Yes, it never ends. Not a bunch to be outdone, here's The Inkerman Company & attatchments, OP Herrick 16, NES(N) in Afghanistan in November 2012.
Yes, there's a never ending stream of Military parodies of Call Me Maybe. Here's Burma Company, 3 Yorks in Afghanistan during 2012.

Yes, carrying on the parody of Call Me Maybe, we've got another Military theme for you... This time it's the FOLAD Dolphins Cheerleading Team.

Next up with our "Call Me Maybe" tribute is the Royal Engineers out in Afghanistan.

Carly Rae Jepson's Call Me Maybe has been parodied many times on the Internet. It's catchy. About 5 months ago, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders uploaded their take on Call Me Maybe. It inspired these fine and fit military men to say "Hi" back at the Cheerleaders with their amazing parody.

It turns out that there's a fair selection of Military guys enjoying their downtime whilst on active duty creating their own parody of the video. We'll feature more this weekend.
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