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Manstore M652 Tanga Body (S/28")
£44.10 -
This is the only all-in-one you'll need! Check out the sexy mesh all in one from this unique men's underwear brand. Find your... more.

Manstore M809 Nude Body
£40.00 -
Buy sexy men's nightwear and underwear from DGU. Discreetly purchase this racy see through all in one male body online. Plain... more.

Manstore M810 String Body
£62.00 -
Buy the naughtiest men's underwear costumes at DGU. Shop this racy male string all in one. Sexy gents' loungewear. Internatio... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1809 Cool Body
£76.00 -
Shop all in one men's underwear online. Smart striped zip front leotard for men in a sheer stripy fabric. See more male skins... more.

Manstore M801 String Body
£61.00 -
Search and shop for unique all in one men's underwear at DGU and buy today. This rainbow animal print male onesie is fab. Wor... more.

Manstore M766 Cheeky Body
£57.00 -
Love male lingerie? This all-in-one men's underwear connects micro briefs to slim shoulder straps in a super bright floral la... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1770 Sport Body
£62.00 -
Striking all-in-one men's underwear made from luxury microfibre â€" close fitting sporty body combines boxer shorts... more.

Manstore M664 Nude Body (XXL/42" Chest))
£31.20 -
Think you've seen all this daring underwear brand has to offer? Check out this translucent mesh men's leotard that leaves lit... more.

Manstore M757 String Body
£74.00 -
This risqué all-in-one men's underwear has three studded straps to connect the slinky male leotard thong body. Gus... more.

Manstore M755 Pullover Body
£55.00 -
A luxury pullover body made from cuddly velvet fabric â€" this all-in-one men's underwear is ultra festive. With lo... more.

Olaf Benz RED 0965 Sport Body
£61.00 -
Translucent men's underwear body is a one piece wonder in the lightest silky microfibre. Lots more male leotards at DGU. Shop... more.

Manstore M760 Pullover Body
£70.00 -
Cosy male pullover body with a sparkly Scandi pattern â€" long sleeved men's all-in-one underwear with turtle neck ... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1761 Sport Body
£60.00 -
This athletic all-in-one men's underwear connects a muscle vest top to boxy shorts. Sheer striped fabric feels silky and fits... more.

MANstore M713 Dance Long Body
£84.15 -
Feel like Fred Astaire in our wonderfully elegant men's underwear full length all in one body - this monochrome onesie is del... more.

Manstore M705 V-neck Body
£114.75 -
Our lingerie inspired men's all in one won't cover much but you'll definitely look AMAZING. Shop male lace bodies and underwe... more.

Modus Vivendi Desert Singlet
£47.00 -
Boxer shorts combine with an ultra low tank top to make one seriously seductive men’s all in one in camo. Sh... more.

Manstore M200 Sport Body
£33.60 -
Some men were born to take risks and this athletic all-in-one men's underwear body suit is fabulous fun. Shop and ship in pri... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1711 Coolbody
£90.00 -
This men's onesie is made from a perforated material making it a truly light and airy undergarment. Buy all your underwear at... more.

Manstore M665 Cheeky Body
£49.60 -
This sexy men's body underwear is a feline feast for the eyes - made from a single layer silky fabric with contrast leopard t... more.

Manstore M661 Lasso Body
£46.90 -
Explore the exciting designs of this unique underwear brand and wear something different - this men's string body is sure to ... more.

Manstore M656 Pullover Body
£46.90 -
This cuddly men's leotard from Manstore is made from a luxurious furry velvet material. We ship worldwide. Buy online today. ... more.

Body Art Evia String Body
£42.00 -
When it comes to sexy all-in-one men's underwear designs this collection is the best choice around. Browse privately. Shippin... more.

Doreanse 3010 Bulge Body
£27.00 -
This trendy tank shaped all in one comes complete with popper gusset for convenient removal and a double layered pouch panel ... more.

Doreanse 5001 Full Body
£30.00 -
For men who like to keep their lower back nicely warm this one piece underwear from Doreanse has poppers down the front and e... more.

Doreanse 5002 boxer body suit
£33.00 -
all in one men's body suit onesie with popper front for easy access and available in black or white... more.

Doreanse 5003 String Body
£26.00 -
Soft modal fibre men's full body with string back from Doreanse and available in black or white.... more.

Joe Snyder Rainbow Body 27
£26.00 -
Sexy men's string body which can be worn in multiple of ways from Joe Snyder... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Body 27
£25.00 -
This men's body from Joe Snyder is definitely an attention stealing piece of men's underwear... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Body 27 (Sheer Mesh)
£25.00 -
Joe Snyder have surpassed themselves with this all in one mesh men's underwear design... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Body 27
£25.00 -
Joe Snyder prove they know a thing or two about eye catching men's underwear with this bold body... more.

Manstore M101 String Body
£38.00 -
This super sheer bodywear for men is part of the bestselling men's underwear range from a German brand. Shop privately and se... more.

Manstore M200 Zipped Body
£39.20 -
When it comes to designing bodies for men this men's underwear collection is second to none. Shop in privacy 24/7. Fast UK de... more.

Manstore M510 Allover Suit
£61.80 -
The very best in men's fetishwear. This leatherette onesie has a zipper running all the way down the front. Worldwide shippin... more.

Manstore M510 Athletic Suit
£48.00 -
Unique one piece men's fetish gear from Manstore with a vest style top and leggings bottom. guarantees pri... more.

Modus Vivendi Converter Tanktop Body
£24.00 -
This vest-come-jockstrap is the ultimate is sensual men’s underwear. More wild styles can be seen online at ... more.

Modus Vivendi Eighties Bodywear
£25.00 -
Your inner Hulk Hogan will be thrilled with this retro all in one design. Finished with two poppers at the crotch. Buy now. S... more.

Modus Vivendi Glory Hole Body Wear
£28.00 -
This cotton rich all in one has a double layer pouch and sexy racer back top. More onesie styles always online at DGU. Buy to... more.

Modus Vivendi Hole Singlet
£50.00 -
All in one underwear for men is proving to be a trend with staying power. This exciting new cotton design is going to be a po... more.