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Mundo Unico Delta Medio Boxer Brief (S/28"-30")
This fun Delta longer leg style by Mundo Unico will definitely inject some colour into the drabbest of underwear drawers. It’s soft cotton rich fabric is streaked with chunky hori...... more.

Mundo Unico Fire Playa Swim Brief (M/32")
Sizzling men’s swim brief with silky fabric enhanced with full front lining and toggled drawstring at the waistband â€" plus there’s a handy inner pock...... more.

Mundo Unico Jamaica Tanga Caribean Brief (S/28-30")
If ultra bright undies are your trademark then don’t delay in getting this striped bikini brief. Buy online today. Next day option for UK buyers.... more.

Mundo Unico Ligero Playa Swim Brief
Retro print men’s swim brief by Mundo Unico with a handy inner pocket plus a drawstring waistband and extra lining at the front... more.

Mundo Unico Quechua Playa Swim Brief
Men’s swimwear for the individual. This retro red swimmer has a branded drawstring and lined front. Buy online. Expedited delivery offer on UK orders.... more.

Mundo Unico Veleta Playa Swim Brief (S/28"-30")
This Unico men's swim brief is patterned with a super bold optical print that demands maximum attention and this style has a lined front and drawstring waistband for added security... more.

Olaf Benz Red 1435 Mini String (XXL/40")
This extremely versatile string underwear is a great combination of tactile material and sporty design. Coordinating styles are available online at DGU.... more.

Sukrew POP Full Jock
Our sexy jockstrap is guaranteed to get blood pumping - this bold and sporty men's underwear has an ergonomic pouch. International shipping.... more.

Bruno Banani Special Effect Swim Tanga Brief
Fine coloured bands boldly decorate this classically shaped swim brief. More brilliant designs like this can be bought online immediately at DGU.... more.

HOM Modal Sensation Comfort Mini Brief (XXL/40")
Stylish and super comfortable men’s mini brief produced from micro modal fabric which is layered twice at the pouch for increased support... more.

HOM Radio Swim Short (XS/30")
Unique short with a hidden drawstring and dressed with the coolest retro radio print. More sensational swimmers up for grabs online at DGU all year.... more.

Manstore M455 Grope Pant (M/30")
You've come to the right place if naughty men's underwear is your thing. Lots more provocative designs can be viewed online now. Purchase today.... more.

Manstore M455 V-Neck T-Shirt (L/39.5")
Make the most of toned chests with this sheer mesh tee from Manstore. We ship to over 80 countries. Private shopping and discreet packaging.... more.

Manstore M667 Catena String
This skimpy and seductive thong for guys has a unique metal chain on the back - from an innovative men's underwear brand. Buy now at DGU.... more.

Manstore M667 Micro Pant
For guys who love the beautiful shape of a traditional men's trunk this lace effect underwear is great for adding a splash of sex appeal. Shop now.... more.

Manstore M667 Micro Tanga
Lovers of lace won't be able to resist this sexy men's underwear - cut in a skimpy style to expose and enhance your masculine physique. Buy now.... more.

Manstore M667 Silver String
This skimpy men's lace underwear is made all the more seductive by the chain of silver hoops on the thong back. Worldwide shipping at DGU.... more.

Manstore M667 String Tanga
For a really seductive look try this sheer lacy men's underwear for your next romantic escapade - the sexy string subtly boosts your package. Buy now.... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1702 Mini Pant
Calling all cowboys who love a chequered print - our low rise ultra slinky men's underwear short is ideal for long days on the ranch. Buy now.... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1702 Mini String
Guys who love the feel of a slinky thong will adore our new men's underwear - this chequered slip fits like a dream thanks to the stretchy fabric. Buy now.... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1702 Sport Brief
Our chequered men's bikini slip is a little bit country - wear this super slinky underwear with a co-ordinating t-shirt and lounge in style. Shop now.... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1702 V-Neck T-shirt
What's better than an ultralight and gorgeously slinky slim fitted men's t-shirt top? Why coordinating underwear of course! Shop all1702 styles now.... more.

Bruno Banani Che Guevara Short
Bruno Banani's new range will revolutionise the men's underwear world! Get Che Guevara undies online today. Plain parcels. International shipping.... more.

Bruno Banani Che Guevara Tanga Brief
This designer's new haul of men's underwear is simply revolutionary! See it in all its Guevara glory at Deadgoodundies. Buy privately online now.... more.

Bruno Banani Che Guevara Tanktop
Who's up for a bit of anarchy? This cool men's loungewear t-shirt will appeal to the rebel in you. Purchase from Deadgoodundies online today.... more.

Bruno Banani Rumba Hip Short
Stripy men's underwear never goes out of fashion. Get your fix now at Order privately online. Express UK delivery offered.... more.

Bruno Banani Rumba String
Dance your way into the most fashionable men's underwear around! Find more sexy thongs for men online today at DGU. Buy right now.... more.

Bruno Banani Rumba Tanga Brief
Get your colourful men's underwear fix online now from Deadgoodundies. Express UK delivery available. Plain packaging for your peace of mind.... more.

Manstore M665 Chaps Pant
Men who love animal print can't resist getting their claws into unique chaps underwear short - contrast leopard print and exposing cutaways. Buy now.... more.

Manstore M665 Cheeky Body
This sexy men's body underwear is a feline feast for the eyes - made from a single layer silky fabric with contrast leopard trim. Worldwide shipping.... more.

Manstore M665 Jock Brief
For sportsmen who want to spice up their game try this sensual silken jock strap has leopard print trim. Buy men's underwear now at Deadgoodundies.... more.

Manstore M665 Micro Pant
Bold colours and strong animal print with a contoured pouch - this men's underwear brief is bound to release your inner animal. Shipping worldwide.... more.

Manstore M665 Micro Tanga
Luxurious silky fabric and leopard print combine to make this enigmatic men's underwear tanga perfect for going on the prowl. Buy now at DGU.... more.

Manstore M665 String Tanga
For guys who can't get enough animal prints in their life this men's leopard print string underwear is luxuriously soft and strikingly sexy. Buy now.... more.

Sukrew Alabas Daylight White Full Brief
This sensual brand has the brightest whitest men's brief in translucent microfibre. Shop and ship in total privacy with DGU. International shipping... more.

Sukrew Alabas Daylight White Full Jock
Keep it pure and simple with athletic men's underwear - this sexy jockstrap is so brilliantly white it's positively angelic. Worldwide shipping.... more.

Sukrew Alabas Daylight White Full Mesh Thong
Gents who love the daring masculine designs of this athletic men's underwear brand will adore their angelic white mesh string slip. Shop now.... more.

Sukrew Alabas Daylight White Full Thong
Saintly underwear with a wonderfully wicked side - this shimmering white men's slip has an impressive sculpted pouch. Buy and ship in private now.... more.

Sukrew Alabas Daylight White Full Trunk
Start the day with our white men's underwear - these heavenly hipster shorts have an enhancing ergonomic pouch that looks super impressive. Buy now.... more.

Sukrew Alabas Daylight White FV Brief
Gents who love sporty underwear will adore our bright white men's slip - this angelic brief has a sexy peep-o design to show off bum cheeks! Buy now.... more.

Ergonomic men's underwear in a shock of bright colours - our masculine men's slip has a sporty retro vibe. Plain packaging. Worldwide shipping... more.

Sukrew POP Full Thong
Our ergonomic men's underwear is made for showing off - bright neon colours combine with a skimpy string back. Shop and ship in private at DGU.... more.

Sukrew POP Full Trunk
Ergonomic men's underwear is all the better for showing off in - our bright and sporty short stretches for a sensual fit. Shop now in private at DGU.... more.

Sukrew POP FV Brief
This colourful contoured male slip is a great alternative to a classic sports jockstrap. Shop sensual men's underwear privately at DGU.... more.

Sukrew POP Sprint Full Long Boxer Brief
Stay stylish as you sweat with cycle length men's trunks from this sensual male underwear brand - sporty neon and an ergonomic pouch. Plain packaging... more.

Manstore M664 Bungee Legging
These feather light meggings are made from a seductive sheer mesh with an enhancing pouch. Worldwide shipping for men's underwear from DGU.... more.

Manstore M664 Micro Pant
If you love this underwear brand's daring designs you'll adore these men's sheer shorties - with contouring to show off your package. Buy now... more.

Manstore M664 Nude Body
Think you've seen all this daring underwear brand has to offer? Check out this translucent mesh men's leotard that leaves little to the imagination. Buy now.... more.

Manstore M664 Nude Toga
For guys who love to stand out from the crowd check out this Grecian inspired fine mesh tee from the men's underwear experts. Buy now at DGU.... more.

Manstore M664 Tower String
Let your boys do the boasting with this super sexy men's translucent slip -from the underwear brand everyone loves. Shop now at Deadgoodundies.... more.

Bruno Banani Flood Light Swim Mini Brief
It's all about the boldest and brightest men's swimmers at specialist male underwear and swimwear website Deadgoodundies. Order online.... more.

Bruno Banani Flood Light Swim Short
Sporty men who are forever diving into pools should try the sensational multi-coloured shorts from this swimwear brand. Shop now.... more.

Doreanse 1011 Premium Micromodal Brief
Luxuriously soft men's underwear brief feels like a little slice of heaven - treat your package to this ultra light and chic bikini slip. Shop now.... more.

Doreanse 1205 Brief
You can never have too much chic men's underwear - this brilliantly white cotton modal bikini brief has a different and supportive pouch. Buy now.... more.

Doreanse 1207 Adonis Anatomical Brief
With a patented pouch design our enhancing men's underwear brief has to be experienced - discover the cotton modal bikini slip at DGU. Buy now.... more.

Doreanse 1211 Brief
Fancy yourself in some new bright tight whites? Our chic cotton modal men's underwear is unbelievably comfy and looks great! Buy now. World shipping... more.

Doreanse 1505 100% Cotton Boxer Short
Our brighter-than-white loose fitting underwear feels like heaven - made entirely from cotton these men's boxers are chic and simplistic. Buy now.... more.

Doreanse 1550 Boxer Brief
Buy brilliant men's underwear boxer briefs in brilliantly soft and comfortable cotton modal. Shop online now. International shipping. Plain parcels.... more.

Doreanse 2565 Premium Micromodal Button Front T-Shirt
Say hello to the ultimate chic men's tee - grandad style top in heavenly silky microfibre with a narrow button fastening for a refined twist. Shop now... more.

Doreanse 2730 Round Neck T-Shirt
Our soft cotton modal blend men's tee is so on point with a turtle neck and short sleeves - fits like a second skin. Buy now. International shipping... more.