t miss out - shop our range of patterned string... more.

'; Obviously Originals AnatoMAX Thong
£16.15 -
For men's underwear that won't irritate a well endowed package, try Obviously's most spacious anatomical pouches for size. Bu... more.

'; Manstore M510 Tower String
£27.00 -
Make sure your fetish wardrobe is up to date with this stunning faux leather thong for men. Buy online discreetly from DGU. G... more.

'; Doreanse 1352 Prisma Thong
£8.00 -
Your underwear collection is not complete without this vibrant and playful thong for men. Buy now at DGU in complete privacy.... more.

'; Doreanse 1370 Freedom Thong
£8.00 -
A new string for confident guys who love a bit of freedom with their designer men's underwear. Shop fabulous Doreanse at DGU ... more.

'; Manstore M600 Tower String
£29.00 -
A pastel rainbow decorates this fab thong for men. One of the largest selections of men's underwear online including g-string... more.

'; Manstore M606 Tower String
£27.00 -
We love the shiny red and gold microfibre of this scanty thong for men. Shop the collection online at Deadgoodundies today. P... more.

'; Bruno Banani Ticket String
£19.00 -
Even plain underwear for men at is never boring. These sheer textured g-strings can be purchased privately... more.

'; Ergowear X3D Mohawk Thong
£10.00 -
Get the attention you deserve in this enhancing thong for men from Ergowear. More like this online now at Deadgoodundies.... more.

'; Manstore M610 Tower String
£27.00 -
This Manstore thong is decorated with a gorgeous zebra print pattern. ships to over 80 countries worldwide... more.

'; HOM HO1 String
£17.00 -
Buy comfortable men’s thongs online privately at DGU - and see the first HOM HO1 thong. among Purchase today... more.

'; Big Boys Thong
£12.00 -
Ergonomically designed men's thong with a tapered 2.5cm back and single layered Lenzing Modal fabric which is softer than cot... more.

'; Body Art Arta String
£15.50 -
Ultra sexy and sleek men's thong from German brand body art with 1.5cm wide thong back... more.

'; Body Art Eros thong
£14.50 -
Semi transparent mesh men's thong underwear from Body Art with 1.8cm wide thong back and available in black or red... more.

'; Body Art Evia String
£19.00 -
The combination of sexy sheer mesh and a hot animal print design make this men's underwear worth purring over. Shop privately... more.

'; Body Art Hades String
£17.00 -
This Body Art thong for men is decorated with a gorgeous tiger pattern. ships to over 80 countries worldwi... more.

'; Body Art Simi String
£16.00 -
Off on your jollies? Then don’t leave without this super light men’s thong. Plain packaging... more.

'; Body Art Zaki String
£15.00 -
Fans of tattoos will love this bold men’s thong. View the rest of Body Art’s range at DGU. ... more.

'; Bruno Banani Abracadabra String
£17.00 -
Get your fix of the latest and greatest men’s underwear from Bruno Banani over at Deadgoodundies today. Next... more.

'; Bruno Banani Check In String
£17.00 -
This perfectly styled men’s thong is a great option for every day wear. DGU’s thong collect... more.

'; Bruno Banani Super Plus String
£15.00 -
Get this Bruno Banani thong underwear online now from Deadgoodundies. We ship discreetly and worldwide. Open 24/7 and 365 day... more.

'; Bum Chums Celestial Thong
£7.50 -
Glittering men's thong underwear from Bum Chums in an assortment of metallic effect colours... more.

'; Clever Moda Spinel Thong
£18.00 -
Clever's new men's underwear collection is better than ever. See it now at Deadgoodundies. We ship to over 80 countries inclu... more.

'; Doreanse 1216 Thong
£10.00 -
Add even more great styles to your thong collection with this practical design. View more like this online. Buy today.... more.

'; Doreanse 1218 Thong
£9.00 -
We're always on the look out for more great string underwear for you and here's another men's thong for your drawers. Next da... more.

'; Doreanse 1244 String
£9.00 -
Men's bright Doreanse thong with an interesting swirl print and 2cm wide tapered back... more.

'; Doreanse 1250 Thong
£9.00 -
These stylish men's thongs from Doreanse use the narrowest of strings for an entirely comfortable fit. Next working day deliv... more.

'; Doreanse 1252 Lace String
£11.00 -
These thongs use sensual but subtle panels to make the most of the trend for lacy men's underwear. Enjoy private browsing onl... more.

'; Doreanse 1254 Smokin Thong
£10.00 -
Indulge your love of posh men's underwear with this quirky bow tie thong. Buy online now from Deadgoodundies. Global shipping... more.

'; Doreanse 1258 Thong
£12.00 -
Super soft men's thong underwear from Doreanse available in 3 colours ways... more.

'; Doreanse 1280 cotton modal thong
£8.00 -
Super soft cotton modal men's thong with 2cm wide thong back... more.

'; Doreanse 1288 Thong
£10.00 -
This men's thong is great for every day as it's produced from a single layer softly comfortable yarn and tapers to a slender ... more.

'; Doreanse 1298 Tulip Thong
£8.00 -
Fab floral blooms cover this cotton modal men's thong which is completed with a slim 1cm rear. Buy today. View more thongs fo... more.

'; Doreanse 1322 Africa Thong
£8.00 -
These men's thongs by Doreanse have a bold African tribal print. DGU ship to more than 80 countries worldwide. Shop in privac... more.

'; Doreanse 1334 Thong
£11.00 -
Sporty look thong from Doreanse with 2cm tapered back and beautifully soft cotton modal pouch which is twin layered for extra... more.

'; Doreanse 1342 Thong
£8.00 -
Catch up on your gossip with this super soft men's string underwear covered with news headlines. Buy online today from Deadgo... more.

'; Doreanse 1346 Thong
£8.00 -
This men's thong has a shiny gold, silver and copper metallic material and narrow string back for ultimate comfort. Shop onli... more.

'; Doreanse 1356 Thong
£7.20 -
These reptilian inspired men's thongs from Doreanse are decorated with silver snake scales in varying sizes. Buy online today... more.

'; Doreanse 1358 Thong
£7.20 -
The silver dots that adorn this men's thong from Doreanse creates an optical illusion of colour as it glistens. Worldwide shi... more.

'; Doreanse 1366 String
£11.00 -
Lingerie look men's thong delicately created from a single layer of rose mesh with a 2cm wide thong at the rear... more.

'; Doreanse 1368 Tropical Dream Thong
£6.40 -
This masculine thong has a leopard spot and tropical inspired print. Shop in total privacy for men's underwear online with De... more.

'; Doreanse 1386 Thong
£8.80 -
Slinky microfibre men's thong with ultra chic pinstripes and a tapered 1.5cm rear... more.

'; Doreanse 1388 String
£8.00 -
Simply styled men's thong with a tapered 1.5cm back and gorgeously soft single layer fabric patterned with a decorative monoc... more.

'; Doreanse 1390 Aire String
£9.00 -
Super light and beautifully tactile thong from the Doreanse collection created from one layer of the smoothest microfibre and... more.

'; Doreanse 1394 Leo Thong
£8.00 -
Leopard print men's underwear at its best and at a great price. We ship to more than 80 countries worldwide. Next working day... more.

'; Doreanse 1396 Traveller Thong
£8.00 -
With a landmark print this thong men's underwear is the ideal gift for those who love to travel. Buy yours now from Deadgoodu... more.

'; Ergowear FEEL Suave Thong
£21.00 -
Velvety soft men's thong from Ergowear with a roomy three-dimensional pouch. UK next day delivery available. Buy online.... more.

'; Ergowear MAX Gold Suave Thong
£20.00 -
This fantastically comfy thong for men is just as beautiful as it is comfy. Get your men’s underwear online ... more.

'; Ergowear Max Light Thong
£16.00 -
Ultra smooth mens viscose thong underwear from Ergowear... more.

'; Ergowear Max Mesh Thong
£19.00 -
Sporty men’s thong with 2cm wide rear and stretchy waffle mesh material for a comfy finish... more.

'; Ergowear MAX Suave Thong
£20.00 -
More men are discovering the decadence of this male underwear range. Browse in privacy online today. DGU shop to more than 80... more.

'; Ergowear X3D Suave Thong
£21.00 -
A supersoft and ultra skimpy thong from Ergowear's range of string underwear at Get yours today online. P... more.

'; Ergowear X3D Thong
£20.00 -
This innovative men’s thong uses a soft fabric and a heavily contoured pouch which pushes everything into a ... more.

'; Gregg Homme Afterhour Thong
£13.97 -
A racy men's thong from the Gregg Homme collection. This Afterhour Thong is available in hot red or slinky black each with a ... more.

'; Gregg Homme Appeal Thong
£13.47 -
Show stopping thong from Gregg Homme decorated with semi see through leopard print spots and finished with a slender 1.5cm th... more.

'; Gregg Homme Asia Thong
£16.97 -
This Canadian brand treats us to a taste of the Orient courtesy of their latest collection. This thong’s sat... more.

'; Gregg Homme Beyond Doubt All Mesh Thong
£15.97 -
See through mesh men’s thong with opaque 3cm wide thong back... more.

'; Gregg Homme Beyond Doubt Maximiser Thong
£14.97 -
This naughty Gregg Homme thong has a 2cm wide thong back made from a silky opaque fabric and a pouch created from see through... more.

'; Gregg Homme Booster Thong
£15.97 -
Front enhancing men's thong with special booster pouch available in white, black , grey or blue from Gregg Homme... more.

'; Gregg Homme Cowboy Thong
£18.97 -
Mesh and suede style fabrics combine to create this stunning men’s thong with a 1.5cm rear. Next day deliver... more.

'; Gregg Homme Dare Thong
£18.97 -
Seriously x-rated underwear for men. Purchase online at DGU now. Enjoy a private shopping experience plus international shipp... more.

'; Gregg Homme Erotik Thong
£14.97 -
Inside these men's thongs you'll find a soft fabric loop to fit around your package for an exciting and enhancing effect. Sho... more.

'; Gregg Homme Fake-It Thong
£18.47 -
Fake it beautifully in the latest Pump Up inspired Gregg Homme thong. Shop in private and receive a plain parcel. We ship to ... more.

'; Gregg Homme Frisky Thong
£14.97 -
A jungle inspired tiger print covers this skimpy men's thong from Gregg Homme. Buy online at Internationa... more.

'; Gregg Homme Lure Thong
£21.97 -
This naughty men's string has a zipped back that opens at the top or bottom. Browse erotic underwear privately online a Deadg... more.

'; Gregg Homme Serengeti Thong
£10.97 -
An animal print thong from Gregg Homme with a 2cm wide thong back and single layer fabric.... more.

'; Gregg Homme Showoff Candel Thong
£15.97 -
This designer men’s string is completely naughty with a 2.5cm back and sheer front. See more designs like th... more.

'; Gregg Homme Showoff Thong
£15.97 -
Love showing off? Then this bum baring semi translucent men’s thong will be right up your alley. Purchase to... more.

'; Gregg Homme Two-Timer Thong
£14.97 -
Sheer and stretchy string underwear for men from top Canadian designers. Private and secure shopping online with Deadgoodundi... more.

'; Gregg Homme Voyeur DOWN Thong
£13.97 -
For guys who like pointing down south comes the Gregg Home Voyeur mens thong... more.

'; Gregg Homme Voyeur UP Thong
£13.97 -
For those who like to point up north comes this new thong from Gregg Homme... more.

'; Gregg Homme X-Rated Maximiser Thong
£14.47 -
Enhancing and highly erotic men’s thong by Gregg Homme with see through mesh pouch and 2cm wide thong back... more.

'; Gregg Homme Xcess Thong
£17.97 -
Three silver coloured Xs are displayed at the front centre of the waistband on this Gregg Homme thong.... more.

'; Joe Snyder Black Pearl Bulge Thong 02
£20.00 -
This men's thong from Joe Snyder shines with a faux PVC fabric and subtly accentuates your package... more.

'; Joe Snyder Black Pearl Rio 11 Thong
£18.00 -
The pouch of this faux PVC thong from Joe Snyder is extra narrow at the sides creating a minimalist look... more.

'; Joe Snyder Black Pearl Tanga Thong 03
£18.00 -
One of Joe Snyder's most popular men's thongs is now available in this sexy PVC look material... more.

'; Joe Snyder Bulge 02 Enhancement Thong
£20.00 -
An enhancing men's thong from Joe Snyder with a quick dry fabric to double up as seriously skimpy men's swimwear... more.

'; Joe Snyder Bulge 02 Enhancement Thong (Sheer Mesh)
£20.00 -
A naughty mesh version of Joe Snyder's popular enhancing men's thong... more.

'; Joe Snyder Dazzling Bulge Thong 02
£17.85 -
This glamorous string can be used as swimwear or underwear thanks to fast drying material. Next day delivery available in the... more.

'; Joe Snyder Dazzling Rio 11 Thong
£16.15 -
A stunning thong for men covered in lots of shimmering spots. Quick dry so can we worn at the beach too. Buy online today fro... more.

'; Joe Snyder Dazzling Tanga Thong 03
£16.15 -
What fella wouldn’t want a sparkly thong? You can purchase yours online now from Deadgoodundies. Next day de... more.

'; Joe Snyder Lacy Bulge 02 Thong Ltd. Edition
£20.00 -
This enhancing men's thong from Joe Snyder uses an intricate lace fabric... more.

'; Joe Snyder Lacy Tanga Thong 03 Ltd. Edition
£17.00 -
Men's thongs don't get much sexier than this lace option from Joe Snyder... more.

'; Joe Snyder Pride Frame Journo Tanga Thong 03
£15.30 -
The Joe Snyder Pride Frame Journo Tanga 03 is perfect for making headline news with its enhancing pouch and interesting newsp... more.

'; Joe Snyder Pride Frame Neon Tanga Thong 03
£18.00 -
With its carved towelling waistband and slinky pouch dressed with a loop of contrast trim this jock strap is as smart as it i... more.

'; Joe Snyder Rainbow Bulge 02 Enhancement Thong
£21.00 -
This package boosting thong certainly packs a punch with a fast dry rainbow fabric. Expedited delivery available on UK orders... more.

'; Joe Snyder Rainbow Jock Thong 18
£23.00 -
A rainbow print men's thong from Joe Snyder's men's underwear collection... more.

'; Joe Snyder Rainbow Rio Thong 11
£18.00 -
This colourful thong from Joe Snyder will not fail to get you noticed. Lots more styles available in this range online at DGU... more.

'; Joe Snyder Rainbow Tanga Thong 03
£18.00 -
If you’re a colour lover check out the rest of the rainbow styles - all available in the Joe Snyder section ... more.

'; Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Active Wear G-String 03
£22.00 -
Softest mesh combines with a subtle silver metallic waistband and a neat g-string in this Active Wear design... more.

'; Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Active Wear V Thong 04
£22.00 -
Featherlight and fabulous. A brilliant men’s string with a tanga waistband with a silvern sheen. Mildly enha... more.

'; Joe Snyder Shining Active Wear G-String 03
£22.00 -
A slinky g-string with a deep silver waistband and contrast trim around the pouch extending to form the near 1cm wide thong b... more.

'; Joe Snyder Shining Active Wear V Thong 04
£22.00 -
Joe Snyder’s brilliant V thong has a neat pouch that extends to a V at the back beneath the deep silver wais... more.

'; Joe Snyder Shining Man Up 23
£18.00 -
This Joe Snyder men's underwear might not use much fabric but it offers an enhanced profile by gently lifting your assets... more.

'; Joe Snyder Shining Pride Frame Tanga thong 03
£18.00 -
Sexy men's thong from Joe Snyder with elasticated loop on pouch that provides an enhancing feature... more.

'; Joe Snyder Shining Pride Frame Tanga Thong 03 Wet Look
£18.00 -
Liquid look men's thong underwear with 2.5cm thong back and elastic loop on pouch to provide support... more.

'; Joe Snyder Shining Rio Thong 11
£17.00 -
This men's thong from Joe Snyder has a narrow pouch and 2cm wide back... more.

'; Joe Snyder Shining Rio Thong 11 (Sheer Mesh)
£17.00 -
This see through men's underwear from Joe Snyder has a 2cm wide thong back... more.

'; Joe Snyder Shining Tanga Thong 03
£17.00 -
This chic thong is one of the most popular styles from Joe Snyder men's underwear... more.

'; Joe Snyder Wet Look Bulge 02 Enhancement Thong
£20.00 -
Joe Snyder's enhancing range of men's underwear includes this slick looking thong... more.

'; Joe Snyder Wet Look Capri 07
£17.00 -
Those experts in skimpy men's underwear Joe Snyder have excelled themselves with this stylish men's brief... more.

'; Joe Snyder Wet Look Kini 12
£18.00 -
A minimal men's brief design from Joe Snyder with a narrow tanga style waistband... more.

'; Joe Snyder Wet Look Rio 11 Thong
£18.00 -
A contemporary men's thong from Joe Snyder with an eye catching glossy fabric... more.

'; Joe Snyder Wet Look Tanga Thong 03
£18.00 -
A glossy wet look finish adds that special something to this Joe Snyder thong... more.

'; Manstore M101 Bungee String
£24.00 -
This MANstore Bungee String uses one light layer of tulle fabric and slim 2cm thong for a fantastically provocative look... more.

'; Manstore M101 Delta String
£17.00 -
Cutaway panels and a contemporary 1cm string back make this Delta String one stunning piece of men’s underwe... more.

'; Manstore M101 Kinky Scarf (Stola)
£38.00 -
A big high five to MANstore for this unique all in one String Stola style which uses a sexy see through fabric and enhancing ... more.

'; Manstore M101 Lasso String
£30.00 -
The M101 Lasso String design creates a skimpy but supportive piece of underwear with an alluring secret... more.

'; Manstore M101 Minimum String
£19.50 -
Fantastically skimpy men’s Minimum String with ultra narrow pouch and back produced from soft semi transpare... more.

'; Manstore M101 Push Up String
£30.00 -
The tantalising M101 Push Up String does exactly what it says on the tin by gently boosting your bits with a hidden compartme... more.

'; Manstore M101 Tower String
£25.00 -
Stunningly sensual men’s Mini String with an ultra slinky pouch and semi transparent fabric... more.

'; Manstore M103 Tower String
£18.00 -
Ultra tactile men’s thong with semi translucent single layer fabric and 2cm wide thong back... more.

'; Manstore M104 Popper String
£36.00 -
A wonderful buttery soft faux leather look with quick release press studs and a 3cm thong back... more.

'; Manstore M104 Tower String
£25.00 -
Indulge your love of leather with this single layer thong with an ultra soft interior. More seductive styles online now. Purc... more.

'; Manstore M200 Tarzan Strap
£23.00 -
Tarzan may be king of the jungle but he might not be man enough for this saucy string - dare to bare all in our unique men's ... more.

'; Manstore M200 Tower String
£25.00 -
Chaps who love to party will enjoy our super bright neon men's underwear - this minimal thong feels luxuriously silky. Shop n... more.

'; Manstore M420 Tower String
£23.00 -
Get your dose of fetish men’s underwear courtesy of Manstore. Discover the rest of this outrageous range onl... more.

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