London’s Pants – Stefano

A new series from Man Crush – each month we hit the streets of London Town and check out the latest fashion in underwear. First up, meet Stefano from Old Compton Street’s Man Store. He was stood in the doorway, and pretty much the fittest man in Soho, so we couldn’t resist checking him out. Londons Pants - StefanoName: Stefano From: Italy Age: 31 Job: Today I’m a shop assistant, obviously, but I’m also an actor. Favourite Brand: Diesel or Baskit. Do you have pulling underwear: Yes, they’re black and sort of see through. The most you’ve spent on a pair: £20, and they were worth it! What are you wearing now? Bright red Diesels, not my pulling underwear. Can we see them?

Stefano's red diesel pants

Stefano is wearing the Diesel Reverse Logo Andre Brief – in Red. Buy diesel underwear online at Banglads. If you’ve been photographed by Man Crush, and would like copies, contact the Man Crush team.

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