The new Ward 13 range from Cellblock 13

The new Ward 13 range from Cellblock 13

October 3, 2017 0 By Man Crush

The two Ward 13 designs – jockstrap and jock brief – come in blue, army-green or red. Here’s the details:

Cellblock 13 Ward13 Jockstrap:

At a glance you’d think this was a traditional swimmer jockstrap, with a narrow one inch wide waistband and what looks like a woven pouch it’s an easy assumption to make. The pouch is actually a solid fabric made out of unique, stretchy and super-soft polyamide, and spandex fabric with a light ribbing. The waistband, uses Cellblock 13’s heavy duty comfort elastic with a two-tone grey and black horizontal stripe. Cellblock 13’s cut the elastic so the repeating logos are always visible and never cut off at the back seam. Finishing off the waistband is an embroidered patch incorporating the Cellblock 13 logo and the words “WARD13 REGULATION GEAR”. And of course the leg straps are sturdy yet incredibly comfortable.

Cellblock 13 Ward13 Slingback Jock Brief:

The Jock Brief has the same style seamless pouch and waistband design as the jockstrap, with the look of a brief up front and jockstrap round the back. Starting from the sides of the pouch, black stretchy panels travel from front to back, narrowing as they go to form the leg straps.

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