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Modus Vivendi Anti-Bacterial Low Cut Brazil Cut Boxer (XL/34-36")
This pure cotton antibacterial Modus Vivendi men's underwear has a totally au natural look and feel. Get yours from DGU today...more.

Modus Vivendi Basic Swim Brazil Cut Boxer
Shop men's swimwear deep retro boxer briefs. Plain but bright colours with a lined front and drawstring. Great male beachwear...more.

Modus Vivendi Basic Swim Brief
Shop designer fashion men's swimwear from Greece. Stunning plain male swim bikini brief slip â€" fully lined front ...more.

Modus Vivendi Basic Swim Short
Shop men's swimwear beach shorts styled like five pocket jeans. Inner mesh brief and working zip fly. Plain male beach trunks...more.

Modus Vivendi Camo Low Cut Brief (XL/34"-36")
Revealing low rise men's underwear briefs that ensure everything's standing to attention - the camouflage slip is subtly cont...more.

Modus Vivendi Meander Jockstrap (M/30-32")
An athletic jock for gents with golden Grecian detailing â€" this sporty men's underwear is pure cotton with stretc...more.

Modus Vivendi Nude Swim Brief
Shop men's swimwear slips at DGU all year. This male bikini swimsuit combines a lined neon pouch and skin tone. Worldwide shi...more.

Modus Vivendi Nude Swim Low Cut Brief
Shop men's swimwear bikini brief slips in skin tone with a bright lined pouch. Branded male beachwear from a huge selection a...more.

Modus Vivendi Polkadot Swim Brazil Cut Boxer
Shop men's swimwear all year at DGU. Spot print male beach trunk with a lined front and drawstring. Lots more online today. B...more.

Modus Vivendi Polkadot Swim Brief
Shop men's swimwear midi briefs covered in beautiful spots. Deep waistband conceals a drawstring. Lined front. Worldwide ship...more.

Modus Vivendi Polkadot Swim Low Cut Brief
Shop men's swimwear micro briefs. Spotty male beach bikini slip with a fine drawstring. Fully lined front. International ship...more.

Modus Vivendi Rainbow Swim Brief (S/28-30")
Discover all the colours available in this rainbow men's swimwear online today at DGU. Purchase securely and discreetly. Fast...more.

Modus Vivendi Satin Boxer (XL/34-36")
These velvety men's boxers from Modus Vivendi are ultra soft and an absolute joy to wear. We ship to over 80 countries worldw...more.

Modus Vivendi Scuba Neoprene Swim Brazil Cut Boxer
Shop rubber look men's swimwear inspired by diving suits. Deep sided button fastening male beach briefs with an enhancing fro...more.

Modus Vivendi Scuba Neoprene Swim Brief
Shop rubber look men's swimwear bikini briefs with working button fastenings and an enhancing pouch. Shop and ship privately....more.

Modus Vivendi Tone 2 Tone Lux Jock (XL/34-36")
Athletic men’s underwear with a glistening pouch â€" this luxurious jockstrap brief for men is mad...more.

Modus Vivendi Transparent Bottomless Brief (M/30-32")
This see through men's slip from Modus Vivendi has a cut away rear for maximum exposure. Shop and ship privately today....more.

Modus Vivendi Wide Line Jockstrap (XL/34-36")
These men's jockstraps are completely stylish and very comfortable to boot. Shop our collection of jocks online at Deadgoodun...more.

Modus Vivendi Iconic Swim Brazil Cut Boxer
Shop the best men's swimwear online at DGU today. Buy this retro male swimming trunk with full front lining now. No drawstrin...more.

Modus Vivendi Iconic Swim Brief
Shop classic men's swimwear slips today. This designer swim brief for men has a fully lined front. More male swimmers online ...more.

Modus Vivendi Meander Swim Brazil Cut Boxer
Buy classic men's swimwear boxers online at DGU today. A deep sided male swim trunk with Greek key waistband. Shop now. Plain...more.

Modus Vivendi Meander Swim Brief
Buy the best men's swimwear at DGU today. Super chic male midi swim briefs with an eye catching waistband. See more beach swi...more.

Modus Vivendi Polkadot Bottomless Brief
Purchase bottomless men's underwear from DGU today. We love this polka dot male boxer brief in cotton rich fabric. Next weekd...more.

Modus Vivendi Polkadot Boxer Brief
Buy your summer men's underwear online at Deadgoodundies. Spotty male boxer briefs look great in a cotton rich polka dot mate...more.

Modus Vivendi Polkadot Brief
Buy retro polka dots men's underwear online today. These spotty midi briefs for men are super cool and cotton rich. Plain pac...more.

Modus Vivendi Polkadot Low Cut Brief
Buy your polka dot micro briefs for men online at DGU. This men's underwear wows in a skimpy low rise slip shape and colourfu...more.

Modus Vivendi Polkadot Tanktop
Shop the best for summer. Buy this polka dot male tank top and coordinate with matching men's spotty cotton underwear online ...more.

Modus Vivendi Silk Boxer Brief
Buy premium men's underwear online today at DGU. These silk boxer briefs for men are a true treat. Shop designer underpants n...more.

Modus Vivendi Silk Brief
Buy luxury men's underwear online now. These silk male mini briefs are the perfect present. Shop more premium underpants for ...more.

Modus Vivendi Silk Low Cut Brief
Buy luxury men's underwear briefs from Deadgoodundies today. This low rise male micro slip uses silk for a high quality finis...more.

Modus Vivendi Silk Tanga Brief
The perfect gift for him. Shop this luxury men's underwear range and discover more men's silk briefs. Order today at DGU. Pla...more.

Modus Vivendi Candy Lounge Pants (S/28-30")
These men's lounging trousers are so comfy you'll be looking for excuses to wear them all the time. Shop privately online tod...more.

Modus Vivendi Animal Bottomless Brief
Shop sexy men's underwear with a porthole back â€" private shopping and plain parcels guaranteed. Naughty male back...more.

Modus Vivendi Animal Boxer Brief
Stripes and animal print combine to create this quirky men's underwear. The sexy male hipster uses a super soft fabric too. I...more.

Modus Vivendi Animal Brief
Buy men's stripe and leopard print underwear briefs. Male bikini slips and lots more designer fashion male underpants online ...more.

Modus Vivendi Animal Mini Brief
Shop striped men's underwear briefs in ultra soft fabric. A smart male bikini slip with a plain waistband. International ship...more.

Modus Vivendi Animal Mini Tanga Brief
Shop striped men's underwear today. Male tanga brief slips from a designer fashion brand for men. Lots more gents' underpants...more.

Modus Vivendi Animal Tanga Brief
Love unique men's underwear? Then this striped tanga brief with leopard print waistband is just perfect. Shop for more skimpy...more.

Modus Vivendi Animal Tank Top
Stripy men's underwear is always so chic. This male vest looks great with the matching undies in the range. Find more tops, t...more.

Modus Vivendi Desert Swim Low Cut Brief
Shop men's swimwear bikini slips today. Low slung male tanga beach brief in geometric camo. We stock swimwear year round. Buy...more.

Modus Vivendi Mesure Boxer Brief
Shop pure cotton men's boxer briefs with a tape measure waistband. More enhancing male short underpants online. Worldwide shi...more.

Modus Vivendi Mesure Brief
Breathable cotton men's underwear with a tape measure waistband. Shop for more natural male briefs, boxers and jocks online a...more.

Modus Vivendi Mesure Jockstrap
Sporty men's underwear with a fun twist. This male jockstrap features a ruler print around the waist and bum straps. Buy more...more.

Modus Vivendi Mesure Tanga Brief
Cotton men's underwear that's stylish and comfy. These sporty male tanga briefs use the softest breathable fabric. We ship wo...more.

Modus Vivendi Mohair Classic Brief
Buy men's mohair effect men's underwear briefs. Washable male bikini slips in luxury knitted fabric. International shipping. ...more.

Modus Vivendi Mohair Jockstrap
This stylish men's underwear is both sporty and luxurious. A sexy jockstrap in soft knitted fabric. Shop for male jocks, thon...more.

Modus Vivendi Mohair Tanga Brief
This luxury men's underwear slip makes the ideal gift for him. Skimpy male tanga briefs in ultra soft wool effect fabric. Pla...more.

Modus Vivendi Tricky Brazil Cut Swim Boxer Brief
This clever men's swimwear can be worn as a male swim midi or sultry beach bikini. Discover more gents' swimmers online now. ...more.

Modus Vivendi Tricky Swim Brief
Buy silky men's swimwear bikini brief slips with popper ribbons to adjust depth above the thigh. More enhancing male beachwea...more.

Modus Vivendi Tricky Swim Tanga Brief
We love this sensual men's swimwear brief - our sexy swim tanga slip can be converted into a male beach thong. Purchase priva...more.

Modus Vivendi Wolf Meggings (S/28-30")
Now you can wear your favourite men's underwear brand throughout the depths of winter with these stylish long johns for men. ...more.

Modus Vivendi Hole Pocket Brief (S/28-30")
A gorgeous men's underwear design that really flatters the masculine physique. Shop at your own pace in total privacy online ...more.

Modus Vivendi Amalgam Carbon Boxer Robe (XL/40-47" Chest)
One of the best ranges of men's loungewear around just got even better with the release of this metallic edged bathrobe. Inte...more.

Modus Vivendi Amalgam Silver Pants (L/32-34")
Add some shine to your men's loungewear collection with these silver metallic full length trousers. Huge choice to browse pri...more.

Modus Vivendi Glamour Jockstrap
Fabulous sequinned men's underwear jock strap brief. Lined pouch and 4cm deep slinky elastic branded waistband. Private shopp...more.

Modus Vivendi Glamour Low Cut Brief
Party pants! Men's underwear brief with all over sequins and lined with silky microfibre. No waistband male bikini slip. Plai...more.

Modus Vivendi Glamour Tank Top
All over sequin stretch male vest tank top from men's underwear experts DGU. Party evening costume. International shipping. P...more.

Modus Vivendi Cotton Brief Multipack (pack of 3)
Pure cotton male bikini brief with a fun retro design â€" this triple pack of aerated men's underwear includes thre...more.

Modus Vivendi Cotton Tanga Multipack (3 Pack)
Three contrasting tanga briefs in one multipack of men's underwear â€" each male bikini is pure cotton with a colou...more.

Modus Vivendi Low Cut Brief 3 Pack
Low rise male bikini brief made from luxuriously soft cotton - a triple pack of chic men's underwear with three contrasting s...more.