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Bruno Banani Che Guevara Tanga Brief (M/32")
£22.00 -
This designer's new haul of men's underwear is simply revolutionary! See it in all its Guevara glory at Deadgoodundies. Buy p... more.

Bruno Banani Recharge Tanga Brief (S/30")
£20.00 -
Decorated with a plethora of electricity pylons this men's brief slip underwear from Bruno Banani is absolutely unique. Shop ... more.

Doreanse 1295 Micro Bikini Brief (M/33-34")
£6.00 -
Skimpy men's brief from Doreanse in a paisley type print... more.

Doreanse Mens Underwear Brief 1285 (S/30-32")
£6.00 -
Ta-daa! Exotic zigzags and a cotton rich fabric make this ultra comfy brief stand out from the crowd... more.

HOM Euphoric Micro Brief (S/32")
£18.00 -
A single layered athletic mini slip that enhances and supports â€" this silky male bikini slip has contrast stitchi... more.

Manstore M611 Micro Brief (L/32")
£16.20 -
Made from a silky soft micro fibre fabric these men's briefs from Manstore are a luxurious option. DGU ship worldwide to over... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1674 Brazil Brief (XXL/40")
£29.00 -
We've just received more beautifully styled men's underwear briefs from this popular designer brand. Discover the new range n... more.

HOM Gentleman Comfort Micro Brief
£20.00 -
Shop men's underwear bikini slips at DGU. New black and white tile print mini underpants. International shipping. Buy online ... more.

HOM Landscape Micro Brief
£22.00 -
Shop online at DGU to discover the best printed men's underwear. This floral micro brief slip looks great in a bold jungle pr... more.

Manstore M808 Micro Brief
£24.00 -
Shop for skintone men's underwear slips online today. A light male bikini micro brief in an all but invisible fabric. Perfect... more.

Modus Vivendi Marine Low Cut Brief
£21.00 -
Shop men's underwear super micro slips in candy stripes. Low rise male bikini underpants made in Greece. More at DGU. Buy onl... more.

Manstore M810 Micro Brief
£30.00 -
Buy your party underwear for men online from DGU. These metallic male micro tanga briefs are out of this world! Shop now disc... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1809 Brazil Brief
£29.00 -
Shop smart men's underwear online now. This chic male brazil brief slip looks stylish in a sheer striped fabric. Buy yours to... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1810 Brazil Brief
£29.00 -
Buy the best designer men's underwear online now. This statement male boxer brief offers a bold print and sexy see through fa... more.

Bruno Banani Urban Jungle Tanga Brief
£21.00 -
Dare to be different in this printed men's underwear tanga slip. Find more fashionable male bikinis and briefs online now. Pl... more.

Doreanse 1251 Brief
£10.00 -
Shop multicolour men's underwear slips in natural fibres. Deep sea print male bikini underpants â€" beautiful. Plai... more.

HOM Heligan Comfort Micro Brief
£20.00 -
Shop men's cotton underwear bikini slips. Male underpants in an autumn pattern of thistles and British wildlife. We ship to 8... more.

HOM Rosewood Comfort Micro Brief
£20.00 -
Shop business men's underwear at DGU. This chic male micro bikini brief offers a suave look. Buy more smart gents' slip under... more.

Joe Snyder Leopard Bikini 01
£22.00 -
Shop men's underwear briefs in leopard print and white. Silky male slips from a great designer brand. International shipping.... more.

Joe Snyder Leopard Bikini Bulge 01
£24.00 -
Buy enhancing men's underwear briefs now. Shop privately and securely at DGU to discover more animal print male micro slips. ... more.

Joe Snyder Leopard Bikini Bulge 04
£27.00 -
Shop animal print men's underwear. These revealing male micro tanga briefs enhance in all the right places. Buy online today.... more.

Joe Snyder Line Blue Bikini 01
£22.00 -
Shop micro men's underwear briefs in summer stripes. Lots of high leg male slips to buy online. We ship to 80 countries. Plai... more.

Joe Snyder Line Blue Bikini Bulge 01
£24.00 -
Buy sexy striped men's underwear online now from DGU. These male micro briefs are light and silky. Shop discreetly online. Wo... more.

Joe Snyder Line Blue Bikini Bulge 04
£27.00 -
Men's underwear to boost your package. These stripy male tanga briefs offer the best in enhancing gents' underpants. Shop and... more.

Bruno Banani Architecture Tanga Brief
£22.00 -
Superb quality and rather elegant men's underwear micro slip. This male bikini is covered with matt diamond outlines over a q... more.

Bruno Banani Street Art Tanga Brief
£21.00 -
Shop men's underwear tanga bikini briefs today. Colourful graphics print on silky micro male underpants. Lots more today at D... more.

Bruno Banani Urban Zoo Tanga Brief
£22.00 -
This wacky men's underwear slip takes your own personal menagerie wherever you go! Get more male tanga briefs like this onlin... more.

L'Homme Invisible Anapos Sexy Back Briefs
£37.00 -
Buy men's underwear lace bikini slips online â€" delivery in plain parcels. Male lingerie briefs made in Portugal. ... more.

L'Homme Invisible Eole Sexy Back Briefs
£37.00 -
Shop lace men's underwear briefs. Male bikini slips from a sexy brand made in Portugal. International shipping in plain parce... more.

Manstore M813 Rainbow Micro Brief
£26.00 -
Shop men's underwear bikini slips in shiny rainbow stripes. Male brazil cut underpants with an enhancing pouch. World shippin... more.

Manstore M813 Rio Micro Brief
£26.00 -
Shop men's rainbow inspired underwear briefs. Shiny metallic patterned male bikini slips with an enhancing pouch. Worldwide s... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1805 Brazil Brief
£27.00 -
Buy sporty designer men's underwear at DGU today. A skimpy male brazil brief in a cool retro design. Shop gents' sports under... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1811 Brazil Brief
£27.00 -
Shop sports men's underwear online including this breathable male micro tanga brief. See more sporty gents underpants at DGU ... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1813 Brazil Brief
£21.00 -
Shop premium men's underwear brands at DGU now. This classic male micro brief is stylish and sexy. View more gent's briefs on... more.

Modus Vivendi Camo Low Cut Brief (XL/34"-36")
£17.50 -
Revealing low rise men's underwear briefs that ensure everything's standing to attention - the camouflage slip is subtly cont... more.

Manstore M766 Micro Brief
£38.00 -
Retro mini brief for men made from seductive tulle and floral lace â€" male lingerie inspired men's underwear in br... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1771 Brazil Brief
£30.50 -
A sporty men's micro brief with red wine trim â€" this high cut male bikini slip underwear has a sultry black shimm... more.

Doreanse 1217 Micro Brief
£8.00 -
Shop men's underwear micro briefs. Stunning multicolour patchwork print male bikini slip in cotton modal mix. International s... more.

Doreanse 1236 Brief
£8.00 -
Shop top brand men's underwear bikini briefs covered in the famous brand name. Soft cotton modal male slip from a brilliant c... more.

Doreanse 1365 Micro Brief
£8.00 -
Shop totally smooth men's underwear bikini briefs in a subtle pink floral print on a navy background. Best selling male slip ... more.

Ergowear FEEL Modal Bikini Brief
£16.00 -
Shop men's underwear slip briefs with an ergonomic boost to enhance manhood - new modal fabric. World shipping. Plain parcels... more.

Gregg Homme Martini Brief (XS/27-28")
£15.98 -
This is one seriously sensual piece of red designer men's underwear. Order this and more online. Private shopping and UK and ... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1770 Brazil Brief
£29.50 -
REALLY luxurious men's underwear â€" this high cut male brazil bikini brief has full rear coverage using one layer ... more.

Modus Vivendi Polkadot Low Cut Brief
£18.00 -
Buy your polka dot micro briefs for men online at DGU. This men's underwear wows in a skimpy low rise slip shape and colourfu... more.

Modus Vivendi Silk Low Cut Brief
£44.00 -
Buy luxury men's underwear briefs from Deadgoodundies today. This low rise male micro slip uses silk for a high quality finis... more.

Manstore M200 Ibiza Brief
£29.00 -
Luxury men's underwear â€" plain and simple. This chic designer male bikini uses one layer of ultra soft premium fa... more.

L'Homme Invisible Micromodal Brief
£34.00 -
Shop French men's underwear micro bikini brief slips in Soft Touch fabric. Designer male underpants await you at DGU. Interna... more.

L'Homme Invisible Ocean Life Sexy Back Slip
£39.00 -
Lover of lacy male lingerie? Then you'll love this sexy men's underwear in a blend of sensual lace and tulle. Shop online now... more.

L'Homme Invisible Sensitive Sexy Back Slip
£34.00 -
This chic men's underwear brief combines smooth fabric and a sculpted pouch on a classic male underpants cut. Shop today. Int... more.

L'Homme Invisible Sensitive Slip
£34.00 -
This classic male mini slip underwear has a tactile stretch microfibre and enhancing pouch. Shop a huge selection of men's br... more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Colour Bikini 01
£17.00 -
This bikini brief uses a fast dry fabric and can be worn as lighter than light undies or risqué swimwear. Next day... more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Colour Bikini Capri 07
£17.00 -
If you prefer ultra lightweight undies then you’ll love this micro created from one layer of fine mesh. Next... more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Colour Bulge 01 Enhancement Bikini Brief
£22.00 -
Naughty bikini brief created from one layer of fine mesh which is heavily shaped at the pouch for extra oomph. Next day deliv... more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Colour Bulge 04 Enhancement Bikini Brief
£22.99 -
See through mesh micro brief with a super contoured pouch for the best enhancement. Buy online today. Option for next day del... more.

Doreanse 1231 Micro Brief
£7.00 -
Shop gorgeous leaf print men's underwear briefs. Cotton modal mix male micro slip in a colourful print. Buy online today. Pla... more.

Doreanse 1335 Micro Brief
£8.00 -
Shop men's underwear micro brief slips in a great camouflage khaki print. Lots more male bikinis online today at DGU. Interna... more.

Doreanse 1345 Micro Brief
£7.00 -
Shop men's underwear bikini brief slips in a great black and white zebra print. Best selling micro underpants from a well pri... more.

Manstore M758 Micro Brief
£29.00 -
Ultra light men's underwear made from silky fabric with sporty stripes â€" this high cut male bikini slip has pinho... more.

HOM Lush Micro Brief
£18.00 -
Ultra-soft cotton rich men’s underwear briefs with a striking tropical print â€" classic high cut ... more.

Manstore M756 Micro Brief
£38.00 -
Risqué men's underwear from DGU. Sexy leather look male bikini brief fits in one close layer. Plain parcels. Inter... more.

Manstore M757 Micro Brief
£47.00 -
Shiny black men's underwear with a studded waistband â€" slinky male bikini with a contoured pouch. Plain parcels. ... more.

HOM Taj Comfort Micro Brief
£18.00 -
Business ready men's underwear with a hypnotic graphic print â€" cotton rich micro bikini brief inspired by 70's de... more.

Joe Snyder Black Pearl Kini 12 (28-36")
£20.00 -
Shiny faux PVC men's micro string bikini brief from Joe Snyder... more.

Bruno Banani Burning Heart Tanga Brief
£22.00 -
Sexy men’s underwear tanga brief with a dual layer pouch â€" minimal cut male bikini slip in a fir... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1768 Brazil Brief
£31.00 -
Retro male bikini brief in a colourful 70's print â€" this slim fit men's underwear feels extra silky. Shop and shi... more.

Bruno Banani Bull Skull Tanga Brief
£21.00 -
Men's slip from Bruno Banani decorated with a unique bull skull print on silky fabric. More designer underwear at Deadgoodund... more.

HOM Volute Micro Brief
£18.00 -
Decorative men’s micro underwear made from soft natural cotton â€" a high cut floral male bikini b... more.

Manstore M764 Surprise Brief
£29.00 -
Micro male bikini brief with two clip hip fasteners for quick removal â€" this close fit neon men's underwear is gr... more.

Bruno Banani Limitless Tanga Brief
£23.00 -
Beautiful fleur-de-lis motifs decorate this gorgeous men's slip underwear from Bruno Banani. Shop in privacy online. Discrete... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1763 Brazil Brief
£31.00 -
Designer male bikini brief made from shimmering silken microfibre â€" slim cut men's underwear slip with a contoure... more.

Doreanse 1209 Micro Brief
£7.00 -
Men's underwear brief in an oriental pattern. No waistband and single layered in superb cotton modal. International shipping.... more.

Modus Vivendi Glamour Low Cut Brief
£46.00 -
Party pants! Men's underwear brief with all over sequins and lined with silky microfibre. No waistband male bikini slip. Plai... more.

Modus Vivendi Low Cut Brief 3 Pack
£33.00 -
Low rise male bikini brief made from luxuriously soft cotton - a triple pack of chic men's underwear with three contrasting s... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1761 Brazil Briefs
£31.00 -
Slim fit men's underwear in premium silky fabrics â€" alternating sheer stripes make this male bikini brief smart A... more.

Bruno Banani Nobleman Tanga Brief
£22.00 -
Men's underwear fit for a king - shimmering patterned bikini undies cut in a revealing style whilst still totally business re... more.

MANstore M712 Micro Brief
£25.50 -
Your love affair with briefs just got sexier - our men's underwear slip has sheer stripes and leather look trim. Shop now. Wo... more.

Modus Vivendi Dusk 2 Dawn Low Cut Brief
£24.00 -
Ultra modern men's underwear that sparkles â€" this micro male bikini brief is a slim shape with a contoured pouch.... more.

Doreanse Marble 1271 Brief
£7.00 -
Beautiful marble print men's brief underwear. A male micro bikini slip dressed in white and grey on black. No waistband. Buy ... more.

Modus Vivendi Floss Low Cut Brief
£40.00 -
Luxurious men’s underwear for suave guys â€" a male bikini brief made from a premium Italian fibre... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1705 Brazil Brief
£30.00 -
These retro inspired underpants from Olaf Benz use a super soft ribbed material. Shop in privacy online. Discrete packaging ... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1707 Brazil Brief
£28.00 -
This stylish men's slip from Olaf Benz is patterned with a cool blue water effect. Find these and many more undies at Deadgoo... more.

Bruno Banani 3-D Tanga Brief
£22.00 -
Horror film fan? DGU has the perfect underwear for you - super supple men's briefs in a quirky skull print that'll make your ... more.

Joe Snyder SK 01 Bikini
£25.00 -
Encompassing your goods in this sock like pouch helps give an impressive bulge effect as well as support and comfort. Shop on... more.

Joe Snyder SK 04 Mini Cheek
£29.00 -
This minimalist men's slip brief underwear from Joe Snyder has a bulge enhancing pouch and skimpy rear. Check out more Sock I... more.

Bruno Banani Rumba Tanga (L/34")
£17.00 -
Get your colourful men's underwear fix online now from Deadgoodundies. Express UK delivery available. Plain packaging for you... more.

Doreanse 1011 Premium Micromodal Brief
£10.00 -
Luxuriously soft men's underwear brief feels like a little slice of heaven - treat your package to this ultra light and chic ... more.

Bruno Banani Battery Sport Slip
£17.00 -
This designer's new men's underwear range is simply electrifying! Discover this gorgeous brief and more over at Deadgoodundie... more.

Manstore M655 Micro Brief
£20.30 -
Peace love and all things paisley - another beautiful translucent men's brief from the underwear experts. Get yours now at De... more.

Modus Vivendi Mohair Low Cut Brief
£18.00 -
Our unique knitted men's underwear brief has to be worn to be believed - treat your tackle to a luxurious lightweight ultra l... more.

Modus Vivendi Polka Dot Low Cut Brief
£17.50 -
Chic and timeless our black and white spotted men's bikini brief sits seductively low on the hips - contoured cotton underwea... more.

Manstore M652 Micro Brief
£20.30 -
For guys who love to show off their crown jewels this sexy semi-transparent mini brief from the men's underwear experts is su... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1666 Brazil Brief
£23.00 -
Delightfully soft finish and super stretchy fabric for a totally personal fit. Browse luxury men's underwear briefs at Deadgo... more.

Manstore M656 Micro Brief
£20.30 -
These velvet soft undies for men would make a great gift for him or a wonderful treat for yourself. View and buy online now a... more.

Eppure Luca Alessandro Extreme Low Rise Brief
£22.00 -
Contrasting mesh with a soft cotton pouch and a contemporary cut to show off extra skin - what more could you want from men's... more.

Eppure Luca Donato Extreme Low Rise Brief
£22.00 -
Your manhood deserves the best and this sporty men's underwear brief ticks the boxes - with a soft contoured pouch and alluri... more.

Eppure Luca Nicolo Low Rise Brief
£22.00 -
Treat your tackle to the best premium men's underwear - with a silky soft pouch these mesh briefs for guys have a shimmering ... more.

Joe Snyder Candy Bikini 01
£22.00 -
We don't need to sugar coat this men's underwear - our fun slip has a supportive pouch to keep your candy cane super comforta... more.

Joe Snyder Candy Bulge 04 Bikini Brief
£27.00 -
Give your boys an extra boost with this multi colour striped underwear - super narrow sides make this men's brief even more i... more.

Joe Snyder Candy Bulge Bikini 01
£24.00 -
Super Sexy and perfect for showing off your bulge this sexy men's underwear has a super enhancing pouch - Shop now.... more.

Joe Snyder Jail Bikini 01
£22.00 -
Need a get out of jail free card? The complimenting pouch on this men's underwear brief will definitely get you out of troubl... more.

Joe Snyder Jail Bulge 04 Bikini Brief
£27.00 -
Who says no to an enhanced profile? Accentuate your bad boys with the super lifting pouch on our monochrome striped men's und... more.

Joe Snyder Jail Bulge Bikini 01
£24.00 -
Super skimpy and perfect for showing off this sexy men's underwear has a super enhancing pouch - so good it needs to be locke... more.

Joe Snyder Snake Bikini 01
£22.00 -
Let out your wild side with this slinky men's underwear - made from a single layered material that clings to your body seduct... more.

Joe Snyder Snake Bikini Bulge 01
£24.00 -
Let your men's underwear do the talking… This animalistic skimpy brief has an enhancing pouch so your trouse... more.

Joe Snyder Snake Bulge 04 Bikini Brief
£27.00 -
Embrace your snake hips with this slinky men's underwear - the clever pouch is designed to bring out the animal in you. Buy s... more.

Bruno Banani Alibi Tanga Brief
£20.00 -
This stylish and super comfy men's underwear slip is waiting for you online now. Head to DGU to discover the rest of this bra... more.

Manstore M658 Micro Tanga
£20.30 -
Introducing the seductive new tanga brief from this men's underwear brand - a perfect way to show off your trouser snake. Wor... more.

Bruno Banani Lamplight Tanga
£19.00 -
Get the best quality tanga men’s underwear online today from Worldwide shipping. Plain p... more.

Modus Vivendi Anti-Bacterial Low Cut Brief
£18.00 -
If you love skimpy men's underwear you've got to check out the new cotton rich brief from Modus Vivendi. Find out more at DGU... more.

Obviously EveryMan AnatoFREE Hipster Brief
£11.25 -
These stylish men's mini briefs are simply genius and offer the perfect balance of comfort with freedom and support. Buy Obvi... more.

Obviously EveryMan Classic Hipster Brief
£11.25 -
Looking for a flawless new brief? Shop the Obviously Classic extra comfy hipster underwear for men at DGU and find your perfe... more.

Obviously EveryMan Comfort Hipster Brief
£11.25 -
More fabulously flattering and über comfortable men's hip short underwear from Aussie brand Obviously. Discover mo... more.

Obviously Premium AnatoFREE Hipster Brief
£16.75 -
DGU suggests this cheeky Obviously hipster underwear for men who like a natural position and showing a little more leg. Disco... more.

Joe Snyder Rainbow Kini 12 (28"-36")
£18.00 -
This teeny brief’s fabric dries in the blink of an eye making it great as colourful swimwear too. See the re... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Kini Maxi Bulge 04
£27.00 -
These tangas are the best choice for men searching to boost their manhood. Internationally shipping to more than 80 countries... more.

HOM Classic Comfort Micro Brief
£17.00 -
The addition of another skimpy slip to this designer collection is great news for men's underwear fanatics. International shi... more.

Manstore M610 Micro Brief
£16.20 -
Get your hands on these fashionable zebra print men's brief today from Next working day delivery availabl... more.

HOM HO1 Comfort Micro Brief
£15.30 -
This cotton modal men’s slip has the practicality you need and the style you desire. Buy these super comfy H... more.

Bruno Banani Anti-Stress Tanga Brief
£17.00 -
One of Bruno Bananis most popular and longest running ranges of Men's underwear is the Anti Stress Tanga available in several... more.

Doreanse 1099 micro brief
£8.00 -
Smart micro bikini brief from Doreanse available in turquoise and white or black and yellow with a double layered pouch... more.

Doreanse 1213 Africa Micro Brief
£7.00 -
These Doreanse briefs for men are made from a soft material embossed with an African inspired tribal print. Shop online in th... more.

Doreanse 1215 Brief
£8.00 -
This everyday brief comes in a super light and beautifully soft cotton modal blend. Buy online today. UK customers can opt fo... more.

Doreanse 1245 Slip Micro Brief
£7.00 -
This bright mini brief from Doreanse is covered with a colourful swirl pattern and uses one layer of supple cotton modal fabr... more.

Doreanse 1281 micro brief
£7.00 -
Classic micro bikini brief in 7 great colours and a super smooth cotton modal fabric... more.

Doreanse 1367 Brief
£11.00 -
Created from an embroidered stretch mesh this beautiful Doreanse mini Brief is perfect for gents who love lingerie style unde... more.

Doreanse 1371 Prisma Brief
£7.00 -
This 80s inspired men's underwear is great for lovers of colour. Find more super fun briefs for men online at DGU. Purchase d... more.

Doreanse 1377 Bulge Brief
£10.00 -
These skimpy men's briefs form Doreanse are made from one of the silkiest fabrics you're ever likely to touch. Buy online tod... more.

Doreanse 1385 Brief
£11.00 -
Lingerie look brief produced from one layer of lace effect fabric which is light and super stretchy... more.

Doreanse 1391 Old City Slip
£7.00 -
Lovers of quirkier men's underwear styles will love this printed brief. Shop this brand's collection online now at Deadgoodun... more.

Doreanse 1395 Aire Micro Bikini Brief
£10.00 -
This beautiful men's micro is one of the best from the Doreanse collection with a single layer of smoothest microfibre used t... more.

Doreanse 1397 Traveller Brief
£7.00 -
If you love brightly unique men's underwear style you're in for a treat with this micro slip. See more from this brand online... more.

Doreanse 1399 Freedom Slip
£7.00 -
This patterned men's underwear is just the thing to update dreary undies drawers. Buy your printed briefs and more online fro... more.

Doreanse Lux Steel 1788 Sport Brief
£11.00 -
Ultra soft and supremely comfortable brief with a supportive twin layered pouch and a shimmering waistband. Buy online, Next ... more.

Ergowear FEEL Suave Bikini Brief
£23.00 -
This luxuriously soft bikini brief from Ergowear uses a large three-dimensional pouch for a very comfy fit. Shipping to over ... more.

Ergowear X3D Bikini Brief
£21.00 -
Ultra enhancing men’s bikini brief produced from a soft single layer microfibre with a specially designed po... more.

Ergowear X3D Suave Bikini Brief
£23.00 -
We love the luxurious new fabric of this X3D brief and sure you will too. Buy online. Orders are sent in discreet plain packa... more.

Gregg Homme Beyond Doubt Brief
£18.98 -
Latex look fabric and mesh combine to form this stunning piece of men’s underwear by Gregg Homme... more.

Gregg Homme G-Love I Brief (XS/27-28")
£20.48 -
These briefs from Gregg Homme literally fit like a glove with a special pouch for the male shaft. DGU ships to over 80 countr... more.

Gregg Homme G-Love II Brief (XS/27-28")
£21.98 -
Fetish underwear for men with a mesh rear and an anatomical front that fits like a glove. Next working day delivery available... more.

Gregg Homme Two-Timer Brief (XS/27-28")
£17.98 -
Faux leather straps add a deliciously dark edge to these sheer men's briefs. International shipping to 80+ countries. Next wo... more.

Gregg Homme Wonder Brief (XS/27-28")
£16.98 -
A slinky men's brief from the wonderful Gregg Homme available in classic colours all with a silky microfibre fabric... more.

Gregg Homme X-Rated Maximiser Brief (XS/27-28")
£16.48 -
If revealing men’s underwear is your thing you’ll really appreciate this Gregg Homme brief ... more.

HOM Elegant Comfort Micro Brief
£18.00 -
A soft super comfort brief with micro sides and wide pinstripe print. UK customers can opt for express delivery. Available to... more.

HOM For Him Micro Brief
£19.00 -
A beautifully crafted men’s microfibre micro brief decorated in subtle stripes. More smart undies online now... more.

HOM New Plume Micro Brief
£20.00 -
These bestselling briefs for men have got a brand new design and are better than ever. International shipping. Next working d... more.

HOM Premium Cotton Comfort Micro Brief
£20.00 -
It’s not very often you come across pure cotton men’s briefs as stylish and luxurious as th... more.

HOM Premium Cotton Micro Brief (XS/30")
£11.90 -
This luxurious men’s underwear uses purest yarn styled in a sophisticated brief shape. Get your cotton undie... more.

Jockey Cotton + Mini Brief 3 pack
£18.00 -
Whether you're a tighty whitey man or like classic black underwear for men this multipack of briefs is a must for fashion for... more.

Joe Snyder Black Pearl Bikini 01
£20.00 -
A stunning men's brief from Joe Snyder with black faux PVC fabric... more.

Joe Snyder Black Pearl Bulge Bikini 01
£22.00 -
Joe Snyder's popular enhancing pouch design is used to great effect on this slick look brief... more.

Joe Snyder Black Pearl Capri 07
£20.00 -
If you like your men's briefs skimpy then you'll love the Joe Snyder Capri cut... more.

Joe Snyder Black Pearl Clip 05 Bikini Brief
£20.00 -
Why not perform a seductive strip tease for your loved one with the help of this men's tanga brief from Joe Snyder... more.

Joe Snyder Bulge 01 Enhancement Bikini Brief
£22.00 -
Accentuate your package in the specially designed pouch of this Joe Snyder men's micro brief... more.

Joe Snyder Bulge 01 Enhancement Bikini Brief (Sheer Mesh)
£22.00 -
As if the cut of this skimpy micro brief wasn't sexy enough, Joe Snyder have used a super sheer mesh fabric too... more.

Joe Snyder Bulge 04 Enhancement Full Bikini Brief
£25.00 -
A men's micro brief with a gently enhancing pouch from the fabulous Joe Snyder collection.... more.

Joe Snyder Capri 07 Camo Bikini
£22.00 -
This sexy micro brief underwear for men has a military inspired print in shades of khaki green. Enjoy private shopping online... more.

Joe Snyder Lacy Bikini Maxi Bulge 01
£25.00 -
This men's underwear combines your favourite Joe Snyder features with a few added extras. International shipping options avai... more.

Joe Snyder Lacy Bulge 01 Bikini Brief Ltd. Edition
£22.00 -
A stunning lace micro brief from Joe Snyder with an enhancing single layer pouch... more.

Joe Snyder Lacy Bulge 04 Full Bikini Brief
£25.00 -
When it comes to lingerie for men you can't get much better than this men's bikini brief from Joe Snyder... more.

Joe Snyder Lacy Capri 07 Brief Ltd. Edition
£20.00 -
As always Joe Snyder push the boundaries of men's underwear with their popular Capri brief cut in sexy lace fabric... more.

Joe Snyder Lacy Capri Maxi Bulge 03
£25.00 -
This is an incredibly sexy men's underwear design from our best Mexican designer brand. Shop in privacy online with Deadgoodu... more.

Joe Snyder Lacy Clip 05 Bikini Brief
£20.00 -
Joe Snyder make this skimpy lace brief even sexier with the addition of quick release clips at the waistband... more.

Joe Snyder Lacy Clip Maxi Bulge 02
£25.00 -
Once you experience the boosting effect of this male lingerie for you'll be addicted. DGU ship to more than 80 countries worl... more.

Joe Snyder Lacy Kini 12 Ltd. Edition
£20.00 -
Cheeky high cut rear lacey men's bikini brief from Joe Snyder in black or white... more.

Joe Snyder Lacy Kini Maxi Bulge 04
£27.00 -
A built in C-ring will really ensure you feel the lace look material of this divine underwear for men. Shop in total privacy ... more.

Joe Snyder Lacy Man Up 23
£22.00 -
Joe Snyder's skimpiest men's underwear design in a delicate lacy fabric... more.

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Neon Bikini 01
£23.00 -
A teeny bikini brief with the famous Joe Snyder Pride Frame loop at the front - framing the shapely pouch in contrasting colo... more.

Joe Snyder Rainbow Bikini 01
£18.00 -
This fast dry rainbow men’s brief can be worn as underwear or for sunbathing and swimming. Get yours today o... more.

Joe Snyder Rainbow Bulge 01 Enhancement Bikini Brief
£21.00 -
Enhancing AND colourful. What’s not to love about this men’s booster brief? More package ma... more.

Joe Snyder Rainbow Capri 07
£18.00 -
This cheerful colour collaboration is available in lots more styles. Head to DGU now to discover all the rainbows. Available ... more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Active Wear Bikini 01
£26.00 -
Transparent mesh bikini brief with a deep silver waistband expressing the Joe Snyder brand’s exquisite taste... more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Bikini ELA 15
£22.00 -
Delightfully airy bikini brief in the finest mesh with a towelled waistband carved with brand logos... more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Bikini Maxi Bulge 01
£25.00 -
This is one range of bikinis that is made for men who like showing off. Shop securely for sexy men's underwear. UK expedited ... more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Capri Bulge 09
£29.00 -
This men's underwear is revealing and enhancing. Could just be one of the sexiest briefs for men around. Anonymous packaging.... more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Capri Maxi Bulge 03
£25.00 -
This is another great enhancing style available online at Deadgoodundies. DGU offer shipping to more than 80 countries. Purch... more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Clip Maxi Bulge 02
£25.00 -
A see through mesh material ensures that you can really show off the impressive enhancement this brief has to offer. Buy onli... more.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Kini Maxi Bulge 04
£27.00 -
Enhance what nature blessed you with by discovering the boosting effects of this masculine under garment. Purchase online eve... more.

Joe Snyder Shining 07 Bikini Capri (Sheer Mesh)
£20.00 -
The micro brief cut of this Joe Snyder men's underwear is just as sexy as the see through fabric... more.

Joe Snyder Shining 26 Kinny (Sheer Mesh)
£25.00 -
This mesh brief from Joe Snyder has a striking waistband created with two narrow elasticated straps... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Active Wear Bikini 01
£26.00 -
A chic Joe Snyder micro brief in the finest fabric that glistens seductively with a signature branded waistband on top... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Bikini Capri 07
£20.00 -
Keep it minimal with this Joe Snyder men's brief in clever fast dry fabric so it can double as sexy swimwear... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Bikini Ela 15
£22.00 -
The contrast waistband of this Joe Snyder micro brief gives a sporty edge to the stylish men's underwear... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Bikini Maxi Bulge 01
£25.00 -
This dual purpose designer micro brief is designed to offer maximum enhancement. See more boosting designs online today at De... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Capri Bulge 09
£29.00 -
These men's briefs have quick drying fabric so can be used as underwear or swimwear for men. International shipping to more t... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Capri Maxi Bulge 03
£25.00 -
Contouring is used to full effect to create this seriously enhancing men's slip. A huge choice available online today at DGU.... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Clip Maxi Bulge 02
£25.00 -
This is the most enhancing men's underwear we've ever had online at Deadgoodundies. Fast UK delivery and international shippi... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Kini Maxi Bulge 04
£27.00 -
Men's briefs don't get much skimpier than this. Find more enhancing underwear for men online today, expertly chosen by DGU. F... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Mesh Bikini 14
£21.00 -
Mesh panels at the sides of this Joe Snyder men's brief create a striking look... more.

Joe Snyder Shining Pride Frame Bikini 01
£23.00 -
Smart and sexy men's bikini brief from Joe Snyder with contrasting trim around the pouch... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Bikini 01
£20.00 -
A bright and slick micro brief which is part of Joe Snyder's men's underwear collection... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Bikini ELA 15
£22.00 -
Wet look men’s brief with super smooth single layer fabric in a really striking shade... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Bikini Maxi Bulge 01
£25.00 -
You can really make the most of what nature gave you in this flattering underwear for men. Shop in total privacy online with ... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Bulge Bikini 01
£22.00 -
A great enhancing men's brief from the popular Joe Snyder men's underwear collection... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Capri Bulge 09
£29.00 -
You can enjoy the gorgeous shiny fabric and boosting pouch of these briefs as men's underwear or swimwear. Shop privately onl... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Capri Maxi Bulge 03
£25.00 -
You'll be really impressed at how this tiny bikini can boost your shape. We ship to more than 80 countries. Next weekday deli... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Clip 05 Bikini Brief
£20.00 -
Joe Snyder help you perform a sexy strip tease with the clip waistband of this men's micro brief... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Clip Maxi Bulge 02
£25.00 -
This designer micro brief offers a boosting effect with the help of a hidden inner loop. See more enhancing styles online and... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Mesh Bikini 14
£21.00 -
Combining sheer mesh and a vibrant high shine fabric all used in one layer ensures this men’s micro brief is... more.

Joe Snyder Wet Look Pride Frame Bikini Brief 01
£23.00 -
Liquid look men's micro bikini brief from Joe Snyder available in pink or purple with black trim around the ergonomic pouch... more.

Modus Vivendi Crystal Mini Brief
£10.50 -
A brief that combines a soft practical yarn with a super sexy cut. Need some new undies? Hotfoot it to DGU now and buy discre... more.

Modus Vivendi Neon Low Cut Brief
£16.00 -
Sporty low waist cotton brief from Modus Vivendi available to buy now... more.

Modus Vivendi Super Mini Brief
£12.00 -
You’ll revel in the bright colours and brilliantly supple fabric of this fantastic slip. Lots more like this... more.

Olaf Benz RED 0965 Brazil Brief
£30.00 -
Feather light men's brief made from one layer of the most tactile microfibre for a barely there fit. Next day delivery offere... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1201 Brazil Brief
£21.00 -
A wonderfully silky Brazil Brief in an ultra light and silky fabric alternating translucent and opaque stripes worked in a si... more.

Olaf Benz RED 1601 Brazil Brief
£21.00 -
Lovers of cotton men's underwear will discover the best very choice online at Deadgoodundies. All parcels are shipped in plai... more.