New for 2018 – get your Comfyballs at Dead Good Undies

The latest brand in stock at Dead Good Undies is Comfyballs. Crafted in Norway, they’ve got excellent heat transfer skills and really know how to keep your balls, well, comfy!

Comfyballs in a London payphone

Boxer briefs come in two leg lengths and three fabric options – Cotton, Performance using technical Coolmax yarn and Wood designs made from environmentally friendly beechwood fibres.

Comfyballs on the Northern Line, London

Shapes are a classic trunk or longer cycle length undershorts, both topped with a deep silky waistband signed with the Comfyballs name.

Comfyballs at Trafalgar Square, London

The focal point of each boxer, whatever the line, is the unique, trademarked PackageFront pouch, designed to reduce heat transfer and keep genitals nestled comfortably without overheating, squashing or chafing.

Get your Comfyballs at Dead Good Undies

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