Alex Minsky – from the theatre of war to the theatre of modelling

Alex Minsky – from the theatre of war to the theatre of modelling

November 25, 2013 0 By Man Crush
We kick off what we hope to be a regular feature showcasing Modelling talent with another story of content being too “HOT” for Facebook.

Except it’s not just any photograph. As you’ll see when your eyes drift to the photograph of Alex Minsky below, and your eyes keep drifting down, you’ll see he’s an amputee. Alex is an US Marine Corps veteran having lost the lower part of his right leg to an IED in Afghanistan, sending him into a 58 day coma. After 17 months of recuperation in aa San Diego hospital the 25 year old from Venice Beach, California was honourably discharged.

The events persuaded Minsky to sober up, and get his body into pristine condition. After doing a few shoots to find his feet in the modelling world, Alex stumbled across Los Angeles photographer Michael Stokes, who took this stunning photograph…

alex minsky - too hot for facebook
© Michael Stokes

After the photograph was published in Adon magazine, Michael Stokes published it to his Facebook timeline; only to be told it was in violation of their terms on nudity. Stokes was banned for three days. Someone else posted the image to their timeline, and after 4,000 shares, Facebook removed it again…

Minsky isn’t totally naked in this photograph – he’s holding an athletic cup. Here are a few other interesting snaps of Alex Minsky.

alex minsky in underwear© Tom Cullis

alex minsky es collection underwear© Michael Stokes

alex minsky © Eric Schwabel

alex minsky arse

alex minsky© Tom Cullis Photo

Alex Minsky – The Stats

Age: 25
Height: 178cm
Weight: 79kg
Neck: 42cm
Chest: 104cm
Waist: 81cm
Shoe size: 10.5

Alex Minsky
Michael Stokes
Tom Cullis
Eric Schwabel