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Manstore M857 Micro Tanga
Shop men's underwear tanga briefs embellished with a stunning silvery pattern. These male bikini slip underpants are party re... more.

Manstore M800 Ultra Tanga
Shop for designer men's underwear at DGU and buy this smooth and silky male micro tanga brief online. We ship to over 80 coun... more.

Manstore M799 Micro Tanga
Shiny men's underwear with EXTRA glitter â€" this high cut male tanga brief has a glam studded waistband. Shop part... more.

Manstore M757 Micro Tanga
Channel your inner rock star with this wicked male tanga brief underwear â€" slinky slip with a unique studded wais... more.

Manstore M763 Catena Tanga
A glittering tanga brief with golden clips on each hip â€" this men's underwear can be whipped off quickly. Male bi... more.

Manstore M753 Catena Tanga
Slinky men's tanga underwear with interlocking chain links â€" a high cut male bikini brief with matt and sheer str... more.

MANstore M712 Micro Tanga
Your love affair with men's tanga underwear just got a whole lot deeper! This mesh striped male slip has a bold alternative w... more.

Manstore M667 Micro Tanga
Lovers of lace won't be able to resist this sexy men's underwear - cut in a skimpy style to expose and enhance your masculine... more.

Manstore M665 Micro Tanga
Luxurious silky fabric and leopard print combine to make this enigmatic men's underwear tanga perfect for going on the prowl.... more.