Bluebuck release the Ben Cohen ‘Stand Up’ underwear collection… with Ben as the model.

Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation Bluebuck ad Maybe now your attention has moved on from the ball. Yes, that’s what you were looking at, wasn’t it? Ben Cohen Bluebuck Stand Up Foundation Briefs Ben Cohen, who also happens to be England’s 3rd best tryscorer, has released an underwear line along with Bluebuck. Bluebuck Ben Cohen Each sale of the special Bluebuck line goes to help Ben Cohen’s Stand Up Foundation. It helps others who work towrads stamping out LGBT related bullying in schools. Ben Cohen Bluebuck Stand Up Foundation Ben tragically lost his own father when he stood up to a colleague at wrok who was being attacked, and had heard lots from friends in the LGBT community as well as parents of children about similar stories. Ben Cohen Bluebuck Stand Up Foundation So, to help raise funds for the Stand Up Foundation, Ben has released his range of underwear to raise funds. Ben Cohen Bluebuck You can buy the Ben Cohen range and donate to charity at: And directly at

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