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Joe Snyder Hilo 02 Wet Look String (One Size/28"-36")
This g-string underwear from Joe Snyder has an incredibly narrow waistband...more.

Joe Snyder Polyester Collection Bikini 01
Shop a UK exclusive â€" enhancing silky men's underwear brief slips that double as fast dry male swimwear. Worldwid...more.

Joe Snyder Polyester Collection Bikini Bulge 04
Shop men's dual use enhancing underwear and swimwear bikini slip briefs. Fast dry and very silky. Exclusive in UK with DGU. B...more.

Joe Snyder Polyester Collection Capri 07
Love enhancing men's underwear brazil briefs and male swimwear slips? Buy both in one in a range exclusive to us in the UK. S...more.

Joe Snyder Polyester Collection Cheek Boxer 13
Shop men's underwear low rise briefs that double as hipster male swimwear. Lots more from this line exclusive to DGU in UK. B...more.

Joe Snyder Polyester Collection Hilo G-String 02
Buy brilliant men's underwear thongs in fast dry fabric to double as male swimwear. Exclusive to DGU in the UK. Shop and ship...more.

Joe Snyder Polyester Collection Kini 12
Shop men's underwear tanga briefs that double as fast dry male swimwear slips. More of this collection exclusive in UK with D...more.

Joe Snyder Polyester Collection Mini Cheek 22
Shop sexy dual use men's underwear and swimwear bikini brief slips â€" high cut front and back. Plain parcels. Inte...more.

Joe Snyder Polyester Collection Thong 03
Buy enhancing men's underwear and swim strings online today. Exclusive in the UK with DGU this male slip doubles as both! Pla...more.

Joe Snyder Polyester Collection Thong Bulge 02
Shop super enhancing men's underwear and male swimwear combined in one string slip brief. Buy in private. Plain parcels. Inte...more.

Joe Snyder Hilo 02 Leopard String (28"-36")
Private shopping online â€" men's underwear t-string thongs. Leopard print and striped enhancing pouch on a micro m...more.

Joe Snyder Hilo 02 Line Blue String (28"-36")
Buy men's underwear thongs in private online today. Silky striped male t-string slip with a gently enhancing pouch. Worldwide...more.

Joe Snyder Leopard Bikini 01
Shop men's underwear briefs in leopard print and white. Silky male slips from a great designer brand. International shipping....more.

Joe Snyder Leopard Bikini Bulge 01
Buy enhancing men's underwear briefs now. Shop privately and securely at DGU to discover more animal print male micro slips. ...more.

Joe Snyder Leopard Bikini Bulge 04
Shop animal print men's underwear. These revealing male micro tanga briefs enhance in all the right places. Buy online today....more.

Joe Snyder Leopard Bulge 02 Tanga Thong
Ultra enhancing men's underwear strings only at DGU. Shop the best in skimpy male tanga thongs online now. Buy today. Interna...more.

Joe Snyder Leopard Capri 07 Brief
Shop men's underwear leopard print slips. Narrow Brazil cut back and tanga sides on a male micro bikini. International shippi...more.

Joe Snyder Leopard Rio Thong 11
Shop animal print men's underwear at DGU now. Go wild for this sexy male thong with revealing rear. Shop more gents' g-string...more.

Joe Snyder Leopard Tanga Thong 03
Buy men's underwear string slips today. Private shopping and shipping for micro male low rise briefs in leopard spots with sl...more.

Joe Snyder Line Blue Bikini 01
Shop micro men's underwear briefs in summer stripes. Lots of high leg male slips to buy online. We ship to 80 countries. Plai...more.

Joe Snyder Line Blue Bikini Bulge 01
Buy sexy striped men's underwear online now from DGU. These male micro briefs are light and silky. Shop discreetly online. Wo...more.

Joe Snyder Line Blue Bikini Bulge 04
Men's underwear to boost your package. These stripy male tanga briefs offer the best in enhancing gents' underpants. Shop and...more.

Joe Snyder Line Blue Bulge 02 Tanga Thong
Shop shaping men's underwear strings online securely and in private. This stripy male tanga slip enhances and defines. Buy no...more.

Joe Snyder Line Blue Capri 07 Brief
Shop men's stripe underwear low rise bikini briefs. Male tanga slips with an enhancing pouch. We ship in plain parcels to ove...more.

Joe Snyder Line Blue Rio Thong 11
Shop for male thong underwear privately online. Male micro strings in chic striped microfibre. View more sexy gents' g-string...more.

Joe Snyder Line Blue Tanga Thong 03
Shop men's underwear strings in silky microfibre. Vertical marl striped low rise male slips from a famous brand. Internationa...more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Pants 30
Shop men's underwear longer leg lounge trousers in finest silky mesh. Relaxed fit male pants with a 76cm inside leg. World sh...more.

Joe Snyder V-Neck T-Shirt 29
Shop men's underwear short sleeve V neckline tees in silkiest microfibre. Beautiful opaque slim fit male top. International s...more.

Joe Snyder Leopard Boxer Bulge 03
Shop enhancing men's underwear briefs in a great big cat print. Low rise male slip underpants with a boosting pouch. Plain pa...more.

Joe Snyder Leopard Cheek Boxer 13
Shop men's underwear briefs in a big cat print with stripes. Sexy high cut deep sided male slip. International shipping in pl...more.

Joe Snyder Leopard Kini 12 (28"-36")
Silky men's underwear tanga brief in a big cat print and stripes. A male slip with a gently shaped pouch. International shipp...more.

Joe Snyder Line Blue Boxer Bulge 03
Shop men's underwear high cut briefs. Silky male deep sided slips in pastel and marl stripes. International shipping in plain...more.

Joe Snyder Line Blue Cheek Boxer 13
Shop men's underwear high cut briefs today. Deep male slip underpants in silky fabric in pastel blue stripes and marl. Plain ...more.

Joe Snyder Line Blue Kini 12 (28"-36")
Shop men's underwear tanga briefs in summery blue and marl stripes. Lots more sexy male slips online at DGU. International sh...more.

Joe Snyder Thong Maxi Bulge 06
Shop sexy men's underwear strings. Ergonomic enhancing male thong with string ring offers super boost. Plain parcels. Interna...more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Colour Bikini 01
This bikini brief uses a fast dry fabric and can be worn as lighter than light undies or risqué swimwear. Next day...more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Colour Bikini Capri 07
If you prefer ultra lightweight undies then you’ll love this micro created from one layer of fine mesh. Next...more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Colour Bulge 01 Enhancement Bikini Brief
Naughty bikini brief created from one layer of fine mesh which is heavily shaped at the pouch for extra oomph. Next day deliv...more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Colour Bulge 04 Enhancement Bikini Brief
See through mesh micro brief with a super contoured pouch for the best enhancement. Buy online today. Option for next day del...more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Colour Tank Top 21
Mix and match the Sheer Tank 21 with any of the other teasingly translucent men’s undies available from Joe ...more.

Joe Snyder Black Pearl Kini 12 (28-36")
Shiny faux PVC men's micro string bikini brief from Joe Snyder...more.

Joe Snyder Hilo 02 Black Pearl String (28-36")
Minimal men's pouch T-string from Joe Snyder in a faux PVC black fabric...more.

Joe Snyder Shining Jock Sling 25 (White/One Size)
Sporty men’s underwear with a revealing twist! The uniquely styled Joe Snyder Jock Sling uses a tiny 0.8cm&#...more.

Joe Snyder SK 03 Thong
Men's string underwear with a skimpy rear and sock like pouch that lifts for an impressive bulge effect. Plain packaging from...more.

Joe Snyder SK 01 Bikini
Encompassing your goods in this sock like pouch helps give an impressive bulge effect as well as support and comfort. Shop on...more.

Joe Snyder SK 02 G-String
Minimalist men's thong underwear with a sexy bulge effect pouch and ribbon thin side straps. Shop and ship online in privacy ...more.

Joe Snyder SK 04 Mini Cheek
This minimalist men's slip brief underwear from Joe Snyder has a bulge enhancing pouch and skimpy rear. Check out more Sock I...more.

Joe Snyder Candy Bikini 01
We don't need to sugar coat this men's underwear - our fun slip has a supportive pouch to keep your candy cane super comforta...more.

Joe Snyder Candy Body 27 (28"-36")
This daring men's underwear can be worn in two different ways so your style is always sweet - buy in private. Plain parcels. ...more.

Joe Snyder Candy Bulge 02 Tanga Thong
Super slinky striped men's underwear with an amazing enhancing pouch - the perfect treat for your sugar daddy! Worldwide ship...more.

Joe Snyder Candy Bulge 03 Boxer
Get your sugar fix without the cavities in fun fluorescent package boosting hipsters - men's underwear just got a little swee...more.

Joe Snyder Candy Bulge 04 Bikini Brief
Give your boys an extra boost with this multi colour striped underwear - super narrow sides make this men's brief even more i...more.

Joe Snyder Candy Bulge Bikini 01
Super Sexy and perfect for showing off your bulge this sexy men's underwear has a super enhancing pouch - Shop now....more.

Joe Snyder Candy Capri 07 Brief
Sweeten your morning ritual by putting on cheeky men's underwear - printed with colourful stripes this fun bikini is sensatio...more.

Joe Snyder Candy Kini 12 (28"-36")
Get your sugar fix with this delectably cheeky men's bikini brief - fluorescent pinstripes decorate the soft fast drying pouc...more.

Joe Snyder Candy Mini Cheek 22
Try something different with this devilishly skimpy men's underwear - colourful stripes and sexy design make this low rise hi...more.

Joe Snyder Candy Rio Thong 11
If you like minimal men's underwear try this skimpy enhancing thong - with multi coloured stripes to brighten up your morning...more.

Joe Snyder Candy Tanga Thong 03
Colour your crotch in underwear that looks fabulous - AND FLUORESCENT! This super skimpy men's string is decorated with multi...more.

Joe Snyder Hilo 02 Candy String (28"-36")
You won't find skimpier underwear than this - brightly striped fast dry men's underwear with a tiny T-string for a close fit ...more.

Joe Snyder Hilo 02 Jail String (28"-36")
It's certainly no punishment to wear our prison themed underwear - this tiny men's T-string has black and white bars on fast ...more.