Man Crush Profile – Matt Wilson

Man Crush Profile – Matt Wilson

August 10, 2018 0 By Man Crush

Today’s Man Crush Profile is Australian actor and model Matt Wilson. Purely by chance, we can celebrate the upcoming same sex marriage on the Aussie soap Neighbours.

Characters David and Aaron (played by Takaya Honda and Matt), will break ground with the first same sex marriage on Australian TV.

Aaron & David - Neighbours
Neighbours – Channel 5

Aaron & David marry soon, Neighbours, Channel 5

But we also need to look back and remember that Matt has also been the face of AussieBum too!

Matt Wilson - red Aussiebum briefs.
There was the time Matt wore this hat!

Matt Wilson - Aussiebum Swimwear
Or what about the time Matt was by the beautiful sea!

Matt Wilson - blue Aussiebum briefs and white vest
You haven’t even wondered what’s in Matt’s left hand. Admit it.

Matt Wilson - polka dot Aussiebum
Though we’re really curious what’s in his hand this time!

You can see much more of Matt, on Neighbours – Channel 5 in the UK.