Bike Jockstrap by Meyer

The Bike #10 Jockstrap is back just with another name. The Meyer Original Bike #10 jockstrap.


Meyer was the licensed distributor for Bike in Europe and dealt with the Bike Factory directly. When Bike stopped producing their jockstraps, Meyer stepped up to the plate and approached the Bike factory to start re-producing the original Bike jockstraps for them using the exact same sizing and specifications. As mentioned, the only thing different is the name. Size, style, fit, fabric and even the label are identical except where the BIKE logo was there's now a new MM logo (Meyer Marketing). They even have the same manufacturing number - 7110.

This is the classic sports jock strap that started it all, it is the epitome of masculinity with it's full 3 inch wide waistband, moisture wicking contoured pouch and sturdy leg straps to keep everything in place.

  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 1
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 2
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 3
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 4
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 5
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 6
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 7
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 8
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 9
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 10
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 11
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 12
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 13
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 14
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 15
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 16
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 17
  • Bike 10 JSC Relaunch 18

Deadgoodundies debuts a fab new brand - Eppure Luca - an Italian company which satisfies men's desire for sporty yet sensual underwear... and then some. Brilliant colours combine with beautiful, deep waistbands. Natural yarns cotton, bamboo and modal balance the finest microfibre.
This range is measured across hip bones - not the waist, so watch out for sizing.. Extreme Low Rise brief sizes are more snug than Low Rise looks.

New in at Dead Good Undies is the Manstore M655 - unleash your inner Hippie. This fabulous retro printed range is made from a very fine mesh. This paisley men's underwear has a full centre seam with subtle contouring to lift and enhance.

Manstore M655 Hippie Pant
Raw Studio is hand crafted and exclusive to Jockstrap Central. Launched eight years ago with excellent craftsmanship, innovative designs and unique fabrics. Unfortunately they closed prematurely.

Raw Studio is back and better than ever with totally new designs, improved fabrics and comfort waistbands. Each garment is expertly hand crafted and all were designed in Toronto. All are limited editions.
Raw Studio War Collection Jock Strap
Raw Studio War Collection

Check out the slideshow featuring Jockstrap Central model Seamus.

Raw Studio War Collection

  • Raw Studio War Collection 2
  • Raw Studio War Collection 3
  • Raw Studio War Collection 4
  • Raw Studio War Collection 5
  • Raw Studio War Collection 6
  • Raw Studio War Collection 7
  • Raw Studio War Collection 8
  • Raw Studio War Collection 9
  • Raw Studio War Collection 10
  • Raw Studio War Collection 11
  • Raw Studio War Collection 12
  • Raw Studio War Collection 13
  • Raw Studio War Collection 14
  • Raw Studio War Collection 16
  • Raw Studio War Collection 17

Maskulo Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central
Jockstrap Central are celebrating the New Year with a new line - it's Maskulo's take on the jockstrap.

The range comes with a masculine Mad Max feel, the signature leather look padded pouch is removable.

Essentially, it's a jockstrap "frame" made with black durable but soft elastic which attaches to Maskulo's signature 2 inch wide waistband. The frame is loaded with snaps so you can attach or detach the signature padded leather look foam pouch. The pouch is open at the top for easy access.

Get your masculine look, with a Maskulo Jock Strap - and be sure to check out our slideshow.

Garcon Model
One of Canada's top underwear brands, Garçon Model® started from a simple statement: Your clothes say a lot about your personality.

They wanted to get guys away from Batman undies or boring three-pack briefs that go shapeless within a month. To remedy that, they created world-class underwear. We think you'll love Garçon Model!

All fabric is sustainably produced, and the dye house is Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring that no harmful substances are used in the dying process. Garcen Model also ensure that garment factories are committed to avoiding child labour and pay fair wages.

Nasty Pig Scrimmage Jock and Brief
Check out the latest from Nasty Pig - the Scrimmage Jockstrap and Brief.

Nasty Pig have gone back to their roots with a classic Nasty Pig look. The Scrimmage gear is the perfect marriage of sportswear, street wear and fetish wear made with expert craftsmanship to give us the confident, masculine look we've all come to love and expect from NP.

A three-toned 1.5 inch wide waistband on both jock and brief is both soft and comfortable yet sturdy enough to keep everything in place. Large front and center NASTY PIG announce your true nature with horizontal sports striping.
sukrew underwear
There are some great new styles from SUKREW now in at Dead Good Undies - including the Union Full Trunk...
sukrew union full trunk

Modus Vivendi Christmas 2015 at Dead Good Undies
Modus vivendi have the perfect Christmas Ideas for you.

Whether its a dreamy warm home with a dusting of snow outside...

Check out the other picture...

Plus there's new Modus Vivendi Geo Lace to check out too...

Check out MANStore at Dead Good Undies
As we prepare to ease our way through Christmas, and our mind starts to wander to how to look good on the beach in 2016, MANSTORE have some great ideas at Dead Good Undies.

Check out the shorts, and other great underwear styles available.

The full set includes leggings, t-shirts, briefs, hot pants, strings and a zipped vest.