Free-Fit Jockstraps and Open Back Trunks from PUMP!

The PUMP! Autumn 2017 collection features Free-Fit. It’s all about looking good and feeling great, the jockstrap is made with a contoured breathable micro-mesh fabric pouch with just the right about of stretch for the perfect fit. Contrasting piping not only adds support but highlights your body.

Available in white and black, navy-blue and white or military-green and black.

Access Trunk is PUMP!’s  a stunning trunk boxer made with quality fabrics and stylish detailing that you expect from PUMP! It really is a hybrid between the everyday reliability of a boxer brief trunk with the backless freedom of the jockstrap. Made with a combination of micro-mesh and ribbed fabric panels.

Available in black and white, navy-blue and white, military-green and black or red and white.

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The Original Bike Performance Jockstrap is back – by Meyer

The Bike Performance Jockstrap - by Meyer

First it was the Bike #10 jockstrap, now the Original Bike Performance jock is back too.

Meyer, the distributor approached the Bike factory when they stopped producing Jockstraps themselves, offering to sustain the business. So the Original Bike Performance Jockstrap by Meyer is now on the shelves.

It’s the Original Bike Performance Jockstrap, in both 2 inch and swimmer versions and in all the original colours, size, style, fit and fabrics. Even the label is identical to the original except where BIKE was is now an MM.

The Bike Performance Jockstrap - by Meyer - red

Just like the original Bike lineup, the Swimmer Jockstraps come in either white, black or scarlet and the 2 Inch Jockstraps come in either white, black, blue, scarlet or gold and all have grey waistbands.

The Bike Performance Jockstrap - by Meyer - White

The Bike Performance Jockstrap - by Meyer - Montage

The Bike Performance Jockstrap - by Meyer - poster

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Nasty Pig Speed Demon Jockstraps and Socks

Nasty Pig Speed Demon Jockstraps:

The pouch is made of lightweight breathable modal to keep you cool, with just the right amount of stretch to accommodate movement. A 1.5″ comfort waistband includes horizontal sports striping with an italicized NASTY PIG front and center.

Nasty Pig Speed Demon Socks:

Complete the look! These mostly cotton socks are the perfect match for the jocks in either black, red or grey with an italicised Nasty Pig font wrapping around the calves.

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The new Ward 13 range from Cellblock 13

The two Ward 13 designs – jockstrap and jock brief – come in blue, army-green or red. Here’s the details:

Cellblock 13 Ward13 Jockstrap:

At a glance you’d think this was a traditional swimmer jockstrap, with a narrow one inch wide waistband and what looks like a woven pouch it’s an easy assumption to make. The pouch is actually a solid fabric made out of unique, stretchy and super-soft polyamide, and spandex fabric with a light ribbing. The waistband, uses Cellblock 13’s heavy duty comfort elastic with a two-tone grey and black horizontal stripe. Cellblock 13’s cut the elastic so the repeating logos are always visible and never cut off at the back seam. Finishing off the waistband is an embroidered patch incorporating the Cellblock 13 logo and the words “WARD13 REGULATION GEAR”. And of course the leg straps are sturdy yet incredibly comfortable.

Cellblock 13 Ward13 Slingback Jock Brief:

The Jock Brief has the same style seamless pouch and waistband design as the jockstrap, with the look of a brief up front and jockstrap round the back. Starting from the sides of the pouch, black stretchy panels travel from front to back, narrowing as they go to form the leg straps.

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Mr S Leather Jockstraps at Jock Strap Central

Mr. S Leather, the ultimate brand in fetish gear has branched out into fetish underwear choosing Timoteo, one of the world’s top underwear designers to make it happen.

mr s leather

As you probably know, using Timoteo not only means this is one hell of a quality collection but it’s also made in the USA.

jsc mr s leather jockstraps rear

As to be expected, most of this edgy collection of jockstraps and jock briefs all have a base color of black with detailing designed to either highlight your package, your ass or both. The exception is their take on the classic athletic supporter complete with mesh pouch and full 3 inch wide waistband available in black or white.

As for the waistbands, all designs include woven horizontal racing stripes and a rubber patch with the Mr. S. Leather logo front and center reinforcing the whole sport and fetish connection.

A picture paints a thousand words: Instead of us attempting to describe all the new jocks in a lengthy email, just visit Jockstrap Central to see our extensive high resolution photos of our model Derek giving all the Mr. S Leather jocks a thorough workout.

jsc mr s leather jockstraps red

jsc mr s leather jockstraps white
jsc mr s leather jockstraps blue