CURBwear – definitely not CURBing your enthusiasm

CURBwear – definitely not CURBing your enthusiasm

August 7, 2013 0 By Man Crush

London based underwear company CURBwear have came up with a way to wear what you are, with their latest Identity range. CURBwear is British designed sportswear and underwear that is comfortable and enhancing while pulling off the hat trick of looking sexy too!

The underwear is responsibly sourced and manufactured within the EU. They have a strict no colour testing on animals policy.

Here’s Ben, their guinea pig, showing us the best that CURB has to offer.

And here’s the pictures to prove that Ben is probably the bravest man in the UK. Lets face it, have you ever stripped to your undies on a live tube train?

CURB Identity Range on the tube - BOTTOM brief


The range includes ACTIVE, VERSATILE and BOTTOM branded waistband briefs. The BOTTOM line also includes a Jockstrap.

active versatile curb-bottom

But Ben, what’s the French for ‘versatile’?