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SAXX Kinetic Boxer (L/36-38")
Sporty underwear engineered for intense activities with a stretchy supportive fit and quick-dry mesh fabric. BallPark pouch. ...more.

SAXX Kinetic Long John (M/33-35")
Whether you're a professional athlete or a part-time jogger our long men's underwear leggings are designed to up your game. B...more.

SAXX Kinetic Long Leg Boxer
Sportsmen need underwear that's guaranteed to go the distance - find out how our men's mesh cycle shorts are ideal for larger...more.

SAXX Platinum Boxer Fly
Fabulous patented BallPark pouch and sophisticated fabric - this is men's underwear boxer is made for seriously long lasting ...more.

SAXX Quest 2.0 Boxer Fly
Mesh training shorts perfect for active gents - with a patented BallPark pouch this men's underwear boxer is light and quick-...more.

SAXX Quest 2.0 Long Leg Boxer
Active chaps looking to up their game want our men's mesh training underwear. Ultra light. Prevents chafing. Super smart Ball...more.

SAXX Vibe Modern Fit Boxer (S/28-30")
Our new men's underwear is revolutionary - the patented comfort BallPark pouch on these boxers keeps you cool and supported a...more.