New in at Dead Good Undies is the Ergowear X3D range.

dgu new ergowear x3d range

The X3D Suave range is available in bikini brief, mini boxer and thong. Plus there's some new colour Max Fresh range, featuring a white fabric with red features - again available in bikini brief, boxer brief, or thong.

Ergowear BSC Mini Boxer Brief (only size S left)
Ergowear men's low rise mini boxer with smooth single layer fabric and ergonomic pouch that lifts and separates everything for a more defined look... read more.

Ergowear Max Mesh Thong
Sporty men's thong with 2cm wide rear and stretchy waffle mesh material for a comfy finish... read more.

Ergowear MAX premium thong
Anatomical mens thong from Ergowear mens underwear... read more.

Ergowear MAX premium incopper ANTIMICROBIAL brief (only size S & XL left)
Enhancing men's brief from ergowear with anti-bacterial properties Fabric 70% cotton 22% Incopper polyester 8% elastane... read more.

Ergowear MAX Suave Thong
More men are discovering the decadence of this male underwear range... read more.

Ergowear X3D Steel Bikini Brief (only sizes S & XL left)
Your manhood will be significantly envied in this ergonomic micro brief for men... read more.

Nasty Pig has now released a second range of Jockstraps and Underwear for Autumn/Winter 2014.
jockstrap central nasty pig champ

The great news with the champ collection is that besides Jockstraps and Briefs, there are Long Johns and Socks too. Jockstrap Central model Trent is back putting Nasty Pig's Champ gear through it's paces check out the slideshow below. The guys at Jockstrap Central tell us that Trent's physique is pretty spectacular at the moment as he's been working with an instructor to bulk up and get his body ready for competitions. 

Check out the full set of pics.
  • Champ 1
  • Champ 2
  • Champ 3
  • Champ 4
  • Champ 5
  • Champ 6
  • Champ 7
  • Champ 8
  • Champ 9
  • Champ 10
  • Champ 11
  • Champ 12
  • Champ 13
  • Champ 14
  • Champ 15
  • Champ 16
  • Champ 17
  • Champ 18
  • Champ 19
  • Champ 20
  • Champ 21

Click here to shop Nasty Pig at Jockstrap Central
The Autumn 2014 collection from Mundo Unico is out now at Dead Good Undies - with 27 new styles in stock.

dgu mundo unico autumn 2014 styles

Mundo Unico Alerquìn Medio Boxer Brief
Colour addicts will love the cheery striped look of this longer length men's underwear... read more.

Mundo Unico Ara Medio Boxer Brief
Sunny stripes cover the cotton of this longer leg men's boxer brief from Mundo Unico... read more.

Mundo Unico Ara Tanga Caribean Brief
Cotton rich and stripy? It's got to be Mundo Unico... read more.

Mundo Unico Awà Brief
White and black will never go out of fashion so this brief is definitely a contender for your underpants drawer... read more.

Mundo Unico Bodini Medio Boxer Brief
Unico's collection is just full of men's underwear gems waiting to be discovered... read more.

Mundo Unico Caudal Medio Boxer Brief
We just love the unique colour combination used on this longer length boxer... read more.

Mundo Unico Eos Brief
Give your skin a natural treat with this stripy cotton rich men's brief... read more.

Mundo Unico Guaranì Brief
A silky black mini brief patterned with fine sand lines for a smart yet functional look... read more.

Mundo Unico Halloween Medio Boxer Brief
The gothic look gets a colourful update with this cycle length short... read more.

Mundo Unico Hyla Amarillo Brief
This fiery men's underwear brief is full of South American flair and will look stunning on toned tanned bods... read more.

Mundo Unico Hyla Amarillo Medio Boxer Brief
Make an impact in this cycle length men's boxer brief from the Colombian Mundo Unico collection... read more.

Mundo Unico Hyla Azul Medio Boxer Brief
This men's boxer brief is covered with a striking swirl pattern which looks great against the shiny black microfibre... read more.

Mundo Unico Hyla Uva Medio Boxer Brief
A graphic print cycle short with smooth single layer fabric and an elongated leg line... read more.

Mundo Unico Kramer Brief
Another stripy cotton creation from this fantastic South American collection... read more.

Mundo Unico Kramer Medio Boxer Brief
With a comfy cotton fabric and cheery stripes who wouldn't want this cycle short in their collection? Buy immediately online at DGU... read more.

Mundo Unico Mangle Brief
Woohoo! Unico's new range of men's underwear is finally here - this time with a new look waistband... read more.

Mundo Unico Mangle Medio Boxer Brief
Sample this brand's new and exciting range of longer leg men's underwear and you won't be disappointed... read more.

Mundo Unico Piaroa Medio Boxer Brief
A brilliant long length short which works just as well in the office as it goes with the gym... read more.

Mundo Unico Picta Brief
In a monochrome scheme with super smooth fabric this classically cut brief looks ultra sharp... read more.

Mundo Unico Picta Medio Boxer Brief
This black and white stripe trunk is just one of the many longer length boxers available from Mundo Unico... read more.

Mundo Unico Pumilio Jockstrap
Guys can be into pink you know and lovers of the shade will be thrilled with this silky soft magenta men's jock with elastic leg straps... read more.

Mundo Unico Pumilio Medio Boxer Brief
In a fantastic shade of deep pink this supple cycle length boxer brief offers an effective dose of colour... read more.

Mundo Unico Tejido Azul Playa Swim Brief
Stripes are always stylish and on this bright swimmer they look particularly fabulous... read more.

Mundo Unico Tejido Negro Playa Swim Brief
Whether you're at the pool or beach you'll look hot stuff in this low cut striped swim brief... read more.

Mundo Unico Yasun Jockstrap
This jock for men has a bright blue pouch with contrast black waistband and leg straps... read more.

Mundo Unico Yasun Medio Boxer Brief
This longer length turquoise short is perfect for outdoor sports and uses one layer of smooth microfibre... read more.

Mundo Unico Yasun Tanga T String
DGU know their underpants and recommend this design for fans of masculine string styles... read more.

There's some great new Olaf Benz in stock at Dead Good Undies this week. The ranges include bikini brief, boxer brief, mini string and sport brief.
olaf benz red 1427 traveller

Olaf Benz RED 1427 Bikini Brief
A uniquely styled men's micro covered in famous place names... read more.

Olaf Benz RED 1427 Boxer Brief
Famous place names in bold text cover this super sleek men's boxer trunk... read more.

Olaf Benz RED 1421 Mini Pant
See through mesh and soft microfibre combine to create this men's underwear masterpiece... read more.

Olaf Benz RED 1421 Mini String
A stretchy microfibre thong for men with mesh waist straps and 2cm back... read more.

Olaf Benz RED 1421 Sport Brief
This classic men's slip keeps things interesting with a revealing mesh section across the top of the pouch... read more.

Olaf Benz RED 1421 T-shirt
Microfibre men's t-shirt with a mesh panel stitched down the centre front... read more.

Get your hands on the Autumn/Winter 2014 range from Hom underwear.

dgu new hom dead good undies

The range includes some great prints on some luxurious fabrics to keep your fire hot over the colder months. Including the HOM HO1 Royal Navy Trunk, some great new HOM Black Addict trunks and the HOM Casanova Comfort Trunk (pictured).

HOM Adaptive Trunk
Whether you're a sporty fella or just love chic and breathable men's underwear this is one seasonal must have... read more.

HOM Black Addict Fusion Trunk UP
This sleek hipster is printed with a distressed pattern in deep rose and it has a gently enhancing pouch... read more.

HOM Black Addict Metal Trunk UP
A great take on the big cat print without being too wild... read more.

HOM Black Addict Skin Trunk
Immerse yourself in the subtle beauty of this modal and leatherette hipster from HOM... read more.

HOM Cap Corse Swim Micro Brief
Maximise your tan in this high cut designer men's swimwear with a casual but colourful striped pattern... read more.

HOM Cap Corse Swim Short
A white swimming short woven with pastel stripes and completed with a full lining... read more.

HOM Casanova Comfort Trunk
This could well be one of the sexiest styles ever from the famous French collection... read more.

HOM Chic Dandy Comfort Micro Brief
True sophisticates will appreciate the subtle striped fabric and chic cut of this men's micro... read more.

HOM Chic Stripe Comfort Micro Brief (only sizes XS & L left)
If you feel underdressed in anything but a suit then you'll love the dignified styling of this men's underwear available to buy online at Deadgoodundies... read more.

HOM Colorama Mini Brief
This smart sporty brief is perfect for regular wear and its smooth fast dry material ensures comfort throughout the day... read more.

HOM HO1 Balmoral Boxer Brief
We are certain this trunk would have the approval of the Royal Court! If you like the HO1 opening you can purchase more online at Deadgoodundies... read more.

HOM HO1 Balmoral Mini Brief
With a regal title and posh filigree rope design this HO1 brief is perfect for the gent who appreciates finer things in life... read more.

HOM HO1 Royal Navy Trunk
A smart boxer brief with the HO1 horizontal pouch opening and striped white and navy body fabric... read more.

HOM Island Resort Swim Micro Brief
These fresh swimmers will have you seeking out a sunny destination just to show them off! UK next day delivery is offered by DGU... read more.

HOM Plume Trunk
A lighter than air hipster which kisses the body in silky microfibre... read more.

HOM Voile Swim Micro Brief (only size XS left)
Don't set sail without this lovely men's swimwear complete with its yacht print and fully lined front... read more.

hom autumn winter 2014 at dead good undies

bike #10 jockstrap throwback edition

Bike Europe have to do a one time 6,000 production run of the Bike #10 jockstrap.They've named it the Vintage Throwback Edition, and we think you'll like it.

It's styled after the original made first in 1874 but comes with a special throwback insert for the clamshell packaging. There's a woven moisture wicking pouch that's soft out of the box and with this Throwback Edition, Bike didn't over-bleach the material.