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Manstore M765 Cheeky Brief
Sensual men's mesh underwear with cutaway holes â€" this ultra saucy male bikini slip makes a naughty gift for him....more.

Manstore M765 Delta String
Sultry men's thong underwear made from ultra-fine mesh tulle - two cut away triangles and a hoop back make this male string s...more.

Manstore M765 Hot Pants
Naughty men's underwear with a peek a boo cutaway that accentuates the mesh pouch. Hot pant boxer briefs for guys in slinky t...more.

Manstore M765 Micro Pants
Dare you wear translucent boxer shorts from this risqué men's underwear brand â€" cut away peek holes sh...more.

Manstore M765 V-Neck T-shirt
Ultra low V neck t-shirt for men with peek-a-boo holes on the chest. Fine mesh hugs where it touches. Shop and ship in privat...more.

Manstore M766 Cheeky Body
Love male lingerie? This all-in-one men's underwear connects micro briefs to slim shoulder straps in a super bright floral la...more.

Manstore M766 Micro Brief
Retro mini brief for men made from seductive tulle and floral lace â€" male lingerie inspired men's underwear in br...more.

Manstore M766 Micro Pants
More than male lingerie â€" this unique floral men's underwear comes in bright neon colours. Lacy boxer briefs and ...more.

Manstore M766 Tower String
Lovers of male lingerie need this revealing men's string underwear â€" a cheeky thong for men in bright floral tull...more.

Manstore M799 Bungee Leggings
Super shiny full length men's underwear with a lifting pouch and studded waistband â€" glitter meggings are ideal f...more.

Manstore M799 Hot Pants
Metallic hot pants with a studded waistband â€" high cut men's underwear made from glittering fabric. The ultimate ...more.

Manstore M799 Micro Pants
Show stopping men's underwear with silver glitter shine â€" glam rock inspired male boxer shorts with a studded wai...more.

Manstore M799 Micro Tanga
Shiny men's underwear with EXTRA glitter â€" this high cut male tanga brief has a glam studded waistband. Shop part...more.

Manstore M799 Slim Tank Top
Love glitter? This slim cut men's muscle tank top flatters your torso with all over shimmer. Great gift. Shop tees and matchi...more.

Manstore M660 Micro Pant (S/28")
This daring mini pant underwear for men uses a completely see through body fabric created from soft mesh. Discrete packaging ...more.

Manstore M200 Hot String Pants
Slinky boxer briefs with a string gusset â€" close fitting men's underwear made from soft premium fabric. Unique re...more.

Manstore M200 Ibiza Brief
Luxury men's underwear â€" plain and simple. This chic designer male bikini uses one layer of ultra soft premium fa...more.

Manstore M750 Swim Cheeky Brief
Minimal men's swimwear with a hidden drawstring â€" shiny black male beach bikini shows off butt cheeks with a reve...more.

Manstore M750 Swim Micro Pouch String
The best selling men's underwear brand now does sexy male swimwear â€" ultra minimal T-string beach slip. Shop and ...more.

Manstore M750 Swim Micro Tanga
Ultra shiny men's swimwear tanga brief with a reflective waistband â€" this high cut male swimming slip fits perfec...more.

Manstore M751 Swim Hot Pants
Close fitting men's swimwear boxers with luxury shine â€" male beach shorts with an adjustable drawstring and high ...more.

Manstore M751 Swim Ibiza Brief
Classic men's swimwear brief in premium shimmering fabric â€" male beach bikini a contoured pouch. Quick delivery. ...more.

Manstore M751 Swim Micro Pouch String
Super minimal men's swimwear with a T string and adjustable pouch â€" our revealing male beach thong shimmers in th...more.

Manstore M751 Swim Micro Tanga
A contoured male swim brief with an adjustable drawstring â€" men's tanga beachwear with gorgeous shimmer. Internat...more.

Manstore M600 Micro Pant (L/32")
This is men's underwear with serious wow factor. These rainbow coloured trunks for men are going to be popular. Fast UK deliv...more.

Manstore M606 V-Neck T Low (S/36")
A super shiny metallic men’s t-shirt from the brand new Manstore range. View all the styles available at Dea...more.

Manstore M704 Micro Pant (S/28")
Can't choose your favourite colour? Why not combine them all in rainbow men's underwear - low rise hipster undies with sheer ...more.

MANstore M711 Bungee Legging (L/32")
Our modern men's long john leggings are totally WILD - with a subtle leopard print these ankle length meggings stretch for a ...more.

MANstore M711 Tower String (XXL/36")
Our leopard print men's string underwear slip is fabulously skimpy- the single layer of stretchy fabric fits so perfectly you...more.

Manstore M664 Bungee Legging (S/28")
These feather light meggings are made from a seductive sheer mesh with an enhancing pouch. Worldwide shipping for men's under...more.

Manstore M664 Nude Body (XXL/42" Chest))
Think you've seen all this daring underwear brand has to offer? Check out this translucent mesh men's leotard that leaves lit...more.

Manstore M758 Grope Pants
Risqué men's underwear feels like leather â€" ultra soft boxer shorts with side pockets that lead to you...more.

Manstore M758 Micro Brief
Ultra light men's underwear made from silky fabric with sporty stripes â€" this high cut male bikini slip has pinho...more.

Manstore M756 Micro Brief
Risqué men's underwear from DGU. Sexy leather look male bikini brief fits in one close layer. Plain parcels. Inter...more.

Manstore M756 Micro Pant
Leather look boxer briefs for gents with a wild side. Ultra smooth and close fitting men's underwear trunks in super bright s...more.

Manstore M756 Tower String
Super bright male thong made from leather look fabric â€" risqué men's string underwear with a contoured...more.

Manstore M757 Micro Brief
Shiny black men's underwear with a studded waistband â€" slinky male bikini with a contoured pouch. Plain parcels. ...more.

Manstore M757 Micro Pants
These close fitting male boxer briefs have a shiny stud effect waistband â€" statement men's underwear for rock god...more.

Manstore M757 Micro Tanga
Channel your inner rock star with this wicked male tanga brief underwear â€" slinky slip with a unique studded wais...more.

Manstore M757 String Body
This risqué all-in-one men's underwear has three studded straps to connect the slinky male leotard thong body. Gus...more.

Manstore M757 V-Neck T-shirt
A slim fit male t-shirt with shiny studs on each shoulder â€" this glam V-neck for gents feels silky and light. Mat...more.

Manstore M602 Slinky Brief (S/28")
This vintage mesh brief is part of Manstore’s new men’s underwear range. Discover this styl...more.

Manstore M762 Ibiza Brief
Sparkling male bikini brief with a contoured pouch â€" this slim fit men's underwear feels light and silky. Time to...more.

Manstore M762 Micro Pant
Disco boxer shorts for guys with silky fabric â€" shimmering men's underwear that fits like skin. Party trunks with...more.

Manstore M762 Silver String
A unique male string with silver chain thong back â€" this silky slip is made from sparkling microfibre. Seductive ...more.

Manstore M762 Stripper String
Sparkling men's string underwear with quick release clips â€" this revealing thong to whip off in an instant stript...more.

Manstore M762 Tower String
Minimal men's underwear with all over shimmer â€" this contoured male thong fits like a second skin. A silky string...more.

Manstore M763 Catena Tanga
A glittering tanga brief with golden clips on each hip â€" this men's underwear can be whipped off quickly. Male bi...more.

Manstore M763 Hot Pants
Men's underwear with magical glitter â€" these male hot pant briefs have a cheeky rear cut and all over rainbow spa...more.

Manstore M763 Micro Pants
Close fit trunks with rainbow shimmer. Magical men's underwear flashes green, yellow and pink in the light. Unique boxer shor...more.

Manstore M764 Cheeky Brief
Stretchy mini boxers in bright neon colours â€" minimal men's underwear made from one slinky layer. Male bikini bri...more.

Manstore M764 Stripper String
Ultra minimal men's underwear in neon bright colours â€" this revealing male thong has a quick release clip at each...more.

Manstore M764 Surprise Brief
Micro male bikini brief with two clip hip fasteners for quick removal â€" this close fit neon men's underwear is gr...more.

Manstore M755 Hip String
A luxury male thong in plush velvety fabric â€" this premium men's string underwear has a metallic stripe on each h...more.

Manstore M755 Micro Pants
Velvety boxer shorts for men from the premium men's underwear brand â€" with stunning metallic highlights. Perfect ...more.

Manstore M755 Pullover Body
A luxury pullover body made from cuddly velvet fabric â€" this all-in-one men's underwear is ultra festive. With lo...more.

Manstore M755 V-Neck Tee
Premium t-shirt for guys in soft touch velvet â€" this male V-neck top is short-sleeved and slim fit. Matching men'...more.

Manstore M760 Pullover Body
Cosy male pullover body with a sparkly Scandi pattern â€" long sleeved men's all-in-one underwear with turtle neck ...more.

Manstore M759 V-Neck T-shirt
A lacy slim fit t-shirt for guys with ultra low V-neck. Floral mesh inspired by designer male lingerie. Matching men's underw...more.

Manstore M753 Catena Tanga
Slinky men's tanga underwear with interlocking chain links â€" a high cut male bikini brief with matt and sheer str...more.