Bruno Banani Right Tire Collection

New in at Dead Good Undies is the Bruno Banani Right Tire Collection.

Bruno Banani Right Tire

The design, combining stripes in sleek black, lime green and the distinctive tyre track effect, joins a host of intriguing and artistic creations featuring everything from shipping containers and cartoons to food cans and a refinery at twilight. Living up to their slogan Not For Everybody, Bruno Banani continue to stand out from the crowd, providing men who want something a little different with great choice, luxurious fabrics, a brilliant fit and some of the most sensuous underwear out there… Right Tire comes in three great styles: a Hipshort, Tanga and String with a 1.5cm back. And in case you didn’t know, Bruno Banani have put their undies to some very extreme tests – in space, up mountains, trekking across Africa and at super fast speeds in a laboratory. They’ve even dressed crash test dummies! Click here to buy Bruno Banani Right Tire Collection at Dead Good Undies.

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